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"VOF Week 4: (A world of possibilities)".

When I first enrolled in college to study journalism, I knew that was what I wanted. But contrary to common trend and expectation, I did not want to work in a media house or as a reporter in mainstream media. I was younger and did not always have the right words for the things I felt or dreamt of.

I completed my studies and applied for an internship in an organization that worked on violence against women. It was then that I started recognizing a voice within, a desire almost like a calling. I wrote on many things that in more ways than one touched on my every day life. I felt at home with the women I worked with, I had support and was allowed room to learn and grow. I felt content with talking to women and girls from all walks of life. I burned with anger when a woman reported an abuse, was disinherited, when a girl was sexually assaulted or dropped out of school, I continually felt the need to protect women and girls and to secure their future by all means possible.

I later worked with a young women’s organization that worked around creating spaces for young women to participate in leadership and the development process. I documented progress of young women in various aspects, I bombarded them with information and tried to influence their world as much as possible. My passion for young women is largely informed by the need to not only be seen, but also heard and be part of any process. I believe in contributing to break negative cycles that exclude young women from movements and other spheres of life as well as investing beyond the rhetoric in women and girls.

I currently volunteer in projects centered mainly on girls and young women. My vision is to provide critical analysis of issues and information pertaining women and girls so that they are equal players and to build a critical mass of informed girls and young women while achieving personal transformation and empowerment so that they are better prepared to participate in the leadership and development of the African continent. Each day I choose to work for a day where women and girls will not be denied anything on the basis of their gender, the day we will all know what is rightfully ours, and go for it, the day sisterhood will truly be global and in our hearts and soul and the day we will embrace our femininity and allow ourselves to be who we were meant to be in every area of our lives.

By being a correspondent on World Pulse, I will have a space that is in tune with technology and with the world of women to inform my activism and create ripples of change right from my world to the world and vice versa. I will be able to speak for women and girls from with a louder voice and I believe I will be a link to their world and the global women’s movement. I will have access to information and various resources for the benefit of my immediate community and I will be part of the voices of women that are ‘cutting’ fresh pieces of herstory, from across the globe. All these will contribute towards achieving my vision.

I would want to be a Correspondent for World Pulse because it gives me an opportunity to contribute to change on a global platform. It will enrich my world by allowing me to interact with women from across the world whose experiences are rich and diverse. I will also have a chance to support my sisters’ voices from all over the world in order to achieve objectives that better the lives of women and girls. I believe World Pulse is the right place to utilize my various skills some of which are either under-utilised or not used at all to contribute to the new voice of women. Being a World Pulse Correspondent also gives me a chance to grow, to dream, to be.


Mckenzie's picture

Ripples Of Change

Dear Kagwii,

You have a clear and great vision. I envision you as "The Protector", like a shield for women as a gender, counter acting the negative forces.

I wish upon all women, to discover an outlet to fully utilize their skills, and break the negative cycles. It can be a painful journey, but if it gets you there, it's well worth it!

Thank you for this assignment, it was a pleasure listening.


Kagwii's picture

Thank you

Hi Mckenzie,
Thank you for taking time to listen to me for week 4. I totally share your wish for women.


dawn_dancer's picture

A shared passion

Hi Kagwii --

Thank you for your postings! I'm one of your listeners for this week, and went back and read all of your journal entries to get a better sense of who you are. I really get a sense of the journey it was for you to first start volunteering for one organization, then from that find the passion for helping women and girls that now influences so much of your life. I too volunteered for awhile to bring an end to violence against women here in the States, and it was a turning point for me. Being lucky enough to have never experienced any violence myself, it really opened my eyes to the realities that other women endure. I knew at that point that I wanted to make working with women the focus of my life, which over a number of years has led me to WorldPulse. I'm so happy to meet you here!

I love your style of writing, the clarity and depth that you put into your entries, and the vivd descriptions you use. It gives me a taste of what your life is like, and the more I can envision that the smaller our world becomes. Please keep writing! I wish you much luck in being chosen to be one of the correspondents.

And, I too work on a Mac :-), sitting at my desk right now in my home office in the dining room.

With warmth and admiration --

Kagwii's picture

Thank you

Hi Patricia,
Thank you for taking time to read my posts and for your very beautiful response!

I am happy too, to meet you here, our shared passion makes our world a smaller place. As we continue, I guess we can plan a visit so you experience my world first hand, anything is possible and Yes we can (no cliche).


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