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The Importance of Digitally Empowering Women, and how it will help Women transform the World

Bingham Young quotes that, "When you educate a man you educate a man, educate a woman you educate a generation"
Women from time memorial play significant roles in families, community, and society, most of the time they are the backbones. She does all these, sandwiched between various gender issues calculated to impede her, To develop a nation, capacitating, enabling, motivating and supporting women, can never be overemphasized. Women around the world especially in second and third World countries, bear almost all the responsibility for meeting basic family needs, they deny themselves their three square meals, feeding once a day just to ensure that their children are feed they end up malnourished yet they are denied the resources, information and freedom of action.
HIV/AIDS is rapidly becoming a woman disease, they comprise 60% of people living with the virus in sub saharan Africa. Two third of the world's illiterate population are females, of the millions of school age children not in school, majority are girls.

In the world we live in, the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been described as one of the vital tools needed for the acceleration of the growth of any developing nation. And against the background of the role women play in families, communities, societies, and globally, empowering women as change elements, is key especially in ICT and digital related tools, if we will achieve or eradicate global challenges plaguing our world especially hunger and poverty. When women are empowered all of society benefits. In Africa where various diseases like HIV/AIDS, Ebola fever etc is ravaging the most productive generation, setting back decades of progress in ending hunger, food production and life expentancy, women empowered digitally can ensure a check in these challenges.
Digitally empowering women will produce economic benefit and can facilitate the shift of women from the informal to the formal sector.

The benefits regarding the above are numerous, it will lead to an increased ability for women to work from home; thereby having time to mind her children, often offsprings and wards are left in the hands of preying house workers who abuse these children in so many unimaginable ways, the childs mind set is distorted leading to a dysfunctional life thus moral decadence and crime increases.
Improved employment opportunities for women in the ballooning IT sector; and also an increased ability from the informal sector of women to shift to the formal sector, alot of women advance from being just simple typist to consultants and IT skills trainers through the power of the modern PC. Many employers are realizing the potential of their employees (especially women) whose education was affected from lack of funds or early pregnancies that forced them to settle for less) through the use of computers.

Improved global market access for craftswomen through e-commerce; through the internet this writer was able to discover, many markets and platforms promoting trade, one very prominent one is the African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) a law signed by President Clinton in the year 2000, to stimulate growth, offering tangible incentives for African Countries helping to open their economies, and build free markets. This has helped the rural women artisans get value addition for her works, and saved her from middle men who buys her works at cheap prices and profiteers greatly. Most people are not even aware of this initiative in Nigeria because our government has not created awareness, I have taken the task of informing and organising the next Nigerian women AGOA participation in the United States using Digital tools.

Transformation of traditional gender roles; especially in Africa where women are supposed to be seen and not heard. By been digitally empowered, networking and discovering achievements of other women successes, challenges elsewhere through the internet can change mind sets that often stagnate women.
Digital empowerment Improves access of women, especially rural women, to distance learning and distance work programs;
Improved ability for the sharing of experiences among women's organisations concerned with the economic well being of women in the informal sector; and increased ability to avoid gender bias by having a gender-based medium.

I write from the perspective of an African woman, I believe in Africa especially now that the world looks at the continent as the next frontier and market hub from its vast natural and human endowed resources, to everything it has to offer, if women are digitally empowered global transformation in economies, health, poverty hunger will greatly be on the decline.

This story was written for World Pulse’s Women Weave the Web Digital Action Campaign. Learn more »


travelpoet's picture


Thank you for this beautiful and descriptive narrative on how the internet can improve and transform women's lives in Nigeria!

You have listed some amazing benefits such as digitally-connected women being able to work from home (and consequently being closer to supervise and care for their children.) As you mentioned, the internet also offers economic opportunities for women and helps link artisans together for direct commerce with consumers rather than having to rely on costly 3rd parties to do business.

I'm encouraged to learn about the African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) and to hear how it is helping African countries like yours to develop free markets. What's most impressive to me, however, is your vision and leadership in educating other Nigerian women in how to take advantage of this chance.

You sound like a wonderful mentor and example to other women. Thank you for your passion and compassion!

All best wishes from an American sister,

Ene's picture


Your comment really overwhelmed me, thank you very much, like you felt my pulse, Africa is really endowed with natural and human resources especially women. I really want to see growth and maximise every opportunity, Thank you very much see you when we come for AGOA

sabapetit's picture

Thank you for sharing!

Dear Ene,

Thank you for your insights about how the internet can improve the women's lives! It is up to us to use it in a positive way especially economically talking. You are right!

Hope you enjoy your journey in digital world and spread your learnings with your sisters in Africa! Let's keep working for the welfare of women!




Ene's picture

Internet Empowerment

Thank you very much, the journey to depths into the world of internet continues

CeejayBlake's picture


You are an absolutely incredible writer, very eloquent and extremely good points!

thank you for sharing your story

warmest regards

Ene's picture


Thank you very much, I feel very elated, and thanks to world pulse its bringing this side of me out.

originaljoy's picture

Thanks for shearing,this is

Thanks for shearing,this is very educative.

Joy Eze

Ene's picture

my pleasure

Joy thank you very much

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