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VOF Week 4 : (Working With and For Women )

Media and my personal life journey made me realize that this world did not give enough space and love for women. They have to struggle three times harder than a man. When I was feeling hopeless, loosing my self and my spirit, I would still consider my self as a lucky person because out there, many other women have to experience the worst. Most of women feel the inferiority, not confident enough to step forward. They trust and depend to others to decide for their lives. When things go wrong, they loose orientation and get frustrated. And when I talk about them, I talk about my self.
To better understand the world of women, I joined weekly discussions at Center of Women Studies at my university. What went wrong with women’s life and how to fix it was the big question in my head. I was lucky to have the experience to conduct some researches with gender perspective, and getting deeper in my understanding about women’s life. But it has not satisfied my passion and my question has not been answered. Mostly, the researches were not followed by real actions, and only made the women as an object of research. I dream of a change, of women taking action on issues in their lives. I dream of women relying on their selves. In my vision, this could be reached by creating network and working together to improve the life of women. I have to get connected to women community as a subject, alive persons with their own voices and thoughts.
I am looking forward to being more active in problem solving. Learning from people who have been experienced in real worlds of women can help me to improve my ability, to organize some activities which empower women. I started from the very little and very close to me. I introduced my aunt (who was like me before, at the zero point of her life) to internet. I did not expect something miraculous, but that’s what happened. Slowly, with her capability to access the internet, she gained back her confidence, opened more possibilities in her life. Watching her empowering and developing her life means empowering and healing my self also in the process.
Me and my best friends was imagining on how we realize our vision, by organizing some workshops for women to gain their family income, to improve their quality of life, for example the workshop about natural coloring for Batik workers, the using of alternative energy for cooking, etc. We were learning on how to make proposals for fund raising when I discovered about World Pulse in one of my email. I found the key words “empowering my self “ and was not thinking twice to find out about this program. I am really blessed with this opportunity.
Learning the week 4 materials, I realized that there is something strong and unique in the way World Pulse brings women to the ultimate word “empowerment”. I feel powerfully encouraged to heal my self, to embrace my femininity, to set my self free. It was the most brilliant way of empowering people, to start with their own life. Joining this program makes me realize that I do not have to sacrifice my femininity to achieve my dream. It was the ultimate liberation. World Pulse will help me find who I really am and heal my self so that I can help others. If each one of us manage to do that, I am sure that we can affect our surroundings and embrace them to make a difference in community and the world. Positive change is contagious. With so many issues to solve, we can not do it alone, but I believe in networking. By joining hands, we can.
World Pulse will amplify the voices of women and I believe, with this media and networking, we can reach what can never be reached before, relate people from different backgrounds, profession, expertise, to help ourselves and others. I would feel so complete, being able to work and make myself useful by doing something I really love, working with and for women.


Emily Garcia's picture

Thank you!

Thank you, Yudith, for your participation in VOF and for this beautiful post!

I love it when you say, "And when I talk about [other women], I talk about my self." This statement immediately makes me trust that your voice is as honest as it is unique and strong. Thank you for sharing your self with us here--that self that you "feel powerfully encouraged to heal" and to set free. I am with you!

Warmest wishes,


Emily Garcia
World Pulse Online Community Lead

yudith listiandri's picture

I thank you

I can not thank you enough for being with me, listening, and supporting. I feel comfortable to be among friends and sisters where I do not need to hide my self or be afraid to be me.


yudith listiandri's picture

Dear Emily,

A month ago, it was just a dream to have friends like you. I feel comfortable and do not need to hide my self among all of you. I thank you for being there, listening and supporting.


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