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"VOFWeek4(Beating me even in the presence of my child? Enough is Enough)"

Life is endured from birth to death, a life style where, my kids know and, will see me beaten if I do not obey papa. What a plight? Enough is enough.

Arguing on issues of violence against women and girls when I was 16, a close relative said “if you joke, you will be offered as one of the chief’s many wives. Your treatment there will make you understand why women must obey their husbands”. This pricked my heart and I understood these were ways to torture and keep young girls and even women under bondage and modern slavery. Discussing this with my friends in the village, they said, “If that happened to us, we will just get pregnant for any man because notables don’t marry girls who already have children”. What an alternative! But you wouldn’t believe this is the cool path that, my primary school mate of blessed memory took to her grave. Attempting to abortion a pregnancy aimed to sabotage one such marriage for which she was a victim, death came with its cold embrace. Getting pregnant for any kind of person to be free from imposed marriage arrangements in an era of HIV/AIDS! These are just a few among many bottlenecks in our world as women.

My vision is to mobilise for rights of rural women and girls such that, one day in Cameroon the parliament votes an effective law against physical violence and psychological torture on rural women and girls. I foresee a country where rural women and girls can have a say about their lives and development orientations. I intend to mobiles women, girls and men of good will such that we move up with an online petition which I title ( Enough is enough, our mothers are human beings too) and submit it to both the Ministry of women affairs and parliament. Physical violence and torture of rural women and girls has been forgotten but, are constantly reproduced over generations. How will you convince a boy who grew up seeing his mother beaten or tortured not to, beat his own wife? How will you change the mentality of a girl who knows she can be beaten or tortured by her husband if he dislikes her initiative? How will women be initiators of development and economic growth if they can’t take initiatives?
It is argued that birth rates are very high among rural women but, have we ever questioned if they really wished it so or, society compels them to? Do they control their sexuality? Why are they beaten until another conception in case they dared attempting to stop? Are they just reproductive machines? Is life really worth living without even the least bit of dignity?

Being a correspondent will help me report these diverse scenes of violence and human deprivation which rural women and girls suffer in Cameroon. I wish to speak up our nightmares to all possible activists in the field of women and human rights. This will expose their plight, our plight to the world and inform other activists for alternative options which can help us sail through for the rights of basic dignity.

I wish to be a correspondent because I love the interactive nature of this online media. It brings me into contact with great women with different experiences and expertise. Human rights abuse in Cameroon is deplorable, if women rights are often fought for, what more of those of rural women and girls? Is it in villages with matrilineal succession where upon your husband’s death, all assets are taken away from you and children abandoned to you? Is it in cultures where fathers offer daughters as young as three years to aged notables either to gain traditional recognition or, as a form of punishment to their mothers who were not submissive? From violence against women, the problem of children’s right violation is born.
Being a correspondent for world pulse will help me expose these risky troubles of rural women and girls for alternative policies, assistance and global petitions in a bit for us to feel life is worth living.


aliĝngix's picture

You really opened my eyes to

You really opened my eyes to the danger out there that is real. For me, this is unimaginable, and I thank you for speaking for all of the woman who have gone through this and are going thought this.

I always thought that these birthrates did correspond to availability (and willingness??) of materials and civil rights. How they are worded is important, like it was just a statistic. We have to get a link started that will work to support the rising of woman as a people in the eyes of the oppressors and 'tradition'. I wonder if there any groups that do this kind already...?

They don't have the right to do this. This is-- this really isn't real for me, and I'm glad to hear of it--it's good things like this aren't kept quiet or even in the norm...Thanks for sharing.

LUMA's picture


Dear Aligngix,
Thanks indeed for the mail. Actually, I had been surffing to see if there were groups already working on such issues but found none except one, in Burkina Faso which was like and educative program on reproductive rights. I couldn't reach them either. If we could start such a link, I think we would be doing great to put a smile on some women's faces. I remember one lady who came to me during a vacation complaining of this when I was excited to share new things I read about reproduction, menstraul cycle and birth control. She said, my daughter. " you are fortunate to grow up in a generation of book". After the scene, she pulled me back and said," although you are still a child, the way you speak show that you can have a solution to my problem. DO YOU HAVE AN IDEA OF WHAT I CAN TAKE TO STOP GIVING BIRTH BUT WHICH MY HUSBAND WILL NOT KNOW? I dont want to go for this much horney and salt that many women do.Its really disturbing". Perplexed and shocked, I asked why she didn,t go up to the village health unit, she said, they will inject it in her arm and will require removal after three months and gossips and other factors could make her husband suspect and start brutalising her.......
"He is imposing that we go in for the seventh when, the first has not gone to college and he is doing nothing about it.If he knows that I am the reason behind this delayance, he will just beat me very well and go in for another woman and take it as a bridge to abandon all the children to me".
This is just one among many of my adolescent trauma's. World Pulse is quite my ideal. Just speaking up is what I had dreamt of.
If we think of such a link, we may gett differing experiences. Thanks indeed for the mail and suggestion.
Wish you a happy week with warm regards from Luma.

Kimberly's picture

Luma, You relay a fierce


You relay a fierce strength in your vision to make a better/safer place for women in rural Cameroon. Bringing up awareness by sharing these stories is one of the ways to dig your heels in the ground and say no to these kind of circumstances in the future. I hope that you will keep writing, sharing stories, and using this interactive media to increase awareness about what is going on and to inspire change.


LUMA's picture

Thanks for the comment

Dear Kimberly,
My warm greetings and thanks for the comment. Indeed, it is my dream to keep no stone unturned till rural women and girls feel life is worth living. They are suppressed in all spheres of life except what I term modern slavery. When it comes to speaking up their feelings, views and opinions,"they don't matter" but, when it comes to household responsibility and burden,there is hardly sharing. It is mainly theirs.
I often ask if being a woman is a crime? If there were no variations and diversities, I would ask, who will enjoy the world? Recently I have been talking with other friends and learned that, already in some African countries, beating a woman can earn a prison sentence between 6months and seven years.Isn't that great?
I am passionately hoping to see this theoritically and practically effective in Cameroon
With warm regards from Glory.

pearld's picture


Dear Luma,

Your story is so brave. It breaks my heart, it even made me cry because sometimes, so often, people just do not know or understand stories such as yours. We can be so naive or unappreciative. I read your strong words and my small "problems" that seem so large for me, disappear. I hope that you are able to continue sharing your story and we as a world will wake up one day and no longer allow such behavior for anyone, anywhere. This is my dream. Abuse happens quite frequently here in my country with women as well, it is just well hidden or made to be so horrific that it feels as if it is not real. BUT, it is not acceptable nor legal and should not be acceptable anywhere! Your voice could make change and I pray you are able to keep using it. The more we learn, the stronger we become, keep teaching. Be safe and take care of yourself. You have a strong voice.

Kindest regards,

LUMA's picture

"Her Pulse"

Dear Pearld,
My warm greetings. Thanks indeed for the encouragements. I really hope one day, Rural women and girls will feel like women and not maids. A day when they will be able to contribute in development processes that relate their health. A day when we all will read her pulse and get a glims of what she feels. I am devoted to sharing these stories and experiences such that together we could ignited the relevant change.
Thanks indeed and wiish you a happy week.

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