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VOF Week 4 (Respect Her, Give back to Her, and Share with Her’s)


Respect nature
Give back to the earth
Share with the world

Respect Nature
Respect nature if you don’t nature will punish you.

I am a woman you are a woman. We were never meant to be alone it’s just not natural for us to be alone. We are caring and loving by nature, not just for ourselves but for those around us husband, children, mum and dad, relatives and the wider community. So don’t fight it let nature take its course.

And that is why we are all on pulsewire the natural need for us as women to share and care has brought us together.

If you don’t respect her nature will punish you with loneliness, bitterness, regret, suicide…. the list is endless

Give Back To The Earth
You are a product of the earth so you must give back to her.

I am a woman you are a woman. The giver of life if you don’t give who will? Nature builds us to give. If you don’t give back if I don’t give back then who are we working to build a better life for? Who are we finding solutions for in forums such as pulsewire ourselves! Didn’t we just acknowledge that as women we naturally care and love ourselves and those around us.

Its easier for two hands to give back to the earth so embrace him, embrace love, embrace the naturalness of man and woman coming together to give back.

If you try to fight nature she will punish you with a great career but no time, money but not happiness, unsatisfaction…the list is endless

Share With The World
I am a woman you are a woman. Carer and giver of life and there’s nothing wrong with that! I accept it and I embrace it.

I am not a man and was never meant to be one. My herness asks for help when I am weak, asks for direction when I am lost, and helps to build another when I am strong like I am doing now on pulsewire for all the hers and herheness.

Remember the lion is the King of the jungle, it doesn’t mean that he is better than the other animals. He is just the king of the jungle! The Zebra, deer and the rest of the animals don’t question or challenge this. When they see the lion they run and that is just nature, one was meant to lead the others follow and there’s nothing wrong with that its just nature the unwritten law of the jungle!

Challenge this and prepared to be bitten, wounded, weak, eaten and eventually die

I Share with the her’s on pulsewire to correspond with them and empower them to just be you a woman go on be yourself!




Maria de Chirikof's picture


While I agree with most of your ideas there are a few I am curious about.

Some of what you say sounds like what a man would tell a woman so she understands "her place" and that is one of the things I really want to change about how woman are treated. I am thinking you are just embracing the idea of a stay-at-home mom and agree they should be respected if that is their choice in life.

I do not see Nature as an angry Goddess demanding we live a certain way. I am sure that is not how you meant it so was curious if it is just me reading it differently then you meant. I do not think it is Nature that punishes a woman who embraces a career for herself but men who are afraid they will have to compete with her.

I had to smile at the lion and the king of the jungle idea since it makes me think of a 5 year old boy mentality and not a grown up and mature idea. I remember reading somewhere how it is a myth of lions and how they are more a scavenger bully then a great hunter. They probably do run since they know the lion will steal it and kill if challenged in any way. That is not a trait that I value highly and one I speak out against when it is humans doing it.

I certainly don't mean to sound rude but part of it does sound like something you would hear a man say when he wants a free housekeeper and a free babysitter for his children and his own freedom to go out and do whatever he wants. I am very for woman who choose to stay at home and take care of the children since it is one of the most honorable but hardest jobs around. I am also very for woman who choose to have other goals in life besides rearing children and hope that we all can respect and value them, too.

I think I will always try to challenge ideas that woman should not have a career even if it means I need to be prepared to be bitten, wounded, weak, and eaten.

It was a very interesting post and it does raise some very interesting questions.


Nzasu's picture

Miss United States of America

I was not seeking an agreement, I was however seeking for us women to take a different perspective on things. Which is there is nothing wrong with being a woman. Why you feel you must do what a man does puzzles me. Men are physically stronger than most women by nature but I have never heard a man trying to compete or challenge a woman on strength through childbirth. Wouldn’t that be another way of him proving his strength! If you are strong you are strong you don’t need to prove it! It will show in your actions how you handle situations etc. Those who challenge you to prove this are only provoking you and being emotional beings us women more often than not we break down. So be the bigger person its not about the who does what but the end result. Health, peace and happiness…and so much more.

I am in no way a man I am a woman and I wrote this. I should add I am an educated woman Bachelors degree from Murdoch University in Australia. Have traveled to the USA spent 6 moths there, and have been to Dubai on holiday and are now back in Kenya working as a professional. I am a new media producer for the second largest TV Station. Am not bragging I just want to give you a picture or background of the woman speaking. With all that education and exposure I appreciate just being a woman.

Her place has been defined by you as a woman and western society!

