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How has the Internet empowered you to achieve your goals?

I have been using internet since a very young age because i was send to a well reputed private school here in Pakistan.
It was from the age of 12 that internet actually started to play an important role in my life.

When i was young, very young there was an "orkut" hype at that time.
Me and all my classmates made an account, a separate class group. It was fun, we used to be very active.
Then one day suddenly somebody hacked my account. Edited weird pictures and posted them. Removed privacy and started posting indecent status updates. I have no clue who the hacker was but i was sure it was someone from my school because my house address and my fathers contact details were made public.
My father used to get an average of 7 prank calls per day.

At that point in time i realized how crucial this is for a women, any individual in fact.My relatives were also send offensive msgs, if my family wasn't supportive, it could have had severe consequences for me and my family.

It took me a few years to build my trust in internet privacy again.
But when i came back, things were different.
Here in Pakistan, its very unlikely for a girl to hang out and meet random people to socialize. Or give personal contact details to everyone ( instructors, group members etc). Internet is as much a blessing as it is a problem.
During my high school i used to use the internet to take help with my research works, projects, group works etc.

When it was time to go to a university, i used the internet to find out about different courses in different places applying to different universities. I managed to get admission in 7 universities abroad. That was something to be very proud of because it is generally believed that the quality of education in Pakistan is very inferior and is no match to that abroad.

I applied to my very own university through the internet. Now all my work is handled on the internet.
I dont have to take care of my notebooks anymore.
My schedule is online, i can send emails to people in my university through my university ID, i can directly contact my university without having to travel to the different city every time. All my marks etc are uploaded on the system and i really love the way everything is managed.

Once in my childhood, i was very curious about how did Cleopatra die. I just didn't want to believe that some snake killed her, i mean she was a big personality of her time. When i came to LUMS, i had an option of selecting any research topic for my research essay. I choose to debate against the generally held belief that Cleopatra was killed by the snake.
Since, no such work done on text was available i had to surf the internet extensively for resources. I managed to find different documentaries. I spend time, acting like a detective or a CID agent, in finding out the real cause behind Cleopatra's death. the time i spend on internet was worth a shot. Although i did not get the grade i was hoping to get. The fact that i managed to debate on such a different topic left me very satisfied with my work.
In some other essay of mine, i shed light on how Marilyn Monroe was treated as a blonde, hence , considered dumb.
Since, i had grown up having a dumb impression of her, my views were ridid.
One day while researching for an essay on stereotypes, i came across very wise sayings of Marilyn Monroe.
She was a very soft hearted and a sad person, she had her story unheard. After what i read on the internet, i have high regards and respect for the women.

Right now i am new on LinkedIn and constantly trying to improve my profile.
The articles on pulse have very insightful sayings from the influencers. When i compare my profile with those of students abroad, we're no less than them. Just because Pakistan is a third world country doesnt mean all the Pakistanis are as well. Internet have helped me believe in myself that we can do everything people in the other parts of the world can.

This story was written for World Pulse’s Women Weave the Web Digital Action Campaign. Learn more »



SaritaMat's picture

That was interesting..

Hi Sama Tanveer,
That was really interesting to read the whole story of your life.Its not about any country,its about an individual as how they progress.Hackers r common and we need to be very careful about it.Not to share very personal or all our informations on the Internet.You never know who will use it and in which way.
Be alert and use the internet with caution.


kkrompas's picture

That's so interesting. I

That's so interesting. I loved reading how you were searching for Cleopatra's death. It actually made me want to research it as well. Such an interesting journey you have had. Thanks for sharing.

Sama Tanveer's picture

Thats so sweet of Sarita to

Thats so sweet of Sarita to advise me.
Yes i have a research paper on Cleopatras death. I can send it to you if you want to go through it

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