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When Naomi saw me that afternoon, she smiled but her eyes betrayed her. Are you okay? I asked my 11 year old friend in a rural community near Accra (the capital city of Ghana) curiously. She nodded. I could see hurt and pain yet passion and vision for a better life in her brown eyes. She was not the only one. All the others who surrounded me that afternoon for the basic radio broadcasting training looked same.

My stomach rumbled. My heart spoke silently as I began thinking hard what I could do to help improve the lives of these young girls I have the opportunity to meet and to know through my work as a project facilitator for the child rights radio project I was volunteering for. Some years ago, I was just like one of them. It is not a pleasant life as far back as I can remember…

I could see. I could smell. I could hear them scream silently “we want a better life and we want to let the whole know that!” That was when I began seeing beyond the brown eyes, the dark skin colors and the heights of the young lives- our future life-givers, ministers, presidents and agents of change surrounding me.

I had a different lens from the one I was wearing that particular day and my heart began singing “I have a dream…” But what can I do? How can I do what I want to do? These questions among others slipped into my thoughts uninvited as I tossed helplessly in bed that night. It was not too long when I gave birth to “GREIGHT LEADERS’ FOUNDATION” with the vision of seeing "a world where every woman would be assertive and economically independent."

I have always knew I had a unique passion and a personal vision of bringing positive change to first of all my life, my family, my community and my generation. I have always wanted to see girls and women being assertive and economically independent through quality education.

Growing up, there were a lot of realities, situations, circumstances, systems and theories that were unfavorable to women’s development and progress every corner I found my small self. These realities, situations, circumstances etc affected and still affect women’s education, health, personal development. They are ugly in my eyes. They have a pungent smell in my nose and I want to be part of the answers and the positive change in those areas in my life, my family, community, nation and generation in my own small and unique way.

I want to see a community where women can speak out and take initiatives to improve their lives and I want to see and to raise generational women leaders who would be agents of change first of all in their families and immediate communities through encouraging, coaching and mentoring young girls.

Today when I hear Naomi, Humu and Dorcas speak confidently on radio about their rights and responsibilities and most importantly about issues that affect them in their small community and suggesting innovative answers and solutions to curb these problems I just know that it is just the beginning of the change I want to see.

Being a correspondent to Pulsewire will be a sacred opportunity to answer my call of helping bring to the fore diverse issues that affect women in order to find creative and innovative solutions and be part of the positive change in my community, nation and generation.

I want to be a correspondent for Pulswire so I can help us all hear the silent voices and the burning issues on the hearts of the privileged and the under privileged woman, the educated and the uneducated. The rich and the poor, the young and the old woman in all corners, streets and villages different from the ones you are familiar with through the new medium such as the one that Pulsewire introduces.

Here I come confidently and proudly with the words, pictures and the solutions – the “adwen” (thoughts or perspectives) of the sacred silent voices of our sisters from another part of our world-Ghana as a correspondent of Pulsewire.


Dear Abenaab

Happy Nepali New Year 2065 and Namaskar.

Wow!!! What a clear Vision. I am impressed with your clear vision and you can do it my friend. You can do it don't be scared. We are with you to support your work.

Thanks for adding me. I do have a similiar vision to reduce the poverty. Your suggestion were great. yes we can brainstorm for answer to reduce poverty from the world.

Thank you
With Love

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

giftypearl.abenaab's picture

Together we win!

Hi Sunita,
i am honoured to read words from you. they are encourament and thank you for your wishes. i was wondering what celebration that is. over here we are celebrating Easter. Easter is widely celebrated by christians to remember the death and the resurrection of the saviour Jesus Christ.Today ends the celebration so work starts tomorrow. i had to submit my assignment today if not i may miss the deadline because tomorow will be busy for me at work.

Tell me more about your country-Nepal. i guess it is different from Banglesh where i had a friend some 4 years go who was alsoactive like you are but we lost contacts.

i am sure that, on this journey we can share ideas together and learn from each other. i will also be posting new entries in my journal so you can be updated on my work and some of the major activities i do monthly to help reduce poverty in my communtiy. i should be gla to hear what you are also doing in your small corner.

i congratulate you for your activism, passion and the hardwork. you are a great woman and you give a unique thing to the world we live in. we are proud of you.
Peace and love

Gifty Pearl Abenaab
Greight Foundation

Emily Garcia's picture


Wow! Thank you, Pearl, for sharing this journal and for your participation in VOF.

Hearing your vibrant, flavorful voice makes me feel like shouting out praise for the courage I have seen displayed here on PulseWire through VOF. Your words are a treat to read...eyes, stomach, heart...I love the attention you draw to the body in your post and how, with seeing, smelling, hearing, you engage the senses and make this read a truly wholistic experience.

Thank you for your huge heart and for bringing it here for us all to witness. You are AWESOME!

All the best to you,


Emily Garcia
World Pulse Online Community Lead

giftypearl.abenaab's picture

thanks Emily

Sorry Emily, that i am now replying to your comments. i thought i actually did. forgive me okay? it can be very busy.
i am honoured too to share with you "madween"-my perspectives on issues taht affect women.
i am thrilled today to read from Pulsewire that i have been selected as a corespondant.
many thanks to all listeners who worked behind the scenes to make this happen.
it is just the beginging of another journey.

Gifty Pearl Abenaab
Greight Foundation

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