Women were never stay at home mums in my culture. They tilled the farms whatever extra food there was, was taken by her to the market and sold and or exchanged barter trade system for a good she and her family may need. In simple they worked translate that to today rather than till the farm we are in the office same thing we worked! So there is no African culture where women were stay at home mums. Men would bring in the “big kill” for the day “meat” but the African woman wasn’t sitting around to use your words housekeeping and baby sitting that is a western thing! My point women’s primary role was not to bring in the “big kill” they did bring something to the table food from the farm, money or whatever was exchanged for in the market and the man brought the meat together they combined this and had more. And I am going to be that African woman after all I am African not western! Influenced by the west but my identity stands African!

And that right there is the idea I am trying to fight. God or nature did not put us in this earth to compete with one another man and woman it was to help one another. Like I said before it’s easier for two hands to build a house.
As an African woman we never went about running in the jungle with men to see if we could run faster than them, or who could catch the biggest kill but western society is trying to tell me to do this!

Consider this:
If you had a business today would you hire two people with the exact same skills, culture, education, background, age No! So I don’t think Nature or God would be stupid enough to do this. He created us differently to compliment one another not to compete with one another. Men are not in competition with you and you should not be in competition with them get that out of your head!

I guess that book was written by a westerner. The law of the jungle in my country Kenya and my continent Africa where we have lived with the animals and this information has been passed on from generation to generation is that the lion is the king of the jungle. My ancestors lived in the jungle lived with the animals, fought with the animals and drew this conclusion. The westerner on the otherhand comes to my land visits for 3 months and makes his analysis based of his observations driving in a truck and observing the animals from afar. He is entitled to his opinion though!

Have a career by all means I am and the traditional African woman did!

In conclusion I am not an independent woman and do not seek to be one not now not ever! Independent woman ideology a western creation simply means a woman who depends on the individual herself. Marriage(man and woman coming together) a natural ideology on the otherhand is a partnership where an individual man and woman depend on one another. Independent woman ideology and marriage ideology cannot mix and that is why we have the problems we have today people trying to mix the two. So am promoting a new movement and that is the category I would place myself in an able bodied woman. An able bodied woman is a woman who can and is abled enough to do it by way of education, exposure, experience etc. However unlike the independent woman she seeks to be in partnership with her husband to build and grow. It’s easier for two hands to build a house than one.

Able bodied woman!

Sharo's picture

Miss Sense of Pride!

Girl, you are talking! You hear me...
I have never intended to be on top of my husband,No!
And I love the relationship of helping each other...I support you on the Idea of respecting nature
After all who can challenge it, the force of gravity has ever been the same!

Men wanting to give birth...they will never do that because nature has refused!
I work and earn alittle higher than my husband, but when I come home, I am a wife, mother and...
Not intimedated, but supported...
Iam not fighting to be equal, but to be respected, loved and understood.

I request for your email address if you don't mind!

Maria de Chirikof's picture

Hi again from Miss Alaska

Thanks for explaining your ideas better since I knew I was reading it wrong since I have read others you wrote so was curious about this one. I never meant to say I doubted you were intelligent, so sorry if it did come out sounding that way to you.

I am still unsure about this part: Why you feel you must do what a man does puzzles me.

I am not sure what that means exactly, can you explain this better?

About the stay at home moms, I am Aleut and most people do not know our culture and that is something I want to change. In my culture the woman traditional were responsible for just about everything but the hunting and their skill often decided things in a life or death way. Her ability to sew a water tight garment for the men decided whether or not he survived his trip on the waters. Her ability to manage things decided whether or not her family/community survived a harsh winter. She was an equal partner in the community since so much depended on her (her as in the woman together) though the villages were run by a "chief" who was a man. They lived in harmony with Nature and respected her greatly. They never took more then they needed to survive and respected themselves and Nature. This changed over time as others came here but it is still in our blood, so to speak. In a lot of our stories it is often the woman who comes up with the solutions that save her village from whatever trouble it has so it is her brains and problem solving ability that is as treasured as her sewing skills. Being valued as a strong woman is something I would like all woman to experience.

One of the reasons I love being here is the chance to show the rest of the world that we are still a thriving culture and are fighting for our rights to live as we believe in our own country (or the state of Alaska as it is now) since the US has tried very hard to give the impression that we are just a bunch of drunks and since America wants our oil and other resources they agree to believe this since it gives them the rights to "protect us from ourselves and rule us". So please do not throw your opinions of Western people onto me! You will find I agree with you on some of it and am just as against them forcing their views onto me as you are against them doing it to you.

