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"VOF Week 4: (Following the steps of my ancestors)."


Last January I visited Elena. She lives in a little town in rural area. She is about years old. She never went to school as many other women in my country. As it happens up to know, if there are female children in a family, they are the first to abandon school to help with the housework, to take care of younger children. Elena never learnt how to write or read, but she keeps the wisdom and knowledge of life inherited from her mother and grandmother. Sitted on the earth, touching the grass and the beautiful flowers of her house, I listen to her. She has a lot tos ay. For me, it is important to listen to Elena and to other old people because they are a living history. It doesn´t matter whether I have to travel long hours in a bus and to walk other hours to arrive to her house. I have a lot to learn from her and other grandparents. Spiritually I am linked to nature and to pachamama (mother land) as my ancestors were and my visión of life will always be related to that. There is nothing more important than to keep my identity and the identity of my community. From the different indigenous peoples from my country, I am part of aymara indigenous people. So, to contribute to the revitalization of my culture is something that will always be present in my actions.
Here mass media is controlled mostly by prívate enterprises. I see that it is nearly imposible for a common citizen to access that group of Tv channels, radios or newspapers to communicate something. I think that being a Correspondent will help me arrive to an audience to share what reality of indigenous peoples here is. Although for one part, there are limitations to be listened, there are also other open doors which could allow us to get to people who would probably like to know what happens in this part of the world.
I would like to be a Correspondent because we have something in common, we are women, with similarities or differences, we are half of the world and we have a lot to learn from each other. For other part, life of women and men belonging to indigenous peoples not only here but also in other countries has always been linked to the respectul use of resources in nature, but for some reasons that ways of perceiving life has been neglected mainly by huge enterprises. Our planet is suffering and I think it it important to recover the wisdom and knowledge left by indigenous peoples and to show that to the world.
For me, we share the same house, our planet, which is our big community. Each thing we do affects positively or negatively to it and to the other members. I think that whether one can be here or there, our beliefs guide our lives in relationship with our communities.
I want to thank to each of you who take her or his time to read this post and my previous posts. I feel happy when I know that somebody is interested in what I have to say. That is of great help for me. Thanks a lot.




Nzasu's picture

Miss Bolivia

I admire your love and respect for nature.I identify with you in that way.All our problems today can all be linked to disrespecting mother nature

Maria de Chirikof's picture

living histories

I so admire you for the valuable work you do. I think it helps them be so open and honest and share the stories because you also care about Earth and see it as it is. Your strength and wisdom do inspire and encourage others. Ones like me who wonder how best to help and lately the idea I have is try to gather all the pieces of my culture like you are doing.




I think that with the time and external influences we have losing our true nature but it is important to revitalize it.

Maria de Chirikof,

I think it will be really important that you could share about your culture. I think we need to know how different cultures around the world see life. I encourage you to go ahead with your ideas and dreams.

Kind regards,

LauraB's picture

The beautiful spirit of Bolivia


Reading your post brought back long ago memories of a trip to Bolivia and I smiled wide with a happy heart. When I was there, the spirit of the land was fierce. I feel like yours is a vital voice here at World Pulse- the voice of the ancestors, of the land, and your people- Aymara Indigenous people. "Spiritually I am linked to nature and to pachamama (mother land) as my ancestors were."

I am reaching behind myself in decades, centuries across North America back into Scotland and Ireland to hear my ancestor's stories. You are connected right there with that solid high country in your heritage for 100s, 1000s of years. I think that's why I marveled at being there in Bolivia and glimpsing your people-that solidness. I will never forget that experience.

I had traveled around So. America for 6 months in 1990- just 2 young adventurous women seeking- seeking as young folks do. Thrilled, absolutely thrilled when I came to your country with the women so strong and forthright. They spoke their mind, they held their ground- I had entered the land of the matriarch. I want you to keep writing, speaking- so many of us who need the wisdom of your women. You are a portal to their wisdom alive in your land.

I loved, loved reading your journal.



CristinaQuisbert's picture

Wisdom of ancestors


Some months ago I had the possibility to go to Moon Island in Titicaca Lake. This is a place where ancient women used to live about 500 years ago. This place was called Ajllawasi. I participated in a ceremony there. To be in that place and to feel the spirit of those ancient women was really important for me, something unforgettable. That link with the past is always alive since this is part of our culture.

Kind regards,

dawn_dancer's picture

Living History

Hello Cristina --

Thank you for your journal! I'm one of your Listeners this week, and went back and read all your postings to get a better sense of who you are. You are sharing a very important gift with all of us who are graced to come across your words. The wisdom that comes down through one's lineage is sacred indeed, and you have the direct access to it that is sadly not a part of my own American culture. I value what you have to say and share about your traditions and the wisdom of the elders -- I would be very interested to hear what you learned from Elena. Please continue to share your stories and post your beautiful pictures. I would love to hear more from you not only about the traditions you are keeping alive, but the stories behind them, and how it gives meaning to people today. Tell me more too about the history and current state of the Aymara Indigenous people, and women's roles within your culture.

All of which means, please keep writing! Your voice is intelligent, impassioned, authentic and inspiring!


CristinaQuisbert's picture

Patricia, There is a lot I


There is a lot I could say which I will be adding in my journal. There area differents indigenous peoples here in low land and in highlands. Aymaras belong to highlands. Although when the Spaniadars arrived to these lands they tried to make dissapear our cultures, it was kept through the times.

Kind regards,

Tina's picture

Honoring our land

Dear Cristina,
I have enjoyed reading your posts and am learning much from you. It is true that western culture has lost its connection to the earth and this is very sad. Please continue to teach us about your heritage and your love and respect for nature,we may just learn how to restore and rebuild our connections to our ancient pasts and the earth too.
Blessings for the wonderful work you are doing here on PulseWire

CristinaQuisbert's picture

Ancient cultures


Times are changing and I think it becoming more important to take care of the earth and any effort we can do to correct mistakes citizenship have been doing to nature is ok.

Warm regards,

JaniceW's picture


Your voice is so important in bringing to light issues that are specific to indigenous groups but also within the realm of women's issues in general. I am so happy that you have gone on to Phase two of VOF as I know that you will be able to transform lives as you create greater awareness of the vitality and contributions of indigenous people. Best wishes for phase two.

CristinaQuisbert's picture

Grateful to life

Thanks a lot for your words. To continue with phase two is a great opportunity to continue writing about how indigenous people see nature and life. It is very encouraging for me.

Kind regards,

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