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Something is really troubling my mind.We have been working very hard for equality between men and women.Most boys always feel that they are stronger and more special than girls.But this is not true.We compete equally with them in class and sports and we beat them so many times.

Now i have a question.We are still a long way behind in equality,but i am sure that one day we will be able to get it.After that will we have to stop and wait or can we go ahead in things that are helpful to our communities? And what will happen if they decide not to follow? Will we stop or will we create inequality?




Maria de Chirikof's picture

interesting observation

I don't think it will become woman overpowering men since it is not domination we seek but equality. It is good to question and wonder where our ideas will take us. I think finding a balance is important and for me that means that people have a choice about their lives.

I do not think we need to become just one culture since each of our cultures has something unique to offer the world and people intermarrying or simply moving to another place to share their views and live among them will be the results I see happening.

I often seem against America when I am not but I am 100% for indigenous people living here. So I amplify my thoughts and feelings to show this point of view more clearly so others can understand. It doesn't mean that I don't want Americans here it just means that I do not want them dictating to us how we should live. In our case it is where big oil corrupts our politicians and because of America's need for more oil to support their wasteful lifestyles that a blind eye is turned to what it happening. I seek to hold up a huge mirror to show them what is happening and it can make it seem I do not love America. It is her actions not herself that I am against though.

I think that same sort of thing happens when woman amplify their voices and it can seem we are against men when what we are against is inequality between us.

It is very important to always question and wonder what the consequences of your actions will be. too many of the world's biggest tragedies occurred because not enough thought happened beforehand. Always be wiling to wonder and question!


Carole's picture

Follow your dream girl.....

The term equality is controversial. What do we mean when we say EQUality? I believe we were all created for a reason and a purpose. Men and women are supposed to complement one another. But lately we see roles interchanging. Women are now becoming the bread winners in many families.

So when we talk of equality, what exactly are we looking at? For those who are into religion, there are clear roles defined for women and men ever since the beginning of creation. Can have a look at the Bible or Quran if you are a Moslem. But currently men have been overtaken by events and so women have had to work 3 times harder to achieve both personal and family goals.

Leila, all I can say is follow your passions/ dream. Let no one put you down just because you are a girl.There is still so much to be done in the community. Many other girls are looking up to brave people like you. Let God be your guide as you move mountains. All the best!!!


Sunny_sunshine_cloudy_Mina's picture

Too true

Hello!!!!! Me name is Mina. Now, Mina read your question and from my view men don't want to give up that power, or is it they don't believe it can change? Or even maybe they don't want to see anything different because of their belief that men are Superior... ... ... I didn't really help any did I? Um, lets see... What Mina is trying to say that men have a long way to mature before they understand that a human is a human. We all have minds and can choose what we wish but they disregard that because of how things ARE... Did that make sense? Well your intriguing. Write back to Mina! Thanks!

"Fight fire with fire, you'll end up with ashes."
"A charming lady does not follow the crowd, she is herself."

catnapgood's picture

A Thought to Ponder.

I can see that. But, I think girls won't try to over rule. It was [mostly] our goal to become equal in status with men. I'm thinking back to the 19th century when I say that. We prefer to think with our heads rather then our muscles. Opposite most men. Should we not be equal then? We balance each other out. Without girls there would be no birth; without boys there would be no life. We are the same and yet so different. I do not think we should worry about it.

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