What I meant to challenge in your sayings that there would be something wrong with an African woman if she wanted to go into the jungle since she can run just as good as any man. I am sure not all African woman are exactly the same in build or ideas or desires or visions of what they want to do and limiting them to just the things you think an African woman should do will have a negative impact on the one who can "hunt" better or as good as any man. It is very hard for a woman when the other woman have ideas of what she should or should not do since she can say to herself that a man is not a woman so does understand what it means to be a woman but when the woman around her tell her this then what is she left with but being "alone and isolated" which is something I never want any woman to feel.

As to my choosing between 2 people with exactly the same education and skills I must admit I would choose the female over the male since I do believe that woman are more naturally geared to problem solving and the ability to do many things at once much more then a man. I think this is part of the problem and why men do not want to have to compete against a woman for the same job.

It is interesting since I would consider myself independent and proudly so since I myself have the ability to take care of myself and my family. It is something I fought for so still think very highly of being this way. I view it more as wanting a community of woman as my support (which is why I enjoy this place and meeting other woman like you) then just 1 man. I guess as a whole we should support the idea of a healthy family and a good strong marriage but what of the woman who has no choice or say in who she marries? I still often get confused about the different countries in Africa and have not yet got it straightened out in my mind who is from where when trying to remember which ones had the arranged marriages where the girl was given with no say about it. It is very true that we must honor and respect the ideas of marriage as a sacred bond between 2 people but for it to be honest there must be some choice in the matter.

I love the idea of the able bodied woman and hope the men are working toward able bodied men to keep the harmony. But I am still more where I think no woman needs to be married in the first place. I do not think it should be the goal and would rather it be where she is able to be valued as herself and seen as able to help our her friends to build an apartment building, I guess that would be the image for it.

I look forward to reading more of your posts since you are very interesting to read since you encourage thought and that is something I value highly where woman can be esteemed for this.


Nzasu's picture

Miss Zambian

So very good to hear from you once again. I am all for respect, love and understanding.And am so glad to know a sista respecting nature and its working for them.In this day and age they are hard to come by.

Nzasu's picture

Miss American In Alaska

First off I see you have changed the way I addressed you Miss United States of America to Miss Alaska. I stand corrected but Alaska is still legally part of the United States right? You’re the state that Sarah Palin comes from is she Aleut?

Why are women consumed in doing what men do perhaps this simple example will make sense…
Why do women want to wear trousers just like men do??? Note the reason why you can’t find trousers that fit you well that is their too long, too short, don’t fit too well in the hips etc is simply because trousers were not designed for the feminine physique. It’s not because you are not as good as a man to wear trousers, or that you cant look better than a man in trousers it’s just that you’re body build and his are different.

Apply this to everything else in life that you see a man doing and that you want to achieve. Most of the time it’s not because you are not as good as the man! It’s just not for you by nature.

Rather than build the earth we are wasting time competing with one another I can do this hey I can do this better now that is childish! Read on for a better approach its outlined somewhere below

Never heard of the Aleut people .Am glad you explained the importance of a woman in your culture. Its is very similar to African culture in some aspects so my question is what was wrong with that way of living? Nothing! Going back to our traditions is what I am trying to promote as traditionally women were valued unlike today.

I am against the west period! Not just America but western ways as a whole!

Offcourse they would be something wrong with the African woman running around in the jungle looking for a kill why? Two people man and woman would be doing the exact same thing so one part of the bringing together equation would be hurt because both would be bringing home the same thing. And where’s the logic in that! Besides majority of men are physically stronger than women and can run faster than women and based of in today’s language their skill set they were accorded that task not by man but by nature.

These are not my ideas what African women should be like its what African culture was I inherited them. The "hunt" better or as good as any man is western thought and ideology. What a traditional African woman would do and even an Aleut woman based off what you have explained of your culture would be to advise men on how they can hunt better, how they can avoid being attacked more often etc. You can’t take up every role that comes in life because you can do a better job at it. Sometimes simply giving your input into things and helping people do things better will go a long way. Naturally it is impossible for us to do everything and this is something women of today are trying to do and are slowing coming to learn it is impossible!

You see there you go again dividing the two man and woman. I simply asked if you would hire two people with the exact same skills i.e. education, background, culture etc and right there you have divided us men and women. If you do not want to be judged by your gender why do you judge another by their gender? by simply awarding a woman the job because she is a woman etc is sexism. If you do not want to be judged by your gender do not judge others by their gender.

