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No one can continually pull the wool on our eyes, though Nigeria at 48 whether still crawling or lame, but by force or by crook Nigerians are learning to face facts, from vision 2000, to vision 2010, now it is vision 20 20 20, we will not continue to play along with the vicious cycle of visionless leaders, though we have no power to protect ourselves but we will speak out and be heard by concerned world citizens.

The world is a global village and we can read about intelligent leaders who met at the G-20 summit in London, a gathering without Nigeria’s President, who unequivocally shepherds the most populous black nation, he does not count in world affairs, we can as well stop chasing shadows.

To make a seed good, the tree must be nurtured, pruned, and be made good. Nothing comes by magic nurture and nature complement.. To decorate Nigeria to the whole world as great nation, great people, it is very easy though deceitful but Nigerians can not play ignorant along with out Minister of mis-information and the rest of them. Stop frivolous spending on goose chasing, the world knows what is happening. Two people do not suffer from deceit, if the person being deceived is unaware the deceiver will be.

Nigerian women are over 48% of Nigeria population, we are watching, the amount set aside for re-branding Nigeria and the just discovered millions of Dollars between Halliburton and the legal luminary, Minister of In-Justice in Nigeria, might just be enough to re-brand individuals, the stomachs, and health care. With good things in place, who needs to pay International or national media for singing Nigeria’s slogan, a good product needs no advert!

To take to a woman’s advice may be unnatural, but voice of wisdom will highlight those to be re-branded in Nigeria they are listed in the order of importance: the Power holding corporation of Nigeria who perpetually holds unto power supply, no light but bills, (how the meter reads without light is so surprising that their officials are afraid to distribute the bills in daytime), the police, who are labeled uniformed robbers, Nigeria has the most corrupt police officers, if we are not leading in that area may be we are second, the health care facilities, our roads, change them from death traps to express road, we all are survivors, anyone that can survive in Nigeria will survive anywhere in the World. Re-brand the youth, the new tag is un-employable Nigerian graduates, when the foundation is destroyed what will the righteous do?

Constant power for Nigerians! Great people great nation, from Darkness to light, this is total, RE-BRANDING. Let darkness country adhere to God’s instruction of Let there be light. The Nigeria masses in my generation do not know what un-interrupted power supply mean, in my 37 years on earth, I have witnessed that in the University community, it was war, anarchy reigned but government succumbed to Nigerian student though darkness reigned outside the university.

Foreign hospitals that provide wonderful equipment and working environment patronized by our President and his cohorts are not run on diesel power generators; they blossom and research while Nigerians die of cholera and simple ailments, when there is outbreak of infection and babies die in hundreds that is when they deplore their troop as if there is war! Why do you deceive yourselves?

The rich can afford un-interrupted power supply though the deafening noise from their generator is being suffered by neighbors, but if Nigerians are aware that constant source of power means:

•Serenity, your hearing is protected from deafening generator sets, beautiful sleeps for babies and everyone
•All companies that relocated to neighboring countries will return to Nigeira
•Laid off staff will be re-absorbed
•Patients who need to undergo operations do not need to pay for diesel in hospitals
•No more fumes from made in China and Japan power generators, who knows if those generator companies in Asia are owned by Nigerian leaders,
•“Smokers are liable to die young” but generator fumes and cigarette’s are they not all the same, many families have died in their sleep from generator fumes in the last five years.
•No more wasted food due to refrigerator left unfrozen
•No more generator fire or fuel explosion due to generator
•Children can now enjoy their favorite programs , presently reserved for those who can afford generator and fuel

•Stress free after a day’s work, you can now afford to relax in door, (the heat can drive someone crazy)

•Internet connection that was reserved for those who can patronize the unsafe cyber cafés will be open to all.

•Constant darkness at night changed to light

•We can wear well ironed cloth anytime!

•We happily pay power bills we owe, not estimated bills

Then we will stand and fight for what rightfully belongs to us. Good, great things and more are what Nigerians need not slogan or pretense, if the home front is good the skin tells, our children are scattered all over the world not because of adventure but home is sour!

Nigerians in Diaspora are comparatively comfortable, provided with basic things of life, they do not need to travel by road in fear, three square meals is not a problem for them, nobody can pay for their lunch in exchange for their conscience, there is freedom of information unlike here where my people are not at peace with my way of writing.

Nigerians need more than what they are being offered, we are wiser now though hunger has dealt with many those who are standing are still fighting, why not do your best and we can say oh! She/he tried for us, we are blessed and we do not believe that it is for the privileged few. When Nigerians become uncontrollable, no leader can withstand their rage, Nigerians are agitated, peace we want because no country in Africa can accept Nigeria refugee, with over 148million inhabitants.


LOGWELL's picture

Hi Olu. Great posting ! You

Hi Olu.

Great posting ! You raised matters that plague most African states.In Kenya we are also struggling to find our vision. We have a Vision 2030 program that has clearly lost direction, a president who is ever absent in terms of matters that are pertinent to the nation and greedy leaders who will do anything to reatin their official offices!

Yes our children are scattered all over not because of adventure but because home is sour!!! I love that ! The big challenge for us as a continent is when will we realise that our leaders have failed us and after that realization, what will we do!

Very insightful Olu!



olutosin's picture



Thanks for the comment, we all can join hands togerther to move Africa forward, we are all one with the same type of problems.
We will continually speak out till they do the right thing for the masses. The so called leaders have failed us, we can not so that they do not know the right thing ti do becasue they do the right thing for their family members and friends. Let the resources go round , it is natural not their personal sweat. Let it reach the masses, that is all we demand!

Well done and Godbless,


Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


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