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VOF Week 4: (Dare to dream)

{speaker starts off softly} I see a world that is equal and fair. A world where women have the freedom of choice. It is a world where women are not limited by their race, gender or ethnicity. {speaker’s voice starts to get louder and more intense} A world where education is free of bias and open to all. It’s a world where oppression, negativity and violence does NOT exist anymore. It is a world where my idealism and optimism is the norm and not the laughing stock of the community. {speaker’s voice reaches an appropriately high, intense volume for impact}. It is a world that {pause} can {pause} happen {pause}!

{The audience cheers and applauds – YES - the world agrees - success}

I walk off stage ... and then … I wake up. {moaning … groaning … morning eyes opening) I look around. {ahhhh} I was dreaming again – time to face reality. {sigh} Wanting to change the world is not an easy task. But you know what is easy? Going to work everyday. {pause here for impact – no one believes me} I am being serious though – I know I just said wanting to change the world is not easy. Of course work isn’t perfect – it has its ups and downs. But I enjoy work. Every single day I get to and try to be a better teacher – I am privileged with the opportunity to be a positive, {emotion is entering my voice now} motivating role model. My students provide me with the encouragement that I can help to change the world, one student at a time {voice reaches a climax where it starts to break}. It’s the ripple effect right? If a woman receives a good education, then their homes, villages, communities and cities will improve (in all aspects of development). {I validate myself}

I go to work everyday trying to help those in my immediate community improve, which will intern help the broader communities of the world develop when they return home. {voice gets lower and softer} It is exhausting, and it doesn’t leave much energy for other side projects that I could be working on while in Bangladesh. But everyday that I teach, every night that I go home after a long day of work I am satisfied. I see how my students grow and mature {I sound shy and proud}. I watch them learn about the world, about who they are and what they can do. I really, truly believe that they will help fight for a fairer world where women are respected and given the freedom of choice.

The school community I am in now, 129 female pre-university students and 15 foreign teachers is tight knit, we help and support each in all types of endeavors – I want to extend that support network. Being a correspondent would allow me to continue to learn from women around the world and to share my experiences and insight with those who want to listen. It will connect me with others who are interested in creating a more just world. A correspondent position will facilitate my efforts to work towards women’s empowerment and education, which is essential for a fairer and more just world. {pause}

{starting slowly} Being a correspondent will give me the opportunity to share my stories, to share how empowered I feel as a women, and to help empower others. {passion and speed increase} I love to share my experiences and stories, I loves seeing others grown and improve and I love to learn – being a correspondent for World Pulse will help me achieve all of these things. The World Pulse community is a positive environment; it fosters understanding, personal development and allows women to be empowered. I have watched my students participate in this World Pulse process. I am so proud of them – I want to help other women feel the empowerment that I can see growing in my students {awwww}. I want represent World Pulse because I agree with the mission and values it promotes. {The Oscar music that signals time up is starting to play}. I want to be the agent of change that I know I can be for women around the world.


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The power of your voice in

The power of your voice in this is stunning, and interesting to hear. I like how you hope, and believe in this, and that you bring the future to those around you. Your right, the work is hard, but the rewards will be so worthwhile. Thanks for sharing your vision of your dream.

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Hello Angela,

You are definitely a writer, a screen writer perhaps, directing a one-woman show for making a change for women, while helping lots of women. :-) Being a visual person, I completely visualized your entire story, which lead me to want to read more about your life. This is a great thing, to be able to pull in your reader. I have to admit, my bio was very difficult to write, I feel so privileged with the life I have been given, but I know that I have struggled throughout it as well and continue to do so with needing to do more. The work you are doing as a teacher is inspiring to say the least and your vision is strong and compassionate. I wish you so much luck with it. Don't stop writing! A story teller you are, this is a gift.

Kind regards,

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keep the dream


i LOVE this piece, it is beautiful and descriptive and personal, and really lets us in on how you are feeling. i could hear your voice rising and falling. i know full well the feeling of pride that one gets from knowing they have changed just one life, even in the smallest of ways, and how the constraints of time can make you feel like you should somehow be doing more. i think that worldpulse is a great tool, because it allows you to continue to reach out to others, even when you yourself have moved on to other tasks. while you are sleeping, eating, teaching, etc. someone is STILL reading what you have written, they are writing back, they are passing it on to others, they are feeling connected to you and are inspired.

thank you SO much, you have given me so much to think about. those women (and myself) are so lucky to have you!

Don't let your worries get the best of you. Remember, even Moses started out as a basket case.

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Love this

Angela, I can see why your students have so much love and respect for you. Your passion is so evident in your writing as you breathe life into everything you write (talk) about. One can't help but want to join you in your journey of discovery, empowerment, and support. Your students are providing such wonderful insight and perspective to PulseWire, engaging the members in ways only young people can. I would love to see their engagement develop further on PulseWire, with maybe a group where students are matched with other students from another corner of the world. I realize, of course, that they are probably consumed with studies but let me know if there is anything further we can do to help make your students' experiences even more fulfilling.

Thank you for being such an inspiration, in and out of the classroom. Your light warms and illuminates the potential and best parts of the people around you. It is an honour to know you and to have been touched by your love for life.
PulseWire Community Director

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