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Connection, Relation and Innovation: Using the Internet to Harness Human Potential

If it is our wish to evolve our world toward a more positive future for our children and all life on Earth, it is necessary for us to connect on a global scale and link innovations.

What if the worlds deepest desire matches our own need to connect, relate and innovate?

Connection. Relation. Innovation.

The internet can be our most efficient tool- it can boost connectivity at exponential levels. It all depends on how we use it. We use it to its max power when we participate and engage- joining campaigns, starting new projects, raising awareness, sharing our voice and creating social change. The key is to use it in ways that emulate nature, in ways that bring us back to our humanness, rather than distracting us from it, as often happens when we become obsessed with our screens and their seductions.

In nature, when two things come together, a third, radically new thing is born. The internet can imitate this by bringing individual genius together (we all have an innate genius), thus birthing a new creation. By use of new media, we can discover what it is we can do together, as something completely new-- as one social body.

The internet is not only a vibrant metaphor for our oneness, it is the tool by which transformation can occur, as we re-connect to our own human potential and join with others. This is why digital empowerment for all is essential.

An online hub such as World Pulse provides training opportunity, content delivery, and a space to listen and be heard, to come together with common goals. And there is more- I felt it the day I logged on, the sense of greatness and power that swirls through and arises out of the community. It happens in the feminine way of listening and being with the other. It’s not about male or female, it is about an intelligence of the heart. Harnessing this feminine intelligence is what founder Jensine Larsen believes is the fastest way to bring about global sustainability. And I agree. The more we hear humanity’s other half, uniting as a global community, and the more we connect our big-picture and creative genius, the more we will see new systems and relationships being built that will truly change the world.

This story was written for World Pulse’s Women Weave the Web Digital Action Campaign. Learn more »


Hideko N.'s picture

I like the word, feminine

I like the word, feminine intelligence. Without using this terminology, I sought for it--for a very long time. Let me explain what I mean. I needed seriously to know how to accommodate the male dominant society where I could easily dumped but had to take a leadership. I must admit it did not come at once. I avoid any means to command. I trained myself not to sound threatening or to hurt their pride. Or they would not do the work I ask them on line. I need to give them freedom to think and voice their opinions. This does not mean that I am submissive but appreciative. After all, you cannot see and know the person as much on line and to take leadership in such phenomenon requires real feminine intelligence because you have to make people to agree without materialistic motivator or force. You will see the outcome from our website here. Our project is all done by the group of people on line without really knowing each other. It has been two years. I am really grateful to my team. I am learning a lot.

Hideko N.
radio shows:

Carrie Lee's picture

Dear Hideko, What wonderful

Dear Hideko,
What wonderful work you are doing online! Thank you for sharing! You are right about feminine intelligence--it is not a forceful energy. I am glad you found what you sought.


Tam's picture

Dear Carrie Lee, I love that

Dear Carrie Lee,

I love that you are contemplating the metaphysics of what is possible as we come together globally through computer technology, especially coming together through feminine intelligence, a power that has been kept down, and is so needed, emerging finally now, in so many ways. I agree, the internet is a vibrant metaphor for our oneness. Strange that a physical tool can be the means, but I am simply thrilled that it is available to us all to meet this way. I also love that you compare the effect to what happens in Nature. Taking care of the Earth and learning from the perfection of Nature is such a beautiful guide in how to keep growing together. We are creating a quantum shift by bringing forward this female energy. Thank you for your thoughts on this.

With Love in Sisterhood,


Carrie Lee's picture

well said!

Dear Tamarack,
Thanks for leaving your message here. I appreciate very much your feedback! And can feel that we are all moving toward something new together.


SaritaMat's picture

Innovative idea

Hi Carrie Lee,its indeed a pleasure to read such an inspirational article.I am more inspired to work together for the community and its great to realize how an internet can be an important tool for transformation.Looking forward for such more articles from you.


Carrie Lee's picture

Thank you!

Hi SaritaMat,
We share our inspirations!

Keep rising!

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