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"VOF Week 4:(Lights of HOPE)"


From my childhood I heard from elder’s to say that, “A boat without any direction has no specific destination” and I really believe that. Every single person in this world has dream of their own and for their dream they have their own destination to achieve that. Every single person should work with their vision in their hand. Before doing anything they should think about it first and start doing that. It is true that when I was small I don’t have any specific dream in my life. When anyone asked me what you want to be when you grow up, I said various things in my different stage of life. That time I was totally blank about all those. I didn’t think of anything before saying. After my school and college life I think I was specific about my dream. I wanted to read Management and wanted to establish myself being a successful women entrepreneur. I would like to work in a multinational company or a popular cell phone company. This decision has changed a lot after I attend in Asian University for Women. Because of the education system now I am thinking in a different way, but still inside my heart there is dream to become the same thing that I wanted to become. Maybe now it has gained some additional thing in it. I believe as the time will pass there will be some more changes in my decision. This is my vision for my entire life. Along with this, since my childhood I have a desire to work for my community and my surroundings in order to remove all the faults that I see in front of my eyes every day. Still, I am stick in this matter, because I know that I have to do those, but I don’t know I will be able to reach that position or not.
At present, I am member of Community Service Club in our university. I have started to achieve my desire from this enlightened club. From this club every Saturday we go to teach slum students and work as hard as possible to take them in a better position of the society. I really enjoy my work and hope my beginning will help to accomplish my vision of life.
To change the world is a hard tusk and as a university student I can’t think of that right now, but I wish I will be able to change some defect of my community if I get enough supporting from my friends and family.
I think being a correspondent, not only in Pulse Wire, but also anywhere encourages one to work or develop from their position. I have realized that already, because when I am writing in our university newspaper and people are encouraging with my writing and saying about my writing skill that it is improving gradually. They appreciate the topics I write on. Additionally, my teachers also help me in this connection when they come to know about all these and help me to achieve my goal in every possible. I am impressed with World Pulse. Here we know each other only for a few months, but they are really nice friends. All the time they are showing respect to our writing prompt and they always express their helping hand towards us. Every time if I am writing any problems they are showing their true concern regarding that problem. I appreciate what they are doing for me. I hope World Pulse will take me a long way to gain success.
These entire accomplishments make me active to be a correspondent for World Pulse. From here I can see my dreams have started to see a face of hope with Pulse Wire. I am glad to have all those friends around me, I am really thankful to God, as I get this opportunity.
At last I want to say that surely it is a hard job to change the world as whole, but if we take step it is completely an easy tusk to create a world with empower women.



Maria de Chirikof's picture


I think that is part of what is so good about this place is that feeling of Hope since we feel it ourselves and worry others have lost it then come here and see woman from all over the world feel it and share it with us. I remember wanting to be something else each month growing up as I learned of different careers and see it in my daughters too. I tell them that studying what interests them and see if it is something they want to get deeper involved in will help shape their ideas. I think taking an introductory course in something is a way to go at university to see if your idea of it matches the kinds of things you will study.

I used to want to be a Linguist until I took a course in it and decided I found part of it extremely boring. Before that though I had a burning desire for it. My goals changed and fit more what I liked doing and I think every person in college should be exposed in some way to different types to see what they enjoy and are good at.

There are many ways to be an entrepreneur and I wish you well in discovering which best suits you! It is important to remember that this is something you will be spending a lot of your adult life doing so it is important to try out things to see what you enjoy since any company will be a lot of work and it is easiest if it is something you love.

take care,


Farah Samin's picture

I am glad

Thank you friend for your nice and inspiraing command. I believe I have came to a right place from where I will be able to accomlish my dream. I am glad to have you all around me. May God will help us to achieve our success.


katea's picture

Thank you for passing the torch!

My dear friend Farah,
From here, I can imagine you carrying a torch of light, a torch of hope. And such image is powerful!

You know what, sometimes my parents are already puzzled of what I really want to become and to do. I dreamt of becoming a lawyer, so I practiced how to make sound and good reasons; a teacher, which I practiced with my younger sister who quit as my student because she found me very strict and snub after the first day; a nun, with a white veil covering my head; a mathematician until I studied statistics; a scientist but there were lots of computations too; a multi-lingual person so I enrolled basic French and Spanish; a healer, so I taught myself reiki and distant healing; a fortune-teller (yeah, this too hahaha), so I learned how to read tarot and runes, use pendulum and dowsing rods; a yogini but it's very hard to be still for more than 5 minutes and to do the exercises; and a writer which I'm trying my best to do. All of these may not have brought me to the physical destination which my parents long to see. However, all of these things brought me to myself. All of these shaped my character. And even if I'm still wandering around, I have myself with me.

One thing that is constant though, which I think is the same with you, is my desire to teach and learn with other people. Yes, I want to be of help and yes, I want to be helped.

You are going far with your dreams and you will be able to manifest them in time!

Good luck to you!


Poverty is man-made that we can undo.

Farah Samin's picture

I am proud of my friend

Thanks a lot to share your stories with me. I am really glad to have you as a friend beside me. Hope one day we all will be able to see the lights of hope from our own position. May God help everyone of us.

Thank you again my dear.


Nelly2.0's picture

Take that step

Hi Farah,
changing the world is a hard task but the ocean is made up of many drops of water. You are drop, I am a drop, and all our friends on PulseWire are drops. Together we shall be a force to reckon with. The word is hope. Believe that can we do it and we shall.


Farah Samin's picture

I agree with you

Thanks for inspiaring me. I am thankful to those who have started Pulse Wire. Only because of this web we are able to make these many friends to share our thoughts and to help each other.


Grace Taylor's picture

A vision for self and the world

You tell the story of your own dream growing bigger. You have a dream for yourself, to be an entrepreneur or work for a big company, and yet it seems your vision is now growing, envisioning yourself as part of a larger community, bringing about change. I think you can do both. You are able to convey your vision in this piece. How would you like to serve the world? What do you think needs to be changed that you would see yourself getting involved with? I'm curious what things you do with your service club at University and what it is teaching you. How is it changing your perspective? Thank you for sharing what you want for your world and for your future.

All my best,
Grace (VOF listener for this week.)

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