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M.I.A. for a Good Cause

As mentioned by many of us during week three, one of the greatest challenges for a blogger is to keep up with regular entries. Suffice it to say, this past week has been a constant run around, making it difficult to sit down at a computer for more than ten minutes here and there.

These past several months, I have been coordinating a large event that reaches out to members of the Toronto community, many of whom are living on or near the streets. On Thursday evening, we finally saw the event come to life and it was a resounding success, bringing together individuals from all walks of life under one inclusive and celebratory roof!

I would like to share that I had the distinct privilege of meeting one of our active community members, Auma (Leah), who is visiting Canada from Kenya, and attended the event. When I observed Leah sitting amongst our guests, I could not help but think of how surreal it was that, only weeks ago, she was a woman at the other edge of the world who I corresponded with via my computer; now, we were sitting in one another’s presence, talking face to face.

This is the beauty of WorldPulse and the VOF Forum. An outreached hand of gratitude to all of you who make it happen each and every day.




sunita.basnet's picture

Thank you world pulse

Dear Jackie,

Thanks for sharing with us. It's really interesting to meet people whom are talking from several weeks and have not seen them. Wow!!! what a golden opportunities it is. I do imagined I would have such a golden opportunities. you are so luckly. Thanks world pulse.

Happy New Year friend.
With Love

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

Cultural Correspondent's picture

My hope for you...

It is my hope for you, Sunita, that you have the chance to meet some of these women face-to-face one day. We should all be so fortunate as to have this opportunity.

With love,


katea's picture

thumbs up

Dear Jackie,
Lucky and proud of you to make the event a success. I can feel from here the wonderful feeling you and Auma felt when you saw each other in person. I mean, it's good enough to meet friends here but it's even better when you finally get to meet them in person for the same cause. And it's because World Pulse has paved the way.

kind regards,

Poverty is man-made that we can undo.

Cultural Correspondent's picture



I was so excited when Leah accepted my invitation for the event. I must have e-mailed her ten times for confirmation just to make sure it was for real! ;)

These are very exciting times to be living in; that we may have the opportunity to form friendships with women from around the world, first formulating these connections virtually and then carrying them over to actual in-person meetings.

WorldPulse has certainly opened us up to this reality and now we can move ahead in building these communities from the ground up.



Dear Jackie:

Bravo! It is just amazing to see two friends get together this way. I am really happy for you two! Way to go! After the VOF activities are over, I hope we can still be friends. And if we are, I hope we can plan a continental meeting in one of the countries (how about Bolivia? Even more, how about Tarija?) I can't help feeling my heart jump with joy, just by imagining what it would be like...

I have my very much loved guarani indian women that all of you would love to meet, who will be honored to be our hosts. They live in the Bolivian Chaco and wear beautiful shiny gowns for their parties. They eat three colored cornmeal layered cakes and drink 'chicha cahui' that is served from one big community bowl. Come see us!

Hugs from Tarija!


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America


What a tempting offer! I wish I could just pack my bags, hop on a plane, and meet you and your friends time, I booked my flight to Brazil on a Monday and left on a Thursday so you never know ;)

There are so many interesting communities of women to meet in this world and just never enough time. I hope to one day take you up on this offer, and should you ever plan a visit to Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, or Montreal) you will always be my welcomed guest.

With love,


Terry's picture

World Pulse a Blessing.

It is so nice to read your post. I can only imagine how it felt, meeting someone who you only read about and shared stories via World Pulse. Thank God for World Pulse. A small world it is. Glad too that your event was a success. Kudos to you. Keep doing the good work you're doing!



Terry Shiundu

Auma's picture

Thank you,Jackie!!

Hi Jackie,

Thank you for the invitatation.The celebration was good,and i really felt honoured to be one of your guests.Thank you.

As the celebration continued,i could not help to imagine how much this world that seems so big can be a little paradise for all of us,from all walks of life.As i requested to be your friend on PulseWire,(or did you request)? i never imagined that we would meet,or even so soon.Through PulseWire i have been able to meet many women,at home and abroad.I had the same excitement when i met Soph-hudson of PulseWire in London.

I am sooo excited of all the possibilities that PulseWire can create,collaborations,friendships,and more.

The event was lively.The food and music was good.And i am so looking forward to meeting you and Jenna over dinner before i leave Toronto.I would also love to accompany you to Tarija to meet Jap21.

Craving for the opportunity to meet more and more PulseWire community members in our bid towards achieving our goals for our communities and the world...


Cultural Correspondent's picture

The feeling is mutual!


I was thrilled to have you as a guest at the Seder and hope you enjoyed yourself. I know sometimes it can be intimidating when you are in a foreign place, in a room filled with unfamiliar faces, but you handled yourself with the utmost grace and warmth.

Jenna and I look forward to our dinner -- I have the perfect place to take you! Let me know how we may accommodate your busy schedule and we will firm up plans :)



P.S. YES! Let's go to Tarija!!!

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