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VOF Week 4 (I am the magician of my own life… the priestess of my own destiny…)


To be a woman today it is a long road to walk. It’s a road to recover the power that culture has taken from us.

When I was child, for some reason that I don’t remember now, my family started to called me “little witch”… and again, for some reason, it was a nick name that I adopted… only years after, I started to understand the real significance of that word: “witch”, and all history behind it.

I learned that during some centuries, (but not always) the entire world was educated to be afraid of the “women’s power”, so, I started to read with deep interest all the issues related to that fear, wondering how, where and why it started.

I really learned so much, not only about history and human being, but most of all about myself… and I learned that behind all the violence against us, was really a huge fear about our power… and I clearly saw that through all those violent centuries, the REAL problem wasn’t the patriarchal attacks or male attacks, but the fear and violence that women started to feel inside, against their own power and value.

I read books about church, about the first goddesses, about the rupture between Eva and Lilith, mythology and history from different countries, and I discovered that the real success of our actual (and unfair) culture was settled inside our female minds and in our female hearts, by separating our conscience about ourselves.

That’s why, I decided to embody the real significance of a witch is: I decided to be a kind of magician in my own life… a priestess of my own destiny…

I thought that only in that way, it could be possible to demonstrate to myself that I had lost fear and recovered my own power… I decide to take the risk, of course for myself in first place, but also because maybe through my experience, maybe other could dare to follow their own way.

Before create a different world outside, we definitely have to start to create a different world inside us. If we do not stop our inner fights, we could not stop the violence that we are experimenting outside… if we really are searching for a “world with female vision”, we must understand what really means “to be a woman”, and we have to experiment our power, we have to feel it, to recover it and then (just then) to start to use it with all its strength.

We, the women, we have to understand us, and to understand our history… and latter, we have to forgive the injuries, but nobody can forgive what does not understand… that is why, for me, the first step to “change the world” is understanding.

Then, we will to be able to see that for now is enough to be thinking in terms of “good or bad” or in terms of “enemies” or revenge … we have to stop to think in “male and female”… if we really want to live in a different world, we have to see that those ones that now are our executioners, they are also injured for centuries of fear and ignorance.

Our real fight must be against the system and against the actual conditions, not against human beings. We have to show a difference by doing changes while we are walking toward to a different destiny for this world… and we have to be congruent. That is important in this road walked until now to recovering our power and our voice.

That is why I decided to be a Peace Correspondent… which is a daily challenge not only in my profession but in my personal life too… by choosing this way to walk in journalism, I am obligated to embody a peaceful personality.

But indeed, I have to confess that now that I am dedicated to search peaceful efforts from all around the world, I am very happy to verify that they are so many people (men and women) wishing and working for a different world… and this new mission that I chose, is giving me more and more confidence in human beings.

PS. If you want to learn how to be a "peaceful witch", visit:



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Assignment 4 has been read

Dear Xthina,
Nice piece on your vision for the future. You gave a lot of detail, and I can tell you are very passionate about your dreams.
Good Luck to you in all your future endeavors.

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The Power of the Witch is Vast!

Thank you Xthina for reclaiming your power as a woman AND a witch. I have been involved in studying wiccan and pagan spirituality for many years and there are days when I just pray that we, as a world community of women, can absolutely celebrate the power of the Goddess! I know, that time will come again. So, thanks for finding the witch inside you and celebrating her!

Nikki Jardin

JaniceW's picture


Xthina, it is with joy that I see you have advanced to the next phase of VOF. Your unique perspective and insight have been inspiring to so many and I look forward to reading more from you. Thank you for providing space to all the VOF members on your site and encouraging them to continue speaking out. Your solidarity and warmth towards your sisters on PulseWire is inspiring. Best wishes...

JaniceW's picture


Xthina, I thought you might be interested in connecting with a new member, Dr. Sophia, who heads Peace of the World International ( You can find her at:

Please also keep me posted if any of the VOF group members joined your site as Peace Correspondents as I would love to be able to share with the team how the members are reaching beyond PulseWire. Best wishes...

JaniceW's picture

Another connection

Rebecca is the Founder of an anti-genocide human rights group, Waging Peace. She can be found at:

Thanks so much for your encouragement!

I am actually excited and a little nervous about this new step on Pulse Wire… it was a completely surprise to me to have passed

You know what?! I didn’t know that we can still publishing in our journal, even, to say the truth I have been so busy this last month

Of course I am interested on these 2 contacts that you are sending to me now… actually I did my first step to contact Theary Seng ( to ask her permission to translate her text and publish it in Corresponsal de Paz.

I wrote her an e-mail and also I tried through a Pulse Wire post, let’s see if I have good luck with her answer.

I really would love to find more voices to bring to our website, but until now, nobody has answered... and actually now I already have a volunteer to make the translations, so I hope that little by little and step by setp we will be walking toward our goals to give another space to all this fantastic women.

I have to work to prepare a little “guide” of what we are searching for in our “peaceful stories”... i know, but now I am under so much wonderful pressure of work

Since we started Corresponsal de Paz (2 months ago) we have already about 1500 visitors from 40 countries!! It is a miracle, but at the same time, I still searching for support, because my savings are about to disappear ;-)

Thanks again, and let’s keep in touch!! A bear hug from Mexico. Xthina “ )

Cristina Avila-Zesatti - Journaliste&Productrice
Main Editor:

"Un milagro no es la suspensión de una ley natural, sino la implementación de una ley superior"

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