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A Flow of Yoga in Kosovo

Upon return to Kosovo, I realized, there were no yoga studios in the country. I searched for instructors in every corner of the capital city Prishtina. I couldn’t find any. I heard about a yoga instructor who had taught for a while, but then left the country. I searched the internet and asked friends online, but they didn’t know any. They would tell me that most instructors had been foreigners, who came to work with international organizations, following the 1999 war in Kosovo with Serbia. It seemed as there wasn’t a solid place where someone could go to practice yoga. Even more, yoga was a concept familiar to the more affluent and educated strata of the Kosovar-Albanian community, yet to the rest of the population it was a foreign notion, with many also resisting its practice due to its unfamiliarity.

At the time, I was in my sophomore year at the University of Dayton, and getting ready to go home for summer break. I decided that I would buy a yoga mat before coming to Prishtina and bring it along with me to continue my practice. Yoga had already become a complimentary piece to my daily life in the states, the rigorous studies at the University of Dayton, the long working hours, the numerous extracurricular activities, the late nights out with friends, and a remedy to my longing for my family.

At home, it helped me readjust to an environment much different than the one used to in the U.S…

The stress of living in a country devastated by war a little more than a decade ago, with an estimated 10,000 war victims, around 20,000 raped women, unemployment rate of 45% among the general population, and little opportunity for advancement, have all been overwhelming for the Kosovar society. These people are now posed with the challenge of building a self-sustainable new country. The limited freedom of movement, due to not being recognized by all the 193 United Nation member states (recognized by only 109, as of 7 July 2014), together with the visa and economic restrictions, further cause frustration and demoralization, especially among the young majority, dimming the hope they have that “it will get better”…

Soon enough, considering this inherited collective trauma, my friends and relatives home started insisting that I should start a yoga activity in Prishtina, as they believed there is great need for a change of mentality and an alternative healing method for the people living in Kosovo. For the people who will be the building blocks of the future of the new country, the practice of yoga, may most likely be a gracious addition to their life.

With much enthusiasm, I decided to start the N’yoga initiative, using my knowledge accumulated at the University of Dayton in Entrepreneurship and Marketing, to introducing as many fellow Kosovars to yoga. With the help of elementary school friends, we designed a friendly logo for the envisioned N’Yoga initiative (Translates in English as: “in yoga” or “at yoga” or “within yoga”). We began our marketing activity on all the main social media platforms in the country (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Instagram) on October 2012 (six months after completing my undergraduate studies). On January 2013, N’yoga had its first yoga class. A notification was sent to all our friends and followers on social media about the time of our session. And, 20 people showed up on the first day!

It has been a year and a half since that heart-warming first session with N’Yoga. Within this time frame, our organic social media marketing has opened our doors to other mediums. Our social media marketing has attracted the attention of the main national television (RTK, Kohavision, & KlanKosova), Most respected women’s show (Anima on KTV) radio stations (RadioKosova & RTV21) leading daily newspapers (Kohaditore, Tribuna), news & wellness portals (Kosovalive360, MindBodyGreen & ElephantJournal) and our project of Promoting Kosovo Through Yoga has been presented at the first TedxWomenPrishtina organization, held December 2013.

Each month, aside from our regular classes, we have held an awareness raising or philanthropic activity, such as With Kosova's Philanthropists n'Yoga, Sunny-day Sun Salutation for Down Syndrome Kosova, Yoga for Voting (to stimulate voting by instructing free yoga; this was done for both local and national elections), Mindfulness in Business (Stimulate meditation and conscious business in our society), and Yoga for students (Introducing yoga for local universities). Our greatest achievement has been the slow but natural integration of yoga, as an acceptable part, in our culture.

The internet has been essential in our work. We have been able to reach out to people through pictures taken with smart phones and cameras, computers, tablets, attracted the attention of televisions and radios, and reached even those in the rural areas and out of our capacity - as of now. To ensure the continuation and integration of the healing force of yoga, our next step is to build a yoga center...

If you would like to see our work, impact and activities you may go to our:

Facebook Page: N'Yoga
Linkedin: N'Yoga, Ne Yoga and N'Yoga Schedule
Twitter: @nyogastudio
Instagram: nyoga

The article was written for the third phase of the Women Weave the Web: Digital Empowerment

This story was written for World Pulse’s Women Weave the Web Digital Action Campaign. Learn more »



Haruna's picture

I'm very impressed with the

I'm very impressed with the work you do. I'm also interested in the field of sport for development, and your story encouraged me to pursue this field:) Thanks for sharing, keep it up!

anneahapciu's picture

Hi Haruna, Thank you for your

Hi Haruna,

Thank you for your kind words. I am humbled that you found inspiration by n'yoga's story. Please do let me know if I can be of any help in developing something similar.
Kind regards,

Annea Hapciu

Lea's picture

This is such an inspiring and

This is such an inspiring and uplifting story, anneahapciu. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I think it's wonderful that you thought of a way of channeling people's emotions and traumas after having experienced conflict and death through the medium of yoga. You realized the importance of finding a way to heal and to move forward. I was so impressed by your desire and motivation to use the knowledge that you acquired from your studies at the university to create an initiative in Kosovo that would help Kosovars deal with the pain in a supportive and nurturing environment.It's also really amazing that you received a lot of support from social media and media and are planning to expand your project to universities and to more philanthropic activities.
You have really made a difference in the lives of many people and as you said so in your article, you made yoga accessible to everyone and you have provided them with a space where they can feel safe and can develop hope for the future.
I applaud you for all of the amazing work that you are doing!

anneahapciu's picture

Hi Lea

Thanks so much for your heart-warming note. ^_^
I have been working hard to make n'yoga more accessible to people and offer it to those who are most in need. There is much that we still need to do in terms of educating people on its benefits and raising awareness about conscious, healthy and eco-friendly living. Kindly, Annea :)

Annea Hapciu

gracest's picture

As a fellow yoga

As a fellow yoga practitioner, I could not be more supportive of the initiative you have taken to spread this practice and the health, balance, and goodwill that comes with it.
Your story will continue to inspire me. I wish you the best of luck building your yoga community in Kosovo.

Your sister, Grace

anneahapciu's picture

Thank You!!

Hii Grace,

Thank you so much for your kind words. Hope you can join us if you come to visit Kosovo.


Annea Hapciu

travelpoet's picture

Feels like Om….

Thank you for this beautiful piece of writing, Annea, and more importantly for your courage and vision in introducing a peaceful and healing model to the wounded hearts in Kosovo. I'm a writer and documentary photographer and this is exactly the kind of program that I would love to highlight and bring attention to.

I'd love to know more about you personally: if you are from Prishtina originally or how you came to choose that region for your focused efforts.

Your story is a wonderful reminder of the positive power of women following our passions and intuition!

Best of luck and all best wishes from an American sister,

anneahapciu's picture

Hi Kristie

Thank you for your warm message, ^_^ I highly appreciate your willingness to help us bring attention to our work ^_^

Yes, I am from Prishtina. I have lived here all my life, except for 5 beautiful years (senior year of high school and college at the University of Dayton) in Dayton, Ohio. I cam back to Kosovo upon graduation (two and a half years ago). Although, I learned yoga in the states and practiced it myself, the program started in Prishtina :) I would love to talk to you more about our work :)


Annea Hapciu

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