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Where will this tide take us? / ¿Dónde nos llevará esta marea?

I'm learning that we have to be able to love everybody ... but it is essential to know how to choose who to interact. I had fallen into the error of thinking that share similar experiences and learning, and have developed a similar view on life as a consequence, was something important enough to unite people. It was a big mistake on my part.

The propaganda war that is spreading as a result of conflicts in Eastern Europe and the Middle East are achieving their goal: to bring to light the deeper differences between different cultures not only there, but throughout the world. It is testing the human ability to live together in diversity honestly, without hypocrisy, with truly open-minded and tolerant. Those who sincerely want to see in others someone interesting for their differences and their similarities understandable, we have now the chance to prove it. Similarly, those who hid a dark pit of racism, xenophobia, etc.., under the guise of fraternity and tolerance, are unmasking themselves.

This time is very controversial and may seem depressing, but if I think about it, I conclude that it could become a great opportunity to change the course of history in much of the world. Thanks to the Internet, dissenting voices with wars, genocides, massacres, dictatorships, etc.., They can rise above what they would like to many governments and that, from my point of view, is something that can help end the brainwashing trying to impose those wishing to dominate by force entire villages. The ability to drink from different sources, to contrast the news, talking to witnesses of the events; the rise of citizen journalism, the immediacy with flowing words and images... Now it's much more difficult than ever to hide the truth; in other words: is the best time to open your eyes, unite and react against evil, injustice and violence. The official media of each scheme, and the spokesmen of each opposition movement, are doing everything possible to stop this tide; in Spain, for example, they're trying to impose this law that, among other things, will fine those who share links:

The diary "Iniciativa Debate" says about this:

Internet based (or WWW) is Hypertext. Link. Limit your use affects fundamental rights such as freedom of expression, information and education. Access to the Internet and their content is a human right recognized by the UN. Internet is an essential part of human knowledge.

It seems that there are interests focused on keeping people apart and prevent them from joining. So, I think I have to learn to choose with whom I relate best: they are difficult times and I feel that more than ever it is necessary to...

...surround yourself with better people... of those who we could learn from and admire.,
...approach people with the same values​​: neither religion nor politics, nor language, nor nationality, nor similar experiences, are collateralised.
...remember you that just between good people we can talk about good friendships.


------------------------- <3 <3 <3 -------------------------------

Estoy aprendiendo que hay que saber querer a todo el mundo... pero que es imprescindible saber elegir con quién relacionarnos. Había caído en el error de pensar que compartir experiencias y aprendizajes parecidos y haber desarrollado un punto de vista semejante sobre la vida a raíz de ello, era algo lo suficientemente importante como para unir a las personas. Fue una gran equivocación por mi parte.

Las propagandas bélicas que se están difundiendo a raíz de los conflictos en la Europa del Este y en el Oriente Próximo están consiguiendo su objetivo: sacar a la luz las diferencias más profundas entre las diversas culturas no solo allí, sino en todo el mundo. Se está poniendo a prueba la capacidad humana para convivir en la diversidad con honestidad, sin hipocresías, con mentalidad realmente abierta y tolerante. Quienes, sinceramente, queremos ver en el prójimo a alguien interesante por sus diferencias y comprensible por sus afinidades, tenemos, ahora, la ocasión de demostrarlo. De igual manera, quienes escondían un oscuro pozo de racismo, xenofobia, etc., bajo un disfraz de fraternidad y tolerancia, están desenmascarándose a sí mismos.

Esta época resulta muy conflictiva y puede parecer deprimente pero, si lo pienso bien, llego a la conclusión de que podría convertirse en la gran oportunidad para cambiar el curso de la Historia en gran parte del planeta. Gracias a Internet, las voces discrepantes con las guerras, genocidios, masacres, dictaduras, etc., pueden elevarse más allá de lo que les gustaría a muchos gobiernos y eso, desde mi punto de vista, es algo que puede ayudarnos a acabar con el lavado de cerebro que tratan de imponer quienes desean dominar por la fuerza a pueblos enteros. La capacidad de beber de diferentes fuentes de información, de contrastar las noticias, de conversar con testigos directos de los acontecimientos; el auge del periodismo ciudadano, la inmediatez con que circulan las palabras y las imágenes... Ahora mismo es mucho más difícil que nunca esconder la verdad; dicho de otro modo: es el mejor momento para abrir los ojos, unirnos y reaccionar contra la maldad, la injusticia y la violencia. Los medios de comunicación oficiales de cada régimen, y los voceros de cada movimiento de oposición, están haciendo todo lo posible para frenar esta marea; en España, por ejemplo, se está intentando imponer esta ley que, entre otras cosas, pondrá multas por compartir enlaces:

En lniciativa Debate dicen, respecto a esto:

La base de Internet (o de la WWW) es el hipertexto. El enlace. Limitar su uso afecta a derechos fundamentales como la libertad de expresión, información y educación. El acceso a Internet y a sus contenidos es un derecho humano reconocido por la ONU (PDF). Internet forma una parte esencial del conocimiento humano.

Da la impresión de que hay intereses centrados en mantener a las personas separadas y evitar que se unan. Por eso, creo que tengo que aprender a elegir mejor con quién me relaciono: son tiempos difíciles y tengo la impresión de que se hace más necesario que nunca...

...rodearnos de personas mejores que nosotros/as, de quienes aprender y a quienes admirar.
...acercarnos a personas con los mismos valores: ni la religión, ni la política, ni el idioma, ni la nacionalidad, ni las experiencias semejantes, son garantía de valores.
...recordar que solo entre buenas personas se puede hablar de buenas amistades.

Imagen de

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PohChing's picture

The World

The hope that there can be peace in all parts of the world "one day" . Hope...and Pray for it. Humans can live harmoniously and more developments can then be done for mutual benefits and interests.

Mauwa Brigitte's picture

Thank you very much!

To change people's minds, we must first start with yourself and know the fundamental rights such as freedom of expression, information and education to inform and teach others to manage time. Being pacifying conflicts that reside in your community, researcher of peace on any platform for conflict resolution. Where there is just peace is there. Stop human rights violation.


Nabiye Tal's picture

You are very right!

Dear Mar. P,

I enjoyed reading your post and i quite agree with you, i love how you captioned it "The ability to drink from different sources, to contrast the news, talking to witnesses of the events; the rise of citizen journalism, the immediacy with flowing words and images... Now it's much more difficult than ever to hide the truth; It says it all!! Many thanks sister.

Nabiye Tal,
Founder/CEO- IEVAWC.
@nabiye, @ievawc

Dani26's picture

Thanks for sharing your insights

Dear Mar. P

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think you raise some really good points about the way in which the internet can show the positive, as well as negative sides of humanity. At times it feels like the negative side is more visible, because of the way that mainstream media presents stories and ignores others. For this reason I agree with you that it's so important for multiple stories and sources of media to be fostered through the internet, so we hear from more than one view point. Unfortunately this problem is not just in Spain - here in Australia we have very concentrated media ownership (mainly Murdoch) making alternative sources of news really important.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, and sending you my best wishes

SaritaMat's picture

Truly said...

I admire your analysis regarding the the good and bad impact of internet.It depends on what we choose.There will be always a good and bad path to follow..An individual should be wise to opt for the the best and leave the rest.
Indeed a great presentation of your ideas,views and opinion.It was very interesting the way you have presented the facts,


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