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VOF Week 4 : (A platform to launch my vision)

The answers to this week’s questions are all intertwined for me. What is my vision for myself, my community, my world? To use my strengths and skills at the optimal place to push on the lever that moves the world closer to social justice, gender equality and peace.

What are my strengths? I have some knowledge, both experiential and professional about gender, sexuality and violence against women. I can speak to a multitude of identities and see the contradictions and similarities between global south and north. I love to engage with people, singly and in groups. I would like to use these skills and strengths in some way, to reach more people and inspire and arm them in the fight to bring peace and prosperity to more people in the world, particularly women. I am searching for the best way to make my voice heard, to make connections with women and men who are on the same path as I am. I feel I have a lot to offer, but I am overwhelmed by how to reach out and find opportunities. I know I make positive change in a small way, but I feel I can do so much more given the right platform to spread my wings. I have had two paid jobs doing feminist work, and I used barely 20% of my potential in either job. I am quite sure that my life is dedicated to this fight, and am still searching for my role in the battle.

I feel I have not done justice to this week's assignment because part of my problem is that although I have a strong vision for moving the cause of gender justice forward in my community and in the world, what I need to work on is a clear idea of my place in this process.

Pulse Wire and the process of applying to be a Correspondent has already opened up untouched areas within myself. I feel more confident expressing my thoughts and emotions in written form, and connecting with strangers by boldly sharing my vulnerabilities and my wisdom.

I would love the opportunity to engage with a larger group of people through written and spoken communication. I would love to inform, learn from and give voice to women around the world.

This is what I hope I get from Pulse Wire as a correspondent.


TUMAINI's picture

I can relate

I'm always so amazed at the similarities i have with the women on Pulse Wire. You have just expressed in writing what i have been trying to express to the people at my work place and even my family, when you said "I used barely 20% of my potential in either job" and "I am quite sure that my life is dedicated to this fight, and am still searching for my role in the battle."

Im so glad to know that im not the only one who has had this feeling. I have battled so much with it, at times i have even questioned my capabilities. But that's it.....right there...when you said that you just dont feel like your potential is being used. You could be in the right place, working in an area in which you love but simply not get what you wnt out of it because you know there is so much more you can do.

So i can definitely relate. About havinga clearere vision of what your place is, i have also had that problem, especially when it comes to writing down what my vision is of life. Interestingly i came a book called the " Passion Test" (please dont laugh lol :o)) Its really good, it really helps you narrow down what your 5 main passions are and that way you end up making decsions on things that align to the top 5 passions. Anyway bottom line it helped me.If you want any more information on it just let me know.

Thanks again for your entry, it truly helped.....

Stay Blessed

Nelly2.0's picture

You hit the nail on the head

I get your point. I also feel like I didn't do justice to this week's assignment. The issues are so interwoven that I find it hard to separate my personal vision with the one I have for the community and the world. I also feel like I have so much to give I do not know what channels to use.


molliv's picture

where to go from here?

like tumaini said above, i think a lot of people (women especially) share your feelings about wanting to do SOMEThing, and not knowing what. taking jobs where they THINK they will make a difference, only to be given menial tasks and a lack of confidence that quells their ability to facilitate change and make the dent in the fight that they are capable of making. this is something i have experienced time and time again. i know maybe i don't have "previous experience" with certain things, but i am sitting there, silently (and sometimes not so silently) begging, "TEACH ME! PLEASE!!!!!".

what i have realized over the last couple of months, though, is that desire and passion are the first steps. the important element that can turn these things into action is a supportive community full of inspiring people who have the utmost confidence in your ability, as a woman, a writer, and activist, and a leader. and you have found worldpulse to be that for you. so you are really well on your way to finding your place, your role in this battle. you are much further along than you think. the one thing that really holds us back is doubt, so please have faith in your voice. it is strong. and so are you!

Don't let your worries get the best of you. Remember, even Moses started out as a basket case.

amhb's picture


You are amazing :)

Nusrat Ara's picture

Hi Where are you. I really


Where are you. I really wanted to see you in the list. To tell you the truth I was more confident about you than myself. You haven't written anything for long just like me. Looking forward to hear from you.



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