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Cautionary Tales and New Creation

Every time a woman or child cries in despair, I cry with him or her.
We simply can't control what we're brought into when we are born.
There are men who have achieved ascendance climbing onto others;
The rest of us have to live our lives under these white men's heels.

I am a white, attractive woman, living among my appointed peers,
And the thought of how we agree to present ourselves sickens me.
I wish I had the strength of even one of my past black employees,
Those who served me as their mistress and returned home to families.

I was reared for beauty and cunning, not to be an example of success.
White males were to be the masters of their family's and the world's fate.
It mattered not what sins they committed against family or community;
We were to all bound, or be rejected, in protecting their supremacy.

Until women stop obtaining their strength to fight injustice from children,
And until men cherish the women that produce their sacred progeny,
Their is no hope of bringing only cherished children into our world,
And no hope for all protecting our children from the destruction of war.

We continue to produce more young men as expendable creators
Of children and themselves to feed the maws of ancient retribution.
We force women to carry and birth children that they don't accept,
Only to have more angry animals taught none of the ways of humanity.

When will we forget the fights handed on by our ancient ancestors,
And accept our responsibility to create our own human society?
The words of the ancients are seen by me as cautionary tales,
Not as the instructions for the ways humans are meant to be.


Hideko N.'s picture

I can feel that you detest

I can feel that you detest the outcome of your life circumstances. And you lament the lack of hope for change. I am sorry for what you are going through, my dear. But still there may be flaw in your thinking...such as not all white male "achieved ascendance climbing onto others"

If you believe material success is only the evidence of achievement, then this thing is unreliable and short-lived, and truly valuable relationships start with trust and honesty. If you lack this basis, then you may run into males driven by ego continue to bruise women with false dream because it is not realistic. My remedy to this is the focus on the complete absorption to the work of humanity--how wonderful it is to see the smiles of those you work for!

Hideko N.

Y's picture

Hello, Hideko. Thank you so

Hello, Hideko.
Thank you so much for taking the time to give me feedback. I am sorry if this post came across with the message that I detest the outcome of my life circumstances. I have changed my circumstances, and rejoice in the many blessings I have received in being born when and where I was. I have so much freedom to educate myself and start over. I mourn for my sisters still unable to lift the heel of white male hierarchy from their necks. I am not accusing all white males of behaving in this manner, but it does sicken me that so much of the world has been poisoned by the model of the divine rights of those born to certain tribes and castes.

It is a daily challenge for me to show my determination without incrimination or intimidation. I give credit to the males that were brought up to stand on the shoulders of others without giving credit to those on whom they depend for strength, and yet, they have learned new ways to behave. This is often seen as weakness by other men and by women, but this is my definition of a hero. I also call out those, men and women, who treat others with injustice and disrespect in my presence. Even when I say nothing, my body language says it all.

I agree with you that "truly valuable relationships start with trust and honesty," but few people seem to want to live in this level of intimacy. I am very blessed with both material and relationship successes, which have been my life's work to share with those in need of a fresh start or a bit of a bridge in times of trouble. I do know the joys of living by your philosophy: "My remedy to this is the focus on the complete absorption to the work of humanity--how wonderful it is to see the smiles of those you work for!"

The problem, for me, is when people tire of my level of intimacy, they fear what they have revealed of themselves to me and turn against me for having come to know their vulnerabilities. This causes me much mourning because I continue to be naive enough to open myself to others in the same way they open themselves to me. The losses leave gaping holes in my spirit that only time and true friends heal. It can be very tiring for my friends who often ask why I continue to hope for and work toward a more just world.

Blessings to you, Hideko.



Hideko N.'s picture

Dear Yvette

Thank you for the wonderful reply with full of hope and rich experience. If the level of intimacy has not reciprocate you with blessing then I would say walk away from those relationships because they do not deserve the intimacy or they have not come to the realization. It takes them to experience "lack of YOU" to know the value you offer. There are millions of those in the world that deserve your kindness and reciprocate you with blessings (This is NOT materials) I have similar experience of yours that some people "turn against me" when I gave. I am not into continue waisting time for it. It helps to know that those in advanced nations like you and I are often surrounded by others who have little to thank for when they have abundance. Therefore, my answer is to give to those who deserve the kindness. The NGO I built give me so much returns beyond I imagined and gives me constant joys. My prayer is that you find ones to give also. This is the life time experience!

Hideko N.

Y's picture

Dear Hideko, I have gone back

Dear Hideko,
I have gone back and read your journal entries. I congratulate you for having the courage to face your pain and turn it into power, which you now share with others. I am a bit confused about where you are living and whether your daughter is now with you. How old is your daughter.

You were so fortunate that your father was a well-educated man and apparently offered support for your education. My father was well-educated, but felt that higher education for his daughters was not necessary, as we were supposed to marry and be supported by our men while we bore beautiful grandchildren.

My father, too, was physically violent toward several of his children, the males and the one sister that continually defied all authority. This was as it was supposed to be in good Roman Catholic homes. Fathers, following the example of a jealous and wrathful God, and the patriarchs of the Old Testament were supposed to do whatever it took to keep their wives and children in line with the teachings of The Church. My mother was complicit in this and also tortured us when daddy was unavailable to administer her version of justice for having upset her.

The priests and many of our parents friends and family members were allowed to sexually molest us, but we were to say nothing in order to keep family "peace." Those who spoke out were banished to reform schools and mental institutions. One of my brothers was declared schizophrenic, I believe because he sounded delusional as he described what was actually going on in our household. He is a brilliant and beautiful man who loves his two children and grandson deeply, and has worked at steady gainful employment since he was eighteen years old. This is not schizophrenia.

I have been in intensive psychological and psychiatric counseling for PTSD for over 3 years. It actually got worse when my mother died almost four years ago. My father died in 1985. Their demons don't die with them; they torment those they touched. I simply had to stop dealing with my family of origin because our combined demons were literally killing me and threatening my good marriage. They are back in my life because of estate issues that must be settled. I am struggling to keep my boundaries intact while expressing my thoughts on the course we must take to put the past to rest.

I spent most of my adult life empowering others by teaching them employment skills and fundraising for organizations that did similar work. I am 63 years old and too tired to begin any organizational efforts. I am thrilled to have the venue of World Pulse where I may use my many skills in management and encouragement to help you young leaders work toward a new vision for our earth.

I have a cousin in New Jersey who runs an organization for empowering families, Her name is Dianna Autin; she is an attorney and expert in this field. If you contact her, you may want to tell her your connection to me and World Pulse. I wish you all the best.

Yvette Autin Warren
Louisiana, USA


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