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war is not my language - الحرب ليست لُغتي

war is not my language

الحرب ليست لُغتي
war is not my language

no more of yours F-16s
no more of your tanks!
(and your other American made deadly toys)
no more of your Qassams

no more!
we are sleepless
our bodies – collapsing, shaking, bloodied, amputated, dead.

الحرب ليست لُغتي
war is not my language

rule and divide
rule and divide
rule and divide

we refuse.
we scream in desperation
let us live
stop the murder.

LIFT the siege off Gaza
LET the fishermen fish
and let the boys PLAY football.

الحرب ليست لُغتي
war is not my language

LIFT the siege off Gaza
LET the women live with dignity
and let the girls SWIM in the sea

divide and rule
divide and rule

we refuse!
we stand up and loudly, clearly say
together, Jews and Palestinians –
we refuse your wars
we refuse to be enemies

الحرب ليست لُغتي
war is not my language

divide and rule

(c) khulud khamis, خلود خميس
Haifa, 19 July 2014
حيفا, تموز 2014

a link to a photo album "war is not my language" - by Haifa feminist activists:



olutosin's picture

War is not my language, yes

It is not our language GlobalPeace we want.

Thank you, I wish the World peace, peaceful coexistent and love.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


Amriyota's picture

Give peace a chance

They need war, they need blood , they need malnourished under educated 3rd world to feed them. But they forget they r only 20% n we are 80%. you can try to divide us, you can kill us even you can work hard to misguide the whole world but you can not justify attack on Gaza, or any other war.....war is not the language of humanity.

shamee's picture

#we are with Palastine

Beautiful poem,we are sleepless too because of Gaza.

War is terrifying and destructive, and your poem has beautifully pictured this. Nepal saw one of the most destructive civil war for a decade in its peaceful land. Blood, killings and rape were nightmarish. I detest war. It is never justifiable; and I oppose it with all my strength. I'm with you Khulud on your peaceful fight against war, against genocide. Let's stand together against war and killing, and hope for a day when it ends and peace be prevailed.

In solidarity,


Safecity's picture


It is frightening how so many places in the world are in conflict and continue to be in conflict. On one hand everyone recommends collaboration as an indicator and driver of progress. Yet we have so much of destructive conflict. Women and children continue to be the major recipients of the brutality of war. When will it end? When will we live in a peaceful world?

Your poem captures exactly what I feel. Thanks for sharing.

In solidarity,

ahdihassan's picture

Beautiful poem,you have to do

Beautiful poem,you have to do is to make one small change

Lea's picture

Thank you so much,

Thank you so much, Khulud,
for writing this powerful poem. It's absolutely devastating what is going on Gaza and your poem really captured the desperation and cry for an end of the violence and an end to the suffering of the Palestinians and particularly Gazans. These senseless attacks have caused so much death and destruction and for what? Yes, war is not the solution. The bloodshed needs to stop. I support you, Khulud and I agree with everyone who posted that those attacks are unjustifiable and affect the most vulnerable individuals. I wish for an end of the suffering and for justice and peace to prevail.

SSD's picture

In Solidarity !

This poem is very dear and meaningful to me -- such a powerful poem is certainly needed in a form of 'voice' - this platform unites such voices into one thunderous echo.
Thank you for posting - in solidarity with you.
Long Live Palestine !



Sahro's picture


War is not my language neither!
Stop the wars!
make love, not war!

Thank you for sharing!

Founder of the We Are The Generation Of Possibilities Movement #WeAreTheGenerationOfPossibilities #Somalia
WorldPulse Community Advisory Board Member
Goodwill Ambassador Globcal at:

hanasazi's picture

Khulud, You Are Not Alone!!

I (and my husband and son too) may be exceptions from the average American, yet we have few friends if any who actually want war, and most of them detest the inhumanity, profit motive, waste of life and resources, environmental destruction, and inhibition of real, positive human progress it creates. Yet, though all war is abhorrent to us, it is what you live through repeatedly in Gaza that horrifies us the most. The devastating injustice, the lack of any logical explanation, the cruelty and the pain, the fear and long term emotional damage it causes, and the long process of rebuilding (however so possible) over and over after being shocked and traumatized by the attacks does not escape us, and our hearts reach out to you constantly. We saw a heartbreaking news piece on Al Jazeera with a little girl from Gaza who showed the camera her home, her room, her clothes, saying "Gas. Everything smells like gas. It doesn't matter how many times I wash my things, they all smell like gas. What am I to do?" (she was adorable, too, and we prayed she will become a powerful activist when she gets older) That was an angle to life in Gaza we hadn't known about, and makes living despite such indignity so much more difficult, carrying even more long term health effects than we had been aware of before. It seems that those who are determined to continue making war are carrying out a massive, global murder-suicide pact. How can anything survive the onslaught of nonstop war when the planet is already suffering from it so? The resources they need to sustain their violence come at the cost of the ability of everything outside war zones to live, too. Your poem and the photographs in the post that led me here are beautiful, thought-provoking and powerful, and it is very, VERY good to know that Jewish and Arab Israeli women are working together for peace. We believe in life, loving connections, and in this kind of collaborative effort, and want you to know how encouraging it is for prayer warriors to learn of such beautiful pockets of non-conflict, even in the midst of such injustice and oppression, destruction and cruelty. We will pray for your success and continue doing all we can on this end to help you achieve it. Thank you and all the woman you represent for being who you are and for carrying on this courageous struggle to overcome...together.

Khulud's picture

Hi Hanasazi, Thank you so

Hi Hanasazi,

Thank you so much for the supportive words. However, I do have to say that I am not from Gaza. I am a Palestinian citizen of Israel (I don't define myself as Arab Israel, to me that's an oxymoron). But it is important to differentiate, as we don't have the access to Gaza, there's complete cut off. Nevertheless, your support hit home and is well appreciated.
I think that even in the midst of crisis, we have to continue and believe.
in solidarity and sisterhood,

hanasazi's picture

Oxymoron, for sure!

Thank you for clarifying. We have been deeply concerned about the situation for all Palestinians for years. Since the first Gulf War, in fact. It's just so comforting to know that you are working together with Jewish women for peace there. We will not stop praying for you all until you see justice and can live without fear. There has to be a better way than war! And collaboration between women is the best way to get things done, even in a "man's world." We're all changing that in every way we can, and the work you are doing is supremely important. Keep it up, knowing that you have more support from the rest of the world then you can ever really know.

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