Hard fact we will never have a woman’s only world! So as you seek support from women that’s all well and good but bear in mind there are men and they are human and have every right to be here just as you do. So I think a better approach is to see how we can all live together in harmony .I am against this womaness support of groups especially when their intention is to separate and divide men and women. There are men on this site and that is something I have been happy to see

Africa 54 countries. You have this straight your president.He is from Kenya and that is also where I am from born, bred and buttered. Arranged marriages are not exclusive to African culture and rarely happen today. My choice is my choice what happens today is that your family and relatives will advice you on your choice. For example if a family is known to be cursed, corrupt, sick with hiv etc your family would come in and advise you or warn you on it. So perhaps 1 in every 5000 marriages is an arranged one.

Kindly note the beginning of choice was the beginning of problems we had water the drink of life now we have coke, energy drinks, ice tea etc etc are any of those things good for us no!

Man and woman coming together is a natural ideology whether you call it marriage or whatever it is just natural and if it never happened you wouldn’t be here today! It is not my or your or the next womans goal to be married it is nature goal to bring man and woman together. And nature overrides everything else.

Besides being interesting I hope I am influencing a new way of thought. I like you because you question, challenge and help me to better express my thoughts.

Maria de Chirikof's picture

About Alaska

Like the indigenous people of America, those in Alaska are struggling for their rights. Many were taken from their homes and moved somewhere else as in the case of my mothers island. The children were put into boarding schools where they were taught that everything about being native was wrong.

I did wonder if you had ever heard of the indigenous people here (the so called red skinned savages, maybe??) and got a chance to visit them and offer support when you were here. In my case, our traditional home is now a naval station where 18 men live instead of us. Part of our problem is Alaska is rich in natural resources that America lusts for and a little thing like the people here do not matter to them. It is something I hope to raise awareness about!

Sarah Palin and her republican friends are the ones I would drive out of Alaska if I could! They would deny the rights of us so that hunters can come up here and kill the game in their big hunting trips. She is one of that type that they use to prove they are not prejudice and notice how they chose a woman who is a bit self centered and maybe not one who thinks a lot (at least that is my impression of her). It is why I get angry when people like you lump me with people like her, if you only knew!!

Subsistence living is the way of life we had where we lived off the land and is still the way of life for the villages. With big game hunters coming here and killing all the animals they now want to change our way of life so there is more game for them to hunt and even go so far as to go around in a helicopter to shoot the wolves (I worry they would do that to us if they thought they could get away with it!!). To my way of thinking, if they want to prove they are big game hunters then they should go naked into the wild and see how long they survive! Because they are in league with big oil with big money we are stuck little hope of changing things. I mean the indigenous people of America have been in this struggle for hundreds of years and are still not heard.

It is my hope that meeting woman like you from around the world and explaining our situations and getting up the courage to work actively for change (myself I mean since there are already groups doing this that I will probably join soon) that things will change with the support of other countries woman's prayers to guide us. Right now in Alaska they are trying once again to take away our subsistence rights and it is because many people never take the time to think or wonder about us Natives. They (the white republicans, I mean) always try to act surprised that we are against this and pretend they do not know it is our lifestyle and culture we are fighting for.

But on to your interesting post, I thank you for sharing more of your ideas with me. It is always interesting to me how other woman in the world view themselves and their relationship to others. It is important to try to understand each other and I hope to help you see that I may be American I do not have the Western mindset and am as against it as you are.

I think there are many similarities between our cultures and that is one of the nice things about meeting woman from other places and discovering this. I recently joined the Rafiki Club and was paired with a lady from Shianda Kenya and hope to learn much about Africa and it's people from her!

I think I see our differences now, I guess I am more for wanting to change societies that are run by the men (patriarchy) and you are working from within it to change things. It is my hope that we can somehow meet in the middle so all woman can enjoy life as she views it.

As to the men being physically stronger, I think part of that is what they are allowed to do. You mentioned farming as what the African idea of the stay at home mom is and you do not do a lot of running if what little I have done myself is a good example of it. A lot of back-breaking work is involved that requires a lot of arm strength, a lot of bending and kneeling. I love gardening so think this is not a bad thing but it is different then what a man hunting does and it is not fair to compare them when they are engaged in different types of activities like that. I think that is true for woman all over the world and would hope that things can change so she has a choice in how she lives. It is like comparing the fact that men can grow beards and woman do not as a sign that men are naturally better at math, it just doesn't make sense to me.

I hope I don't sound like I am trying to argue since I am trying to understand. So please be patient! I think I misunderstood what you were asking about the hiring 2 people thing then since I do honestly believe that woman traditionally have been responsible for many more things at one time then men and this is because her brain is better geared to handle all of it. Not that men can not do this too but it will be done simpler and easier and make much more sense when done if a woman does it. I think I would hire the woman because she would be more willing to work harder to achieve the shared goals. But if I had a company and had 2 people with the same set of skills I would hope I could afford to hire both since a little honest competition between 2 equals is a bit fun and can help stimulate ideas which would benefit my company in the long run.

