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Phase Three WWW Campaign


The internet can be used in multiple ways to support groundbreaking initiative that will generate positive change for communities worldwide. First, the internet serves as a vital tool of communication around the world. The internet allows for people to spread the word about all kinds of projects, events, and campaigns quickly through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype etc. However while we have all seen how rapidly information can spread through the internet, this is only the “simple part”. The hard part is finding a way of connecting with others in order to create an urgency to get involved!

The most imperative part of using the internet and possibly the most difficult aspect of it is how to reach out to all different ages, races, and genders while enticing all to get involved. All audiences have a different perspective, and because of this I believe it is important to get input from all of them. It is also essential that all genders, races, and ages contribute their opinions and support in order to make permanent and positive changes around the world. This can be accomplished today through videos, songs, articles, and pictures that go viral and carry across social media. Often times, it is then picked up by radio stations, talk shows, and even the news which helps to reach out to other audiences who may not be involved in social media. Overall, this is the most effective way to try and reach out to a diverse population.

The key to taking full advantage of the internet, is creating positive awareness for your campaign and initiating contact with people to get them involved and passionate about the issue. For example, a large group of age ranges can be reached through social media, but you have to find a way to catch their eye and relate whatever it may be to their life. You also must offer a way for them to be part of the movement. The best way of doing this is creating a campaign phrase that others can not only relate to but also contribute to.

As stated above, having a catch phrase is fundamental in fueling a campaign, an example of this method is a local cable station in my town recorded a Zumba event I held to create awareness of how dancing and exercising can empower women. The original purpose of this event was to make a workout video for the Power Women Group I work with in Kenya. I decided not only to make it an exercise video, but also something that would provide them with a feeling of happiness and power.

At this event, we decided we would make this movement as well as a workout video. We were all there because we want to empower women in Africa and we were dancing for a reason. We aspired to seize the opportunity and kick off a campaign. We began by brain storming and planning more events for the future. We have decided our plan is continue to create awareness by using the phrase, “Until every women is heard.” This will be our main campaign phrase at each event as well as on social media. While at the work out event, we interviewed people who said why they were there then stated what they will do “until every women is heard”. An example of one of these interview responses is, “I dance, I exercise…..until every women is heard.” Our hope is others will want to do all they can “until every women is heard.” We will continue to use this catch phrase in the future and this is one key example of how it was used to create awareness at the beginning of our campaign.

Outside of campaigns, the internet can be used to start a project that could help other women around the world. For example, I believe once we get women around the world set up with the internet we should give them Skype lessons to facilitate communication. If this is accomplished, we can then teach them how to use the computer so they can advance in the future through screen sharing and oral instructions. This is a simple way everyone could participate in supporting the cause. However, there are some barriers that would need to be evaluated such as language barriers and safety checks. But, if we are aware these barriers need to be addressed then we can create possible solutions. This way everyone can take full advantage of using the web to assist others.

Overall, the internet can be used to promote initiatives, campaigns, and projects through crowdsourcing by implementing and utilizing the internet for project objectives. The internet is an ideal way to spread the word quickly and gives all genders, races, and ages the chance to participate in making positive changes in the world.

This story was written for World Pulse’s Women Weave the Web Digital Action Campaign. Learn more »



PohChing's picture

Internet as a tool

Internet is really a wonderful tool, used by a lot of people and in many parts of the world, by activists, campaign participants and even by youngsters in war-torn countries...information is easily exchanged ...really unimaginable if we think back ...for my case twenty years ago as a teenage, never thought as how instant information is just sent, at just one click.

Tam's picture

Good Plan, Great Action

Reading your article provided me with good food for thought in how to create a successful event or action. You remind us of how expansive the possibilities are in using the internet, and also of how important it is to reach out as many as possible, in all of our wonderful diversity. Then you describe such a terrific action that you at the Power Women Group have begun. I love that you brainstormed "Until every woman is heard" and that you are dancing and getting strong at the same time. I love to come across videos of women singing and dancing their dreams and ideas into action. I love to think of the Women Power Group doing this. I hope the idea spreads everywhere.

Best Wishes,


The internet is really a tool for communication between the world in which learning is necessary in social life. This tool helps everyone to leave the nothingness to promote empowerment of women.


Kristina M's picture

Nice Catchphrase


I really like your catchphrase "until every woman is heard". I think it is a feeling that resides in all of us who have been a part of the Women Weave the Web campaign. It is important that opportunities are given to all to raise their voices, connect with others who feel the same way and bring them together for a cause they believe in.


gracest's picture

I really appreciated your

I really appreciated your post. As a public relations practitioner myself, I admire your recognition of connecting with audiences and the power of key phrases and tangible ideas for our WWW user base to connect to.You are definitely on the right track and I commend you! Thank you for sharing.


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