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"VOF Week 4: (A world of freedom)."

I dream of a world of equality. A world were women can shout, jump, laugh aloud, dance and has right to wear the dress she wants, to wear miniskirt or buqua of her choice . Its a world were she is not sold for dowry , were she will gets education, food and shelter, were she is not raped or sexually abused, were she is not put in dark rooms in times of menstruations, a world were she is treated in a dignified and respectful manner, were she has the voice and choice and were she decides to live a life of her choice, were there is law and society to safeguards her right as an individual. I dream of a society were I can lie down or walk at night in streets (today I would be raped or sexually abused) and see the sky without any restriction / social taboos . Women activists here conducts protest programs like 'conquering the night' because night is not accessible to women. On that day women sing and dance and spend the whole night in the streets. .
I want to be a correspondent because many issues of women are not taken up or reported by the mainstream media . Mainstream media wants a victim and not a women who fights for her rights whether it is in the issue of sexual abuse or suicide or trafficking. The male dominant media finds interest in reporting the chastity or immoral stories of the victim. They even come up saying that the mother/relatives of the girl are prostitute so such atrocity might happen to the girl. I feel that the patriarchal media gives least importance to women's issue .The mainstream media report the story of politicians having dinner with some film actors more important than human rights issue or the women issues.
The mainstream patriarchal media is neither gender sensitive nor they cant even identify the issue or recognize them. Here i find my space as a correspondent in PulseWire . I feel that women are treated merely as sexual objects and men think it’s their right to abuse or enforce power upon women . Often in interviews men says that rape occurs because of the dress wore by the women and justifies the violent inhuman act. In my country I feel that women want to speak up but they have no space. Pulse world could be the voice of thousands of women in my country who are yet to be heard by the society or by the media. Two years before a dalit women was killed by a group of men saying she was immoral. Men threw stones on her, she ran and fell into a well and was killed. None of the media reported it . when we went there we found people treating the issue as if she had to be killed due to her immoral behavior. Being a correspondent I could help women to develop an alternative space were she can speak for herself and bring forth the suffering , inequalities and injustice she faces in their society. I can make their voice heard to an international audience . Some of the issue can be addressed or legal / humanitarian support/help can be provided to the victims .
I think pulse world is a women world and there is no patriarchal values or structure to silence me .Moreover I think women all over the world could understand the problems of women rather than men. Pulse world has many members from all over the world with whom I want to share the stories both positive and negative . And finally this is the space were I am encouraged to write and were people are responding to my stories and were i hear a thousand of unheard voices of women.


malayapinas's picture

dear geedha, it's empowering

dear geedha,

it's empowering reading your post! keep your spirit high and we'll be soaring together the journey towards freedom! I'm sure we can make beautiful changes for women lives in our own little ways.

best wishes,


nikki's picture

your dreams

Dear Geedha,

Thank you so much for sharing your vision with us here at World Pulse, you have a very powerful vision of the future, and it is through words of women like yourself that we can begin to manifest and change the way women are viewed in this world, and particularly in cultures of such strong oppression.

I wish you well and am sending you strength to continue the work that you have been called to do.

In Peace,

Nikki Jardin

jadefrank's picture

Hi Geedha, I hear your voice

Hi Geedha,

I hear your voice so loud and clear. And I agree with you 100%. I especially agree with your statement, "Mainstream media wants a victim and not a women who fights for her rights whether it is in the issue of sexual abuse or suicide or trafficking." I studied journalism at university and something that has always stuck in my mind and bothered me about mainstream media is this rule, if it bleeds, it leads. While it's important to hear those tragic stories to educate ourselves and others on the abuses of women, it's also important to hear the success stories and to encourage society to embrace the empowerment of women, rather than just having pity on them. I am so happy that you came to PulseWire and have taken part in VOF. I look forward to continue reading your smart and inspirational journals.

Warm regards,

harinees's picture

The disconnect

Hi geedha

Thank you for your assignment. I am also from India and I am constantly disheartened by how much disconnect there is between the cities and the villages, and sometimes even within different sections of the society in the same city. How women are treated is so different from family to family, community to community in India. Even so, overall, equality in its truest form is not present between genders. You bring alive some of the darkest experiences of women in our country. You also bring alive your vision for the future :)

Good job!

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