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"VOF Week 4: (I-Quiz)."


Born to find there is an I - it can be me or the way my ego reacts to everything that is perceived as an element called WORLD. The I character allows to choose the likes and dislikes, the steps one needs to take over in life, either it is right or wrong, friends, fiance. But doesn't allow to make a parent choice or the country to be born in, the color of the skin, the intellect, the gender. I am self aware that I exist. Or maybe we all live in a illusion.Why we all exist?

I think I exist because somebody wanted me to be here for a certain reason.If I knew the reason the life would be boring. What a quiz! Can't solve it since the the story just begins! It develops within time. Then intrigue comes and we receive hints.

Every day coincidences, de-ja-vus and omens fill my world with color and joy. Our world is a continuing challenge and no matter where we are, we can make it better.

One must be able to see things the way thing are in a positive way and use beautiful imagination as to honor every single obstacle or problem coming our way.
One must know that the world is based on the cause and effect that makes an impact on the life tomorrow. What is experienced today is an effect of the past positive and negative deeds. Living through it we have the mission to make a benefit. But we shall not forget the fact that we live it once and we can't turn it back. That we crate the world - and its colors, we build communities and the people and networks we want to be in. We are the ones to build or destroy.

Good will is a small step towards my vision and my small experience can bring an impact on people's life as well as challenge my own.
To achieve my vision I would love to follow and explore the unknown, like the little boy in the Alchemist did.
For me life has so many unknown sides that can be explored, and combined with the reality everyone knows, we can learn about the cultures, connect the dots and tell the stories that are not know yet.

I believe I have a certain approach to see such things. This is to respect each person I meet on my way, to find something positive in each and every story, to find ways to show people that there are many resources around but we aren't aware of them or are not able to use them, yet.

A correspondents role is unique, because the words one uses are power tool, if we know to handle them correctly we can shake mountains. Thus a corespondent can serve as a medium between "what is happening" and join it with "how this can be improved". On the other way the role of correspondent can be to show the reality the way it is, without any emotion involved, and let the audience make a decision. Question remains anyway open, because the things shown by one are reflection of his own eyes, means seen through his own self.

I believe I can bring change as a female corespondent because I find in it a response to my inner life. My vision is - tell people the truth, but try to see it as real as possible and benefit those who's story must be heard and shake the world with it bringing happiness, peace and positive change.

World Pulse is the challenge I am looking for! It can show other people that there is an I, who exists, who want to be useful for others by making voices heard, by inspiring and motivating those in need, by bring reality in a way that is peculiar to the way I see and approach it. I want to meet people and share their stories and bring reactions to it as to help out.

What is the world we live in, why we live here, what is the purpose of us being here? - A quiz to be followed by a future correspondent!



katea's picture

the journey of the self to the self

Dear Victoria,
If everyone in the world will ask the questions you ask; if everyone in the world will reflect on the Self and the World; if everyone will dare go on a journey to find oneself; I believe, our would will be a much much better place.

Because you dare ask, you dare reflect, and you dare journey; you know you will not be alone because we will be there to emulate your good example.


Poverty is man-made that we can undo.

aliĝngix's picture

I see...

That's a nice idea for the world. It makes it seems fun instead of just work! I liked reading you post. Se you around.

mrudberg99's picture


Dear Victoria,

This line brought tears to my eyes:

"That we create the world - and its colors, we build communities and the people and networks we want to be in. We are the ones to build or destroy."

The truth hurts - and yet, educates! You are already doing your job as correspondent. You have shown that you (and all of us) are simply the conduit to the truth - you (we) are the medium - not the message. The message already exists - it is out there - waiting on us all to visit, inquire, question, reflect and listen, listen. I hope you receive the honor of telling these truths and know you will do so with balance, integrity and hope for the future.


Molly Rudberg-Leshnock
Curator of Leadership
Brand Storyteller

Victoria Vorosciuc's picture

The power of a word

Dear Molly and Katea,
I think sometimes it is not easy to speak out your inner feelings, thoughts and beliefs, because of the lack of vocabulary or just because you are not used to...

I am surprised and pleased that you have found some lines in my mind brainstorm interesting and appropriate. This small paragraph I just let my mind flow with ideas and it got here. But if at least one person will think it worthy then I am happy to know that I am not alone.

Sometimes I like quoting and for this one I will add: Bring as many ideas as possible, for one of them you may be a king!

Victoria Vorosciuc
Project Coordinator
"Empowering women to participate
in community life"
WorldPulse Media Corresspondent

katea's picture

Congrats my dear friend!

Hi Victoria,
I don't know where else to post my personalized congratulatory message to you. I'm really happy that you were chosen to be a Correspondent. :) I know in my heart you have so much to contribute for your community. Enjoy the journey my dear friend.

love always,

Poverty is man-made that we can undo.

I am ready to get into this journey and find my destination!
Because right now I don't have any...
Hope that this adventure will bring home and more understanding of what I really want
in the future.
But as long as people like you are around,
I will be living with the day of today,
because it brings many

One of them is my new World pulse school,
Second one is you!

With kind wishes,
I thank for your support!

Victoria Vorosciuc
Project Coordinator
"Empowering women to participate
in community life"
WorldPulse Media Corresspondent

JaniceW's picture


Victoria, I am so happy for you in advancing to the next phase of VOF. Your strong spirit has engaged many members and I have enjoyed reading the fresh perspective you bring to PulseWire. I wish you all the very best and look forward to reading more from you.

p.s. when responding to a comment, it is best to hit the word "reply" at the bottom of their comment box as that way, they are notified when you post a reply.

Thank you - now I learn it - and you are the first person I reply correctly!
I just hit the button!

I am impressed and inspired of thins results!
That was a really cool feeling.
One step closer to the dream, though
I feel butterflies in my stomach as I get to see my new classmates!
They are very strong competitors!
Though this time it will bring more attitude in my writing which makes me only happy
and I am proud and respect all the choices you have done and the classmates I am going to have.

this journey brings me back to school memories and the memories of a young, scared first graders :)

Not loosing my opportunity this time...

Thank you for motivation and inspiration!
I really hope to hear and will receive with gratitude any advice!

All good wishes sent to you wright now @ 1:23 AM
while my thoughts are playing with my mind
always yours

Victoria Vorosciuc
Project Coordinator
"Empowering women to participate
in community life"
WorldPulse Media Corresspondent

JaniceW's picture

Tu eşti bun venit

Somn usor si visa placute!

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