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VOF week 4 (Strength )


Growing up, my vision was to become a medical Doctor.
Circumstances would not allow me to be, however, having found myself in the area of social sciences,
I now understand why I never got to be In the Hospital...

I have come to enjoy interacting with the common people in their respective living environments.
My personal vision is to help change the attitude held against womanhood in my country and possibly the world!
Once a lady posed a question to say " is it a crime that I was born a woman, that I should not be favoured, considered and heard..." I say No!
that is what I long to change, to create value in the woman and improve the common womans self esteem and put forth the objective voice, un altered as it comes form them.

Being a correspondant is not going to help me as much as it is going to help the voices I will speak for.
I understand and now know the feeling it gives to know that someone is listeneing to what you are saying, and this is what I want those that I will represent to feel! Better still to know that their voices are bound to bring change! What a privaledge.

I want to be a correspondant because this part of the world also has challenges, solutions and achievements.


Maria de Chirikof's picture


I always enjoy your posts and how thoughtful and caring you are. I think you will be a great help and value to your community. Keep up the great work and go for your goals!


Sharo's picture


Thanks Maria, But you know what, it is the strength and courage I find in knowing that someone is listening.
I want to go for my goals, believe me I do, my prayer is to be given the chance and this is an oppportunity which I see as a pathway to achieving that dream.
I like the phrase emphasied by Obama, 'we can'...
So can we!

Maria de Chirikof's picture

Yes we can!

I do think your vision and enthusiasm will make your goals a reality. Having faith in your ability to create change is the most important part of it I think and you have that strongly! I support your dreams and goals and also hope you get the chance to make them come true.


meg.peterson's picture

Your vision to help other

Your vision to help other women with your voice is inspiring. We can join together and share our voices and visions and Pulsewire is a great resource to do so. Through listening to other's stories we can be inspired to action! Thank you for participating in Voices of Our Future!


Sharo's picture

Our vision!

Dear Megan,

It is good to know that Iam not alone in this struggle!
I have myself been inspired by other stories and most times I'm shocked by the strength presented by the women
in their daily encounters with challenges...

Thankyou for sharing and listening.


Kimberly's picture

your inspiring words

In your writing, you communicate with your words in a way that both reveals some of your circumstances from which you speak from and also in a way that speaks out to - I imagine everyone who reads them/ hears them. You have a way of bringing feeling into your writing in a way that, for me, reading your post, felt like a conversation - an inspiring conversation. Your voice and the collective voices you speak for - as you say, are "bound to bring change" - without a doubt - through the inspiration you bring in the stories you tell.


Sharo's picture

Miss Portland

Dear Kimberly,

You sure do have a way of inspiring people and encouraging to bring out the best.
I never knew I was such a writer...
Thanks Girl.

I really do have a passion for bringing change and protecting my spicies.
I know this will be achieved because we have come together to bring this change.

Kind regards,

Sharo's picture

The Silence!!!

I have been used for the past week to alot of activity...
Every time I opened my mail box I was sure to find mails that encouraged me, surprised me, boosted my moral, gave me hope, strengthened me and just showed me that I was not alone in this continent who had challenges!
I identified, learned and draw from the sharing that the community on pulsewire gave....

Thanks to every writter!
Yet now the silence is killing me, write girls, I know you still have words of wisdom to share....
Even as we wait for May 1st , we can talk...our world has not stopped!

Twalumba(thanks) for sharing.


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