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"VOF Week 4: (I believe I can, and I will)."

A few days ago I watched a debate about equal rights in my listening and presentation class. While I was listening to the debate I was thinking “why do we say women’s rights?” “Why don’t we say human rights?” I was questioning myself “why is there a wall of disparity between men and women, and from when this disparity began?” What if we consider ourselves as people and human, not men and women? I am saying this because you will agree with me that when we talk about anyone who is a woman or anything related to feminine, instantly some images come to our minds- “women, far away from equal rights, suffer more than men, tolerate more than men, less freedom;” -- even before we get to know how much freedom that woman got, or where she stands in her personal and professional life. And we expect to learn something about her life, how she overcame obstacles of disparity and so on and so on....

My biggest vision is I want a society, a country and a world where no one cries for anything what he or she is supposed to get, no matter if it is as small as a toy or huge like getting “equality.” I believe I can change what I want to be changed in my world, and if each person believes this, then thousands of millions of walls will be broken, and we will be able to see the world we wanted. I think articulating my visions in WorldPulse will be my first achievement. There is an old saying that a pen is stronger than a weapon. I believe this, so this will certainly help me achieve my visions in anyway.

Often I hear some women say, "I wish I were a man." Why? We should think why they wish this. I am proud of being a woman. As a human, person, and woman, I do not expect protests, debates, seminars, etc. for “my” rights in the world where we all should be the same in getting rights and performing responsibilities, in enjoying happiness and sharing sorrows. My anticipation is not asking or fighting for “my” rights and responsibilities from or against others. My question is, if there is no lacking in men’s lives, why should there be lacking in women’s lives? There are MANY controversies against women in our communities, especially in developing and underdeveloped countries. In my opinion, countries that are still in developing are not developing as quickly and smoothly as they should be, mostly because there is a big glass ceiling between men and women even if it seems like they are now giving importance on women. I do not want all people to come out to the street and hold banners and do convention for "my" rights. I also do not want to hear someone says, “Let me do this, this is my right.” What I want is - everyone leads his or her life as his or her wish. I want to give a very simple example—when there is a queue for getting a passport or anything, if a man is before a woman, most likely the woman gets the priority to go first. Why? Then where is equality? I think many human will agree that this is not what right means. I do not believe in “priority” when it comes to equal rights issues. It seems to me- because she is a woman let her go first. It should not be like that. It can be either two queues, one for women and the other is for men, or it can be the man will go first if he is before a woman.

I want to be a correspondent in WorldPulse because I want to share! I wrote before, if you believe you can change what you want to be changed. Now, even if you do not believe that you can do something, I would say at least share what you think should be changed, and others will pursue if there is really something to be done with your ideas.

I believe I can share, and I will share what I believe!!!



Anna Lag's picture

yes we can change our reality

nasima, I agree that we can change ourselves, our world and our prespective. Thank you for sharing,

anna lag

sunita.basnet's picture

Yes We can

Dear Nasima,
Happy new year,
It's true we can chnage our world. We don't want to hear women ignored and neglected from our society but most of the country women are dominated by women. Conference and seminar are some ways to aware people about our situation so I think till we (men and women) aren't in a equal position we need different kinds of conferences,and seminars.
Thanks for sharing your stories.
With Love

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

nasima_7776's picture

I do not agree!!!

Dear Sunita,

My only question is to you, "How do sitting on a chair, talking about an issue change the situation for what the conference is?" People (You and I also) can do conferences hours after hours, maybe other people will listen to what is being said, or they may not listen. My opinion is, "You can make a difference not by doing conference, but not alowing disparities in practical life."

If you want something to be changed in this world, then you are the one who should start first. Do you believe all people who do conferences do the right things always? "No." Then? Is there any benefit of his or her conference? You should believe that if you do something right, then this world starts changing, because if all people believe and do this, there is no need of conferences against all these disparities....

Thank you so much for your e-mail

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