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From online empowerment to offline empowerment?

Currently the participation of women in the cultural, political, business and social environments is still very limited because many of them still believe that their obligation is to stay home, raising children, be engage in the private sphere.
To me, I like to define empowerment as the ability that each woman has to decide what to do with hes life. It is very simple, empowerment is to give each girl and every woman the tools they need to know as a person that they have human rights, but also they have the right to decide about their own lives.

In Mexico, many times we wonder what we have to do to achieve better economic and social development as a country. And the answer I give to this question is that we need to involve women in decision-making and increase their participation in the cultural, political, business and social. If we want to create a stronger economy and improve the quality of life for women, families and communities, it is essential to empower women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors.

And since we have answered this question, now we wonder what to do, to make women participate in the cultural, political, business and social environment? And for this question, there are many answers, but one of them is empowerment through knowledge, private enterprise and education. And that can be throw technology.

Let's take an example. Ana is a 9 year old girl who lives in a rural area of Puebla, Mexico. Ana has 3 sisters and she is the greatest of her sisters. Ana and her family live 1 hour walking away from the nearest school. For the kind of habits that live in the town of Anna, she may get to turn 15 and marry a boy from the same village. At 25, Ana is not finished high school, have 4 children and a lot of work to do at home. In this case Ana didn´t decided many important things in your life as Ana performed the habits taking place in her town.

I'll put a different version, how about if Ana at age 9 starts receiving education at school, but also distance education through online courses that will explain her rights as a child and as a woman, she could receive course of sexual education, the culture of other countries and many career options are displayed when she grows up. At the age of 15 years, Ana may decide or not to marry at 15, she would probably think that the age of 15 is not the best option and in the other hand she will continue to prepare. Ana may be a nurse, a teacher, or an entrepreneur or whatever she decides to do. What if Ana decides to put a e-commerce business selling typical products of their region and with this holding, and that also would develop the economy of his people. Ana would be an online empowered woman that could lead to offline empowerment.

I firmly believe that online empowerment can lead to offline empowerment. If we act decisively and take actions in favor of women knowing that support them can solve the most important challenges of the XXI Century, find durable solutions as in the case of Anna, many problems facing the world today. The empowerment of women online can help solve problems of inequality, poverty, violence and economic development among others.

And for me, that is thinking like a girl!

This story was written for World Pulse’s Women Weave the Web Digital Action Campaign. Learn more »


amymorros's picture

The Contrast of Two Ana's

Yes, online can lead to offline empowerment. For someone like Ana, she would benefit from receiving a good education and having a support system so she would make informed decisions. To live in an environment where she would have high expectations and encouragement from mentors like you is the best for her.

Thank you for illustrating the contrast between two different ways in which Ana could live her life.


Mulheres Republicanas de Mozambique's picture

Online and of Line empowerment

I look so much forwards to start support for Girls and boys like Ana. Believe me that is the reason Livrariaa Digital de Milange was established in 2012. "Currently the participation of women in cultural Political, business and social inviroments is still very limited". In one hand because many still believe that their obligation is to stay home raising children be engaged in their privat sphere", on the other hand because Women who participate on the definition of the term empowerment, empowering Women boys and Girls of Continents like Africa at home and abroad face modern days barbaric deprivation, due to limited Evaluation and revision of the doutrines of abolicionism.
Today, the all World is Aware of the fact that internet is the most important platform for economic growth, competition innovation, free expression and broadband investment and deployment Worldwide, certainly the major reason Women from developed Countries face exclosure. In 1930's Women of Denmark United on Dansk Smør Industri and the " Lur Mark" the now Lurpak Smør" or Danish Butter leaded their country's economy to what it is Today. Women defining empowerment must be protected and secured.

UWA/ United women of Africa. SADAC - Mozambique

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