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Hello and welcome,
My name is Rasheedat Sanni, I am a counsellor,a social entrepremeur,an analyst and more.
General introduction: No doubt that the internet has brought much civilisation in terms of education breakthrough,social interactions,information,awareness and ease but I think all these 'goodies' brought by it are much more deserved by the women. Reason? Studying the nature of both men and women,we can easily deduce that women have larger roles to play in the society,as nature designed it,men work to provide means of feeding,clothing,shelter and protection for the women and children,but the women are expected to take up the most challenging duties; She is the partner to her husband,advising and giving him moral support so that he can be a successful member of the society,to butress this,it is said that behind every successful man is a woman. She carries the burden of pregnancy,experiencing both physical and spychological changes in herself,this experience elevates her level as per knowledge,caring,loving,giving,and sharing,and bearing the burden in hard labour is an unexplanainable experience that steps her ahead too,then tending to the baby,the home,her community,her career and her talents amongst so many other roles she carries out shows that a woman especially in this internet age,is more deserving to be educated and accordingly too but unfurtunately today, that is, the internet age,she is so so sidelined by certain human and societal factors from achieving this beneficial,useful and interesting right of hers.
Personal experience: The internet has no doubt helped me to achieve many of my goals,this is because through its usage,I have learnt more on various fields,all I do is goggle any issue of concern or interest,also,I joined different groups of interest and follow and get followed,I am opportuned to learn unique ideas and apply these in my day to day life, I have made so many social contacts and friends globally,got so easily involved in various programmes and events,I communicate so easily and swiftly through emails,it helps me achieve my 'contributions to issues' goal and helps me be in the know because learning is made so easy!
Privacy: whenever I have to go to the cyber cafe,a feeling of repulse goes through me,this is because the place is seen as a male hangout or workplace and in truth,you hardly find any woman there and if one comes around,she probably brings her ward to the operator who helps them with the operations while they look on,the phobia on how to operate it and distancing from it is just there,coupled with the cold looks and stares and inability to operate certain functions kill the zeal in women with their conservative nature; they are rather shy and hence prefer not to go further but thanks to the smart phone which helped break this barring ice and makes it easy for the majority of women to access the internet practising on their own indoor or at their business post with or without cordial assistance.
Safety: The cafe seen generally as male's place is always bombarded by men and guys who open odd sites that are not 'women safe' at times,imagine browsing sitting next to a man watching an indecent scene from the compuiter,quite embarrassing and abusive.
Access: Access to the internet is a major challenge faced by women,this is because most women especially in developing nations like where I am from,may have phones but they cannot afford smart phones which are their easiest and cheapest means to connect the internet. While the challenges of the cyber cafe are there,the financial constraint,location and negative attitudes from the public are also other major factors debarring women from access to the internet.
Can Online empowerment debarr offline?my take: I believe and strongly too that Online empowerment can never cause offline empowerment, this is because both work together and in this age of information and technology,non can survive without the other;no matter the quality and quantity of online transactions,dealings,socialising,sharing and the likes,there will always be need and quest for offices,visits,one on one counselling and meetings sessions,seminars,events,workshops,the quest to meet online social contacts,the exchange and signing of documents,physical evidences and examinations and more which can only be achieved through offline empowernment,while one is physical,the other supports it and makes it work easier and better,meaning both are tangled together and work together.
Its importance:The internet access for women is very important,I wrote a short treatise on this in the introduction earlier,digitally empowering women is so important because women are better teachers,analysts,thinkers,care givers,business partners,career workers,counsellors due to their challenges and experience which even makes it more vital that they should possess easy accessability to the internet,this will help them transform the world better and faster.
Transformation Achievement:Digitally empowering women will help the women transform the world through their networking,research,advice,events,ideas,contributions,online trainings,social and business interactions,if all these and more get balanced,the women will surely heal and enrich the world because they possess the tools to keep the world on their palms- we women possess the tools to transform the world easier,faster and better.
Thank you for your time.
Yours humbly,
Rasheedat Sanni.

This story was written for World Pulse’s Women Weave the Web Digital Action Campaign. Learn more »


Eliel sam's picture

Great work my sister.

Great work my sister.

Rasheedat Sanni's picture

Thank you.

Thank you for the encouragement,really appreciate it.

Sanni R.O.

Anita Muhanguzi's picture

well said

Dear Sanni,
Thank you for this great piece indeed women have the power to transform the nation. We should make women more aware about their rights and the power that they possess. Good work and continue in this great fight and one day the world will be transformed with the women leading. Stay blessed my dear sister.

Mrs. Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Head of Legal and Advocacy
Centre for Batwa Minorities
Skype: mrs_muhanguzi

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