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"VOF Week 3: (Blogging my Addiction)"

When I started blogging in Jan 2008, I didn't really think it will become something that I will be addicted. Little did I know that my off-line activism will translate into on-line activim and that I will constantly be thinking of what to blog about. That for another reason, will be cutting off my social commitment just to blog!

My office duties involve a lot of online work but should not include personal blogging during working hours but sometime I could not resist blogging and doing blog rounds during work. This is a huge challenge and I am trying to correct myself and not get myself fired!

The bandwith for once doesn't help matters in Nigeria, I have to stay awake at night to try and compose my post since I don't want to do it at work and I only have internet facility at work. Staying awake late is one of my challenges, but what can I do, I must blog!

My husband know feels I live on the internet via blogging as the only thing that can distract me when I want to blog or do my blog rounds are my cats not even my husband! My addiction to blogging is getting a better part of me...


LauraB's picture

blog away!

Oluwatoyin Ajao,

Your blogging is fueling you, your ideas, your passions! And now you have VOF and all of us to listen.
I look forward to reading and knowing your thoughts and feelings in the future.

Warm wishes,


Oluwatoyin Ajao's picture

Thanks Laura

Thank you so much Laura!

Toyin Ajao

LauraB's picture


I am curious about your access to the internet. Do you have internet cafes near you? Do you remember the idea
in the VOF week 3 assignment about asking if an internet cafe could donate a few hrs. Is this a possibility?
Yes, keeping your job is essential! It seems that getting used to the online world can be so addictive and balancing
our family, work, and friends at home are important too. WorldPulse has such purpose and it's easy to want to listen and comment all the time.

I hope this challenge balances itself out. I'll be interested to hear if you can figure out another place to get internet access other than work.

Happy Blogging!


Oluwatoyin Ajao's picture

Re: Challenges

Dear Laura,
thanks for this insight. I am not sure I like visiting cyber cafes in Nigeria. Majority of the cafes near my areas are flooded with young boys that are into scamming business. The place is often rowdy and noisy.

The solution I am working towards is to safe money and get internet connection at home via some service providers we have in Nigeria where I will be paying $70 dollars a month after the intial installation fees of $175. I intend to get this service so that I can do a lot from the corner of my house.

Thanks Laura.

Toyin Ajao

dawn_dancer's picture

Blogging the night away

Hi Oluwatoyin --

I'm one of your VOF Listeners for this week. Thank you for your postings -- I went back and read them all to get a better sense of you. I have so much respect for people like you who are able to communicate so well in a second language! The picture you paint of how much interest you have in the world of blogging gives me a partial picture of who you are. I would encourage you to tell me more about yourself and your life -- for me over here in America, I am hungry to hear what daily life is like for you in Nigeria, what your challenges and your joys are. Your comment to Laura above about how you don't want to go to the Internet cafes at night because of the young boys is for me a very dramatic picture and that small detail tells me much about what you live with in your city. PulseWire is a place for us to get to share the realities of our very diverse lives -- please help me to virtually experience yours!

As for your comment above about getting an Internet connection at home -- I have an idea (which may or may not be any good). Since there are probably other women like you who would love to have a connection to the Internet but also don't like going to the cafes, would there be a way that you could help pay for the monthly fee by creating a club for women and selling subscriptions for a certain number of hours of access per week? (Or something like that.) It just seems like that's a need that maybe you could find a way to fill, and also keep down that large expense for yourself at the same time.

Anyway, just a thought.

Keep blogging, and yes, please keep your job!

With warmth --

Oluwatoyin Ajao's picture

Re:Blogging the night away

Thanks dear Patricia,
good suggestion the selling of subscriptions. I will play around with this and see how it goes. It just that so many telecommunications companies are now into this and some NGOs now have cafe in LAGOS. I am just unlucky that they are far from my area. And the other cafes flooded with the boys are like that day and night. I can handle their noise but not their disrespect.

At times some cafe administrators kinda look into what you are doing. A total lack of courtesy. I can go on and on...

I work with Women's Technology Empowerment Centre and a lot of times I am on the internet and my ablility to communicate so well is second language well is because English is our official language. Well, it's even better that we have this official language as we have over 500 languages in Nigeria. It would have being so confusing without an official language that everyone is accustomed too.

Thanks so much Patricia, I will try and explore your suggestions and see how it goes.

Happy easter

Toyin Ajao

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