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VOF Week 4: ( Happiness in Serving Poor Women and Children)

“Money can’t buy happiness” was the very quotation I remember telling my teacher during my senior high school year in our final exam graded recitation. I’ve soon realized that I have live with this quotation in my entire life. I found happiness being an activist dedicating my life in the service of the poor especially women and children. I found it hard to think about my personal goals with a life that is so grossly intertwined with social activism. I supposed my social class background, my education and my constant grounding with the grassroots communities integrated my personal aspirations to the overall aspiration of the Filipino people to be free from the bondage of poverty.

My personal life is full of twists and turns and ups and downs. I felt exhausted and even frustrated but I’m still here with feet standing firm on the ground with clinched fist marching with fellow women, children and men chanting words of freedom and love of country. Many times, I fell down and break yet my love for my country Philippines keeps on telling me to rise up no matter how many times it may take. I need to breathe the air of love, hope and faith that keeps me going to the road less traveled by.

The thorny road to freedom where Filipino women, men and children live their lives freely to the fullness of their potential without oppression and discrimination is a vision I will not give up. I wanted to see all Filipino children going to school with full stomach and with empowering and liberating education. I wanted to have a community that take care of each other where Filipino women are free from abuses and chart their own destiny without fear and insecurity and control from powers that be. I want to see our country and ourselves as Filipino people free rather than slaves of our own masters and colonial masters. Thus, I want to see myself in the forefront of the struggle, a legacy I could give to my children and my family.

I want to see the world, a world of equals, where colored people are not discriminated, where poor countries rise above their poverty and enjoy their God-given resources, where gender orientation and sexual preferences is respected and recognized, where no discrimination between Muslims or non Muslims people and no superpowers that dominate the world.

In my own small way, I can be a candle light, a hope against hope that gives meaning and trace of life in this huge universe that seems to fall apart. Being a correspondent is a key to open the global awareness of social justice and women emancipation. Our people need my voice to enlighten the world about Filipino women oppression and show the world the right path to our freedom.

As a correspondent, I can tell the world about how globalization pauperized the Filipinos and labels us Filipinas as servants and prostitutes of the world. I want to share to the world that we Filipinos are freedom loving and peace loving people and Filipina women are not servants of the world but are servants of peace and freedom. We are the daughters of our ancestors who fought till there last breath against Spanish, American and Japanese colonization.

Being a correspondent, I could bridge globally our local and national initiative for change and development on organizing communities, fair trade, income generating projects, health services, child care, food security, etc. I found World Pulse a huge network of support for my empowerment, a common place where I and other women could strengthen and bond together to be one strong voice in the world that surely make waves for change. It’s a blessing for me to find such a beautiful community of loving and caring women.

I need strength and inspiration to continuously give back and touch women lives who needed it the most. Being a World Pulse correspondent I believe will expand my world and my responsibility globally and will harness my potentials to be of great help as a mother, a wife, an activist and a Filipina woman in the pursuit for global women empowerment.


Mckenzie's picture

Many candles together shining light

This piece is beautiful! Thanks for inviting me to read it.

I can relate with many of your statements. It's exhausting to balance self with worldly work, and especially with all the ups and downs, road blocks, etc. But the ability to pick one's self up, mend the broken pieces, and charge on--that's powerful.

Great work!


malayapinas's picture

Your a candle in me

Dear Mckenzie,

The flame in you keeps my light burning. Thank you so much for listening to me and sharing your time! Wish you all the best in life and the power to inspire women.

with much love,


misscarly's picture

VOF Week 4 Assignment

Dear Malayapinas,

I had the pleasure of reading your final essay for Voices of the Future. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and beautiful perspective. You have a very poetic way of writing that invokes very strong metaphors. You are very optimistic about using your role to fight against inequality and I especially admire your aim to fight against the stereotypes of Filipinos and Filipinas that are projected around the world.

I found your sentence "I need strength and inspiration to continuously give back and touch women lives who needed it the most." very aptly worded. I hope that we can continue to inspire and strengthen one another. Beautiful writing, I look forward to reading more in the future!

with kindness,

malayapinas's picture

Dearest Carly, My heart jumps

Dearest Carly,

My heart jumps with joy as I read your comments! Thank you so much for making me realized the beautiful part of my writing style and substance that goes along with it. - just as what also Mckenzie is telling me in this article as well as the comments of women friends in my previous assignments . Yah, I just can't still believe what I've heard from you - But I have to believe in you and most importanlly believe in my self that I can be a good writer or jpurnalist - WoW! Maybe my dream of writing a book will not remain a dream forever! Thank you so much for making me believe in myself that I can inspire and empower women through my wrting!

Wish you all the best!

much love,

Gemma's picture

Tell me more


Reading your writing in delightful and has me curious to know more about you. You talk about your social activism. How does that manifest itself? You mention the personal twists and turns in your life, sometimes feeling exhausted and frustrated. What are some examples and in addition to love of your country, were there other reasons that you kept on the path you are on?

I know that you were restricted in this assignment to writing 700 words. I suspect there is a lot more that you want to say and as you mention to Carly, your dream of writing a book should be a reality.

Best of luck, Gemma

malayapinas's picture

Hi Gemma! How i wish i can

Hi Gemma! How i wish i can talk with you personally. Thanks you so much for your concern in knowing more about me. It's a joy for me. Yes, I agree that i'm restricted to write in 500 /700 hundred words. Though, i did congratulate myself for breaking through Pulse wire sharing about something very personal for me in avery limited manner. Yah , I have many personal wishes which I wasn't able to realize - like finishing my masteral course . I still have this in my heart but i don't know if i can with the situation i have now - i'ts difficult because i work full time volunteer with very minimum allowance( we don't have salaries), i have a five year old daughter, we don't have helper at home - but despite this - im still happy being a mother of my daughter, giving up my graduate studies as well as my teaching job. Though i still need some part time job to keep us going and doing my activism work. I'm looking forward to make some income generation activities to help myself and my family and other women who don't have any source of income to continue what we are doing in pursuit of social justice and women ewmpowerment. We need to empower ourselves to empower women and others for the realization of a world where freedom, justice and peace. reigns.

best regards ,


Dear Malayapinas

When I scanned the list of applicants who made it to the final selection, i took note of your name because that means we are the two Filipinas who made it through.When I read your posts, i know that we share commonalities beside being Filipinas.It seems that we embarked on the same journey as social activists and made similar sacrifices and shared the same advocacies . Although I am now into a different path having chosen to return to NGO work, I always admire men and women who continue to be in the frontline of struggle for freedom and justice. Indeed your voice finds echo in my heart.I wish your more strength and power because the path you have chosen is a long and ardous one, and we need all the support and encouragement that we can get.

malayapinas's picture

You touch my heart

As i open my email, the first letter i read was yours. I was touched by it , feeling the same vibration of what we believe in and the thought that we are Filipinas is indeed very empowering. I am honored with your admiration , thank you so much! I still believe that whatever choice we made, wherever we are as long as our hearts still beat for the people and we are still with them in their journey for freedom and social justice is indeed a great contribution. I'm happy for both of us. I'm still finding my balance in starting the program amid my very hectic schedules . Hope we can make it through again this time.

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