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First and foremost, Congratulations!!! hats off, Madam Jensine, You have really done a commendable job being the founder of World Pulse and initiating W.W.W. WOMEN WEAVE THE WEB CAMPAIGN. You have done a wonderful job being able to connect Women globally

-The Internet has empowered me to achieve my goals in that. I love people regardless where they come from, i never discriminate so I enjoy socializing so much. The Internet, especially the World Pulse site has made my life different because i have been able to connect with Women globally.

-I started writing and submitting World Pulse Journals long before more than 4 yrs back.. When Madam Jensine visited Nairobi Kenya she had already informed me online (Internet) that they were visiting Kenya coming with World Pulse Women guests. It was a joyous moment when we met, she already had seen my photo online (internet) so she came straight to me and called "Teresa" and hugged me. she introduced me to the rest of the visitors. She then invited me to join them at the Pool side of one of the Hotels in Nairobi. Photos were taken with all the other visitors and even Community Women Leaders of Kenya.We had a great evening.

_The Internet Global Forum ( IGF] 27th -30th September 2011 that was held in Kenya, at UNEP, Gilgil. Imagine it was in my Country Kenya I didn't know about that FORUM but I was informed (Internet) by World Pulse. The email that they sent me they advised me to print it and go with that copy show it to the Organizers, that is what I did and I was allowed to attend throughout until the last day. My goal achievement of connecting with so many delegates throughout the World socializing and exchanging contact was achieved. It was well organized i.e tea, snacks and lunch was catered for, there was and unlike the UN HABITAT FORUMS that i attend still at UNEP. Gilgil
-It has not helped me find Resources for my voiceless Community at the grassroots level Community yet, but so long as we are on Digital Inclusion definitely, I believe we shall, with time and the greatest challenge is lack of a Computer..The Computer can serve different people for different services. It has helped me to connect with interesting people. but If i have Computers I can be able to help my Community Women and Girls to be Computer Literate in doing so, they can also help others to learn and then we can advertise and have a Secretarial Bureau give services as Typing letters, Browsing, Digital Printing , those who have visual problem can be Weaving baskets and do Business online.etc. But remember, Not all grassroots Women are Computer literate like myself and others, so when the PROGRAM are introduced to us by World Pulse those should be the first Target.

The Internet could have helped me get a Job neither a business, but lack of my own Computer is the greatest challenge. Already I could be having a Secretarial Bureau, A Cyber Cafe where ii would be charging little for the services rendered, A volunteer like myself is hard to own a Computer that is why I am late in submitting this last Journal.

-No, I don"t believe online empowerment can lead to Offline empowerment. Online Empowerment makes everything simple, easier. saves money, time and stress free. It has made Communication easier Without Online Empowerment no development Globally.

=Digitally Empowering Women is very, very important. Educate a Woman you educate the whole family, so in this case of Digital it will be educating the whole worldwide. Women will be able to do their business online, will open Secretarial Bureaus, A good example is a Woman who started a business online they are importing ladies dresses, shoes handbags and selling them to working class women they are buying the items in two instalment.

-It will help Women Transform the World because majority of Women are jobless and they are the ones who toil to educate their children. Majority of men are drunkards, alcoholics and drug addicts so don't care whether their children go to school or not. As a result, in most families in my poor community most children either are primary level drop-outs they end-up being street Children. I help abused children conselling them, parents and referring them to Children homes. Any way, if their mothers (women) will be Digitally Empowered the will do business internationally and locally. Their Children will be educated and they will be having their basic needs without any problem. Life will never be the same for the suffering women and Girls. This will transform the World and it will be a better place to live in there will be Peace and justice. Life will never be the same again.

Bravo, World pulse

-Thanks World pulse Digital Empowerment Women and girls

This story was written for World Pulse’s Women Weave the Web Digital Action Campaign. Learn more »


SaritaMat's picture

Glad to know you

Hi Teresa !
I am so glad to know a personality like you.You are very determined and so finally you submitted your journal.You are an inspiration to many who face problems to participate due to non availability of computers.I am sure now many will be encouraged to read your approach.Well done.So lucky you are to meet the dignitaries.Its like a dream come true.



kkrompas's picture

Hi Teresa. Thank you for all

Hi Teresa.

Thank you for all you do to strive for peace and justice. The world needs more people like you!

TERESA's picture

Thank you too

Hi Kkrompas,

I appreciate so much. Am a Member of Justice and Peace in our Catholic Church. Once again thanks so much.

GOD bless u. Amen

TERESA KAGECHA i would like to use the new password and email to participate in the WORLDPULSE VIEWS - COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION MOBILISING

TERESA's picture


Hi SaritaMat

I appreciate so much your kind and supportive response. You have given me hope and motivated me in my long-time effort to help the Vulnerable in my poor Voiceless Community. I hope as you say many willl be inspired and they wll be encouraged to read my approach. Once again, thanks so much for your concern and wishing me well and my community.

What do you mean by "so lucky you are to meet the dignitaries. Its like a dream come true" If wishes were horses beggars would ride them. It would be a miracle to me If that would come to reality, my Community would benefit a lot. But, I know GOD works in mysterious ways nothing is possible to those who love HIM and works selfless for GOD marginalized people.

There are so many Gender Based Violence in my area, there is this girl Irene a mother (24yrs daughter 3yrs, son was 1 & half years Area Chief Last week. So, I was called to solve the case they had stayed for 2days without food but the young one was sucking. She was telling us that the husband had not paid rent and she was being thrown out of the house by the Land Lord. She washes other peoples clothes paid Kshs. 200/- for a living but this time she had not gotten the job.The husband at that time was living with another woman, she had tried to call him but he had threatened her on phone that he will kill her.

So, the girl was crying while she narrated her story. I helped her to carry the boy child i gave the boy half ripe banana while the other half i gave to the little sister. Am a Community Social Worker, I noticed even the chest of the boy was congested so I referred and directed the girl to our nearby Facility (Govt.Free medical) where we normally refers any sick person we come across. So, I asked her to take him immediately and then come back for her husbands summon so that they will come the following day to case. I left for another issue, but while living i noticed the mum had not taken the boy to the Facility i alerted her once again and I left after a few minutes I was called and people were informing me that the boy is having convulsions. So, he was rushed to hospital but on arrival the doctors informed the mother the boy had died even before they reached the Hospital. Even now no burial arrangements have been made. I called her today she was telling me that she is confused, since the boy died she has not gone back to the City Mortuary waiting for the husband to come. She called her parents who lives many miles from here, but the parents are advising her to bury the remains in the Cemetery around where the remains (are) here. These are the tribes that believe that one is supposed to be buried in their ancestral land when he dies. Now due to poverty they are suggesting to be buried in this Area because it is too costly to take to their ancestral home and the family can't afford.

I called her asked her to come tomorrow 1st Sept. 2014 at 09.00am I talk to the Area Chief we write a letter for her to take it to the Well wishers to contribute to her for burial expenses.

Imagine such a life, all these is due to poverty if the girl had proper education and a good job she would be living comfortably with her children without depending on the husband (single). Such cases are so many in my Area due to poverty.

Plz. bear with me it is so long i just wanted to share with someone and since i have found you have responded to my Journal once again bear with me.

May GOD bless you. Amen



TERESA KAGECHA i would like to use the new password and email to participate in the WORLDPULSE VIEWS - COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION MOBILISING

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