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The internet is a tool of empowerment which provides men and women, old and young access to a world of networks, communities, health education, information, financial advice and business skills training.

The growing access of the internet has allowed people especially women to empower themselves by using various tools on the web. With the easy accessibility of buying and selling, e-learning etc, women can now study, and transact businesses from the comfort of their homes anywhere, anytime and thus empowering themselves financially and educationally through new technologies; and learning new skills which come in handy in today's globalized village.

It will be practically impossible to talk about this subject matter without first all looking into the thought provoking challenges women in Nigeria rural areas globally face in the world of ICT.

I will also highlight what it will take for them to benefit from all what the internet offers.

This story was written for World Pulse’s Women Weave the Web Digital Action Campaign. Learn more »


Hideko N.'s picture

Good Question!

This is the question I asked past two years. Who am I? One who was battered in Nigeria returned to Japan after losing everything because of my fiance--including a drivers license. So I lived past two years without enabling myself going out freely though I found one way to link to outside, and Nigeria through the click of the keyboard. What an enlightening experience! So by using the Internet, I linked with many individuals to build NGO. Now I am connected with professors in University of Calabar, lawyers group FIDA in Uyo, Environmental companies, AFCE and Ministry of Foreign Affairs etc. to create clean up project in the Niger Delta. Women and children in the Niger Delta will benefit absolutely! Just know what the Internet can offer; it is as the limit to the Sky experience!

Hideko N.

Who am I goes on forever IF you want to develop that is. It's great that you see opportunities and find out info. In Nigeria the world is focused on the 200 girls so that conversation comes up after such a horrible abduction. these different tribes that are in Africa are so violent that it's hard to imagine being safe in any country. Pls. tell me more Frances.

I live in Southern California in the US so it's relatively safe and always nice here. There are many Nigerians in Los Angeles.

Hi Frances-
A fellow SoCal girl! Yes, internet and the vast technologies available allow us to access the world from a single location. What an amazing time this is...yet so many not able to take advantage due to lmitations within their environments. If you could form do-able action steps to take for Nigerian woman to have access, what would they be, broadly speaking? We would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Thank you for your submission to this campagin!

Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


amymorros's picture

What will it Take?

Yes, you are right. We can talk about all the amazing benefits of the internet but if we are not reaching the intended populations and do not understand how to navigate the challenges put in front of us then we will not be successful.

I look forward to learning more about specific plans that you have to reach this audience of rural Nigerian women.
Thank you for your work.


Mary S's picture

Hi Frances I agree that the

Hi Frances

I agree that the internet can be a great tool for many things, and can bring new knowledge and opportunities to people all over the world.

Improved connectivity and low cost access in rural areas would be a start, so that people can get online easily without having to travel into town. Also education on how to use the internet, and what the benefits are. What do you think?


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