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VOF WEEK 4 "( Even I Have a Vision !)"


Whoa! Do I have a vision for my life I wonder, well I think I do and I hope this will sound like a vision.
Ever since I was able to articulate issues as a young girl of age 11 years old, I still remember very clearly how I used to wonder why every child did not have the opportunity that I had at that time. An opportunity to go to school, to put on clean cloths and eat a balanced diet, eat in a clean environment and many more needs. One early morning I just thought of sharing my concern to my friends, I told them that we really need to help our fellow children who are denied of a better life at least which were privileged to have as children. As a group of little adolescents we decided to start by contributing what ever little money we were giving by our parents for school or sweets to help these poor children. one of my friends told her mum of an initiative that we came up with, her mum called us as a group and told us to stop what ever we were doing, as the world was cruel, she continued to tell us how the parents of those kids will feel, they might you have bad intentions and you consider them as been not responsible parents. Since we as children were required to obey the words of the elders we had to stop. Although I wasn’t impressed, I just had to obey, but the thoughts of these kids never disappeared from me and I told my self as I grow up to found a way of helping these kids. Am glad to say I always try by all means to assistance disadvanged children in whatever way I can. I have also realized that that these disadvantaged children are not alone but are often looked after disadvanged mothers who are not empowered and abused or widowed. Hence my personal vision is combined with my community vision which is to contribute/ advocate for the welfare of women and children who are disadvanged of the right to a better life in society, I would like to own a business, buy a big farm, build an orphanage, school and build a skills education center for disadvantaged women . The vision I have for the world at large is to see to it that women and children are treated with honor and dignity and that they live a health life.

God bless


Maria de Chirikof's picture

Obey your heart

It is true that it is a cruel cycle of a girl growing up with no power and then having her own children and not knowing how to teach them a better way herself. By helping the mother as well as the children it will give us the way to break that vicious cycle that many woman find themselves in. Honor and dignity is something each human deserves to know and feel and to give to others, that is true.

It is often sad that the mothers are forgotten and left on the wayside because our hearts pour out to the idea of children. But teaching and empowering the mom will then be passed on to her children. I hope you find a way to do the important things you envision and strengthen your community!


Dando's picture

Hi Maria

Thanks so much for your contribution, United we stand divided we fall, lets work as a team on pulse wire so that we all accomplish our goals and dreams.

God Bless

LauraB's picture



I am always inspired by people who have big visions who ask the world to expand. Your heart and compassion at such an early age shows tenderness and kindness. I am imagining with you a world with better food, clothing, shelter, and education for women and children. As we put our energy, thoughts, words, and actions in this direction, I believe and claim that this conversation right here empowers all of us to do so.

I hope that the VOF has been a positive and fruitful experience that has connected you to women worldwide with similar visions and interests.

Warm regards,


molliv's picture

you DO have vision!

please, please, don't EVER doubt that you have vision, or feel that someone else won't see it. it is interesting to read so many people's contributions, because there are certain themes that are so pervasive throughout the world and throughout history. i LOVE that you recognize the role of the mother (for better or wrose) in the shaping of the daughter. that is one thing i try to remember, too, and too many programs do not see how much we have to change our MINDS and our HEARTS and not just help one person. when you give the gift of empowerment, you are doing so much more, your gift is reaching far beyond one person. it inspires them to reach out, which in turn inspires others. i am so glad that you were able to keep the spirit up, even when people were telling you it was pointless.

i would have liked to learn more about WHAT or WHO it was that made you continue to keep your vision, what encouraged you to branch outside of that realm where you had to obey. what made you question your "superiors"? if you are chosen as a correspondent, what will you do with this opportunity?

Don't let your worries get the best of you. Remember, even Moses started out as a basket case.

Dando's picture

Thank you for your word of

Thank you for your word of encouragement,
in response to your question, i would like to say that; the people who encouraged me to continue in keeping my Vision are children and women around me. I have lived in a developing country all my life and i am surrounded by women and children who suffer by the hand of their husbands, in-laws, fathers and some relatives. I can give you some of the experiances of those around me that keeps on driving me to want to work more for these two special group of people, if you read in my journal title Twinkling of an eye, i have written a story of two beautiful girls who ended up in the streets due to their father dealth.Their father's relatives chased them from their own farm because their mother was partially blind and because she was no-long needed. These girls had to stop school because they had no where to live. their mother was not empowered and had no means of making money.They ended up street beggers.on the other hand just after i completed grade twelve, i started meeting stranger women on my way to a friend or just somewhwere who would start telling me about their lives, how their husbands abandoned them, how their husbands beat them up for no particular reason and how hard they found it to take care of their children because they were faced into marriage or because marriage was the only solution to end there problems. I have also close women kin who go through marital problems, some because they have lost confidence, dignity and live in lies and too much ashamed to seek help. All this motives me to continue keeping my Vision which i hope one day will be implemented.

Although i was very young by then, i just had the heart for these children, it always bothered me to see these children who lived in houses made of mad and some thatched roofs. their cloths were always dirty and when we visited that place with my dad who by then was a councillor of that area, we always looked different from other children. why the difference! . i guess this thought made me to question my superiors and made me want to prove them wrong.

Being chosen as a correspondant will be an open door not only for me but for every woman, this opportunity will definetly help me to address problems, difficulties that women and of course children at an early age go through. this platform will also be a place where I and other Correspondant will be able to lobby, advocant so that our government (s) revisit and deveolp new policies concerning women and children,even on the Gender Equality aspect.The Government (s) also has to recognise the potential and the important role of women and the need to help our women be it urban or rural in capacity building and livelihood skills.

I hope the vision, goal of every woman who has participanted on voices of our future applicant will not end here but will continue whether chosen as a correspondant or not!


God Bless You

JaniceW's picture


It seems that you have been an activist your whole life and I so applaud your vision and efforts to bring hope, dignity and respect to women and children around the world. I am so happy for you in your successful advance to phase two of VOF. Your voice is powerful and I know many lives will be changed for the better because of your vision. Best wishes for phase two... it is an honour to provide a platform for your voice.

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