I do not seek a world where only woman live but want the woman to have an equal say in how she lives and the right to choose for herself her goals and dreams and what she can and can not do. I do not think that is a reality in much of the world, Alaska included (though the idea is we are all equally free to pursue our dreams). Do you have any idea of the number of differing tribes that are alive and well in America? I think if you looked into their beliefs and wisdom you might find some very interesting. I do think that it takes both men and woman working together but having seen the lack of choice and see it grow worse for many woman in the world, I feel we need to first encourage and empower the woman to dare to see themselves as real people again. It is not that I think woman are better then men, that is not why I seek the friendship of other woman. It is because many suffer from isolation and that leads to many bad things. I want to actively change that for woman and talk of it a lot in my journals and hope to give courage to woman who need to change their bad situation into a positive one for herself.

I do not think it comes down to 'choice' being the problem as more the 'divide and conquer' idea that is part of the Western mindset that both you and I are against. I think we are both working toward the same things but in differing ways and that is probably because of the situation I come from that was not good so I am looking at it from that perspective and I think you said you are happily married and looking at it from that perspective. I would that all marriages are good and strong but that is not always the case. It will be the result of what we both seek though so I wish you well in pursuing your dreams and goals!

I like you too in that you are a strong woman not afraid to speak her mind and I admire that greatly. I do hope I have helped you to see that though I am from the state of Alaska and it is part of the USA it is not by the will of the natives here that it came about. It is why I differentiated myself from being thought of as Miss USA...

chimango's picture

lovely piece

i like the way you have written this piece, you have challenged women to take thier rightful place in society. you have challenged the perceptions that we have as women, our tendancies to accept the place where society puts us. i agree with you that as givers of life we must be in the forefront take care of it.

kudos girl

Nzasu's picture

Miss Malawian

Thank you Miss Malawian I appreciate your positive speak.

enDhruva's picture


Wow, you have certainly inspired discussion and posting! You are the final entry that I am reading for Voices of our Future and I must say I am very happy that is so. It reminds me of why this website and forum is so important and should be shared with everyone. I think that good things come out of sharing our own views of the world and what we hope for ourselves and others around us. Even when opinions differ, as long as we tap into the womanly character of compassion and understanding, hopefully we can all learn to live in harmony.

I was happily surprised to find your entry written in a different format - almost a poetic format - and enjoyed reading your visions for yourself and other women in your community at large. It definitely posed some ideas for me to think about. I very much liked your description of an "able-bodied" woman as opposed to an "independent" woman. It is our nature of being communicators and care-givers that give us the ability to be "independent" but to also look beyond ourselves to the situations of others - making us "able-bodied.

Finally, the idea of working with nature and natural, inherent human qualities is one that struck a chord with me personally. You can't go to war against the ocean because it produces too many or too large of a wave - you have to build a boat or a surfboard to work with the current and the power.

Asante sana for your post and your willingness to be honest with your feelings and convictions. It comes easier to some of us and much harder to others of us but we can all learn from each other.


PS: Just so you know, I am a "westerner" but was raised to be inquisitive and appreciative of other countries, cultures and customs. My personal hope is that the parts of the western world that seem to permeate the views of the rest of the world will cease to be in the spotlight and those of us who don't hold the same views and values can shine through and teach others! Please know that there are a lot of us out there, it just takes a long time to make our voices heard and our lessons learned!

Nzasu's picture

Jambo Miss USA

I am so very glad that you enjoyed your last read, and that you were able to identify with it on a personal level.It wasn't one of those pieces that was written for the masses but for the individual you that individual woman.

So which one are you, or rather which one do you seek to be the able-bodied woman or the independent woman?

The key point is looking beyond ourselves to others making the able bodied woman. I like the way you have helped me to bring this point out

Exactly work with the current or challenge it like the west has... they grew food with chemicals we are dying from strange diseases and now they have resorted back to the "primitive" way of doing things organic farming the natural way and there are many more examples.

Karibu (your welcome in swahili)

PS: I am glad to know that you are a westerner especially an American, who seeks to look beyond your ways and your cultures.You are reading,listening,and seeing different perspectives because you have made a conscious decision to do so.Alot of people in your side of the world haven't so I commend you and applaud you for that.

Go on don't be afraid to talk about the negative American or western ways like you said you are not alone.

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