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Unconditional Love

Many need to know they are beautiful and meant to be loved as they are. Many of the horrific stories I hear as a therapist in the united states as well as all over the world are stories of women in many different ways not being honored and not having the ability or courage to honor themselves by giving voice to the inner most soul inside. In my work with animals and my love for dogs and the cetacean world of whales and dolphins, I feel we can learn so much from these beings. I don't know if women in the world all over have the privledge of seeing the magic of a dolphin on the sea or knowing the love for a dog. I recently took my daughter to look at colleges on the west coast and we saw some magical sea life enjoying the magic of the world without worry.. A happy sea otter not having to think about survival, but just the play of life. I think dogs have this same grace and ability to be in the present and enjoy life. Human beings who are oppressed do not get the joy of play. Worry of Survival is what is experienced. I wish that the women of the world could experience days of love and joy and the ability to be in the present moment, as my lovely dog companion has the luck to experience. Why can we as human beings not all have the pleasure of presence and peace and love.
I almost lost my heart. I rescued my drowning dog this summer.
I was outside on the upper deck of my boyfriend's home and decided intuitively to move to the pool area, still covered up by its blue cover to keep it warm. I was there for at least 15 minutes reading and kept hearing a repetitive sound, something blowing in the wind I assumed. I wrote it off as I went back to reading The Woman Warrior. I looked once more in the direction of the sound, this time at the blue tarp covering the pool, and saw something moving, flapping underneath it. I expected a rabbit, or a giant frog. I raced up and as I pulled it back, my love, my dog, my Havenese Argus was going down to the bottom. I reached in to pull his collar and him out of the water. Death, Divorce, Hurricanes have been my story the last few years, so I am done with tragedy. I would not have made it through this too. My sadness dims to what I hear happening in the world but we each have our story and perspective. This little dog got me through. Losing him would be very hard.
He smiled. His smiling dog face has made me heal in so many ways. I thank some deep inner knowing inside me that I looked up from my book. I thought he was inside. I saved him.
I love animals and believe in what my native American friend, David Carson, author of Medicine Cards and Animal Medicine, has taught me about the animal world. He has shared the ways of loving, understanding and reading the world through the animal wisdom. I wish that every person that suffers could have a dog, a pet to teach them about strength and love. Perhaps the images through technology of the animal kingdom can teach us about caring for each other, Of course they harm as well, but not their own kind.
In my work I have written about my deep connection to whales and dolphins interspecies auditory and telepathic connections. My chapter called Whale Love in the book "Unconditional Love" and my cd Orca Chantress Beluga Shaman (on itunes, cdbaby) and the original movie Dr Doolittle ("why do we treat animals like animals ?") allowed me to write about my fascination with these themes.
I used my experiences connecting to cetaceans through musical, vocal or instrumental phrases in the music and stories. I am special projects director for the cetacean society international. My few experiences in the wild have been with dolphins in Italy and a beluga whale in Canada. These were life changing experiences. My aim is to advocate for them, protect them and somehow learn what they want to say. The desire to understand communication extends for me to working with dogs. I do energy work and intuitive healing with dogs as well as licensed counselor work with those preparing and dealing with the grief of illness and loss of a pet. The unconditional love that only a dog can bring (I love cats too) is sometimes the closest thing we know of expressing our soul and knowing another's.
My Maltese, Bark, was the first dog therapist I knew. He was my assistant, and dog angel. I did not realize what an amazing job I had, making healing music and having dog company daily. He was the true healer. Bark taught me about love in many ways and loving my own company. His constant presence in my twenties was essential to my growth and individuation. Bark's final days after 18 years were about me constantly holding him. He was always attached to me in some way. They joked at my wedding that he did not come because he was traumatized. I created a home ceremony when we put him down. The March of the Penguins score playing and the vet there to help. Dogs are lucky they can move on this way. I believe in these healing endings to a life that cannot be measured. There was nothing I could do to repay Bark for what he did for me. That was five years ago.
I lost my Lab, Zeus, last year. His daily trips to sleep in the river in our backyard (we moved from Washington CT) brought the mud in daily and I knew it was not going to be long before I was going to be cleaning his black hairs and the mud, but I did not mind. I spent hours holding those incredibly soft ears and hugging his huge body of love. He was my daughter's gift but he made us feel protected in the woods and I did my best to heal him until I could not anymore.
My dog, Argus, the swimmer, and I are psychically connected. He talks with both a variety of sounds and telepathically. They told me before I got him they were a verbal breed, but they left out how many ways they can converse and how special it is to be so understood in dog language. II have studied with Brian Weiss (many lives, many masters) in past life regression. I asked him about animals one day and he felt that those who have passed often speak to us through our animals. Our animals are our source of connection to the inner voice and self love we all need to learn. They teach us presence, love and trust.
All I know is once you know love of a dog, you do not want to be without it. I cherish my dog Argus more since that day. He is named after the most devoted dog in all of literature (The Odyssey). I am devoted to him. Let your dog, or the memory of an animal friend, teach you the gifts of Love and Life and devotion.


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