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VOF Week 3: (Blogging-A blessing with limitations)

For me writing is a blissful experience. I always had the need to express myself and share my sentiments with people. Back then when I was just a kid, I could hardly express myself to anybody-people thought I was too young and I didn’t have anything to share. If I had anything to say, they would be nonchalant-they would shrug me off as if my feelings didn’t matter. Enthused by the Diary of Anne Frank, I took the domicile of my own personal diary, which captured my different moods and emotions. But I was too scared that someone would secretly read my diary and ridicule me for what I had to write. Petrified, I would tear my diaries to shreds every time I reached the last page of it. I did this for years. Once, while I was telling a friend about this ritual of mine, he introduced me to the world of blogging. I could not believe that there could be something like an e-diary, where I could share with the world what I feel. I was thrilled. Registering a blog was the first thing I did when I got back home.

My first entry was about myself. Excited like a baby, I sent the link to my close friends and one friend commented. It was joyous. For the first time ever, I realized what I write does matter. I decided to update my blog very often. I failed. I could not write everything there. There are some things which are too personal to be written on a blog. This, for me, is the greatest barrier to blogging. I couldn’t write on my blog about my ex boy-friend who ditched me after 2 years of relationship to marry another girl, and that too without telling me. I couldn’t write about the agony I went through for months after the betrayal. This is the reason that I still need a diary. But when I was reading the posts of my friends on PulseWire, I came to know that I can filter my readers. This way, I believe I can express more without the fear of being judged by people who do not know me at all.

Similarly, there are times when I experience euphoria of feelings; like during midnight. I don’t have enough patience to boot my computer, type what I feel and then log on to the internet and post it in my blog. I prefer getting my diary and scribble on-that’s easier. This is yet another barrier to blogging. Solution to it-I really don’t know.

Another major barrier to blogging is how to keep people interested in what I have to write. Why would any XYZ be interested in the ramblings of any girl-me for that matter? The solution to this I have found through PulseWire. Citizenship Journalism is the key. We need to write more about serious issues that would ignite reader’s interest. Write something thought-provoking, and you have your readers-right there-glued to your story!


sunita.basnet's picture

Keep writing............

Dear Khubshu,
I am sorry to hear your tragedy life story of you and your ex-boy friend. It's true that in some cases, it is not good to write about personal information. If you cannot upload your post in midnight try to utilize your free time. Post your journal whenever you are free. I think it will work.
With Love

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

Khushbu's picture

I will...

Hey Sunita...

Thank you for empathizing with me...I did not intend to reveal my story but i think the assignment demanded it....And about utilizing free time, i will keep that in mind the next time...



Khushbu Agrawal

malayapinas's picture

hi Knushbu! I really

hi Knushbu! I really understand how you feel, i share with you that same feeling . Don't worry - just keep on writing and believe in yourself ! i think - its a matter of determination and as we go along with difficulties - we could be winners in our way.

wishing you the best,


Khushbu's picture

Thank you

Hi Malayapinas...

I know there are so many around who go through the same feeling of fact people face so many hardships and still go on....when i see them moving on with courage, i realize how blessed i am, and i have nothing to worry about....their strength is my inspiration, and so are your words...i will for sure keep writing...



Khushbu Agrawal

Genice Jacobs's picture

VOF week 3

I'm Genice from Oakland, California, USA and I've been assigned to be your reader for this week. I was impressed by your passion for expressing your feelings in writing and the excitement you have about blogging. Sorry to hear about your personal heartbreak. Breakups are difficult and I have had my share of them too.

I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night too and want to start writing. It seem like the late hours are the ones in which I am feeling most articulate. But, I never want to get up and boot up my computer. Instead I just compose away in my head and end up with head ache. The best solution is to jot your thoughts in your diary. You can always turn it into a blog post later on. I wouldn't worry too much about exposing yourself by sharing personal matters. Just listen to your inner voice as to what is safe for you to share and follow that. People won't judge you as much as you think or as much as you judge yourself.

As for your question on how to keep your blog posts interesting. I think that original personal insights are almost very interesting. And when you are speaking to an international audience, you come with a fresh view from another culture. I find reading the perspectives of women across the globe extremely interesting.

Keep up the great work and keep pushing yourself.


Genice Jacobs

Khushbu's picture

I really appreciate your suggestions

Hi Genice

Thank you for everything that you wrote...When i read the first line that you are my reader, i kind of got scared, like the way a student gets scared when the teacher talks about exams..but you are a cool teacher, i must say!! I appreciate your suggestions....i will try my best to incorporate them in my world of blogging...I think it is pretty feasible to jot the thoughts in a diary and then post it in the blog.

You are right, we actually end up being judgmental about ourselves, and think that the whole world is judging us. I will shed that thought!Thank you for inspiring me Genice...thanks a ton...



Khushbu Agrawal

amelia's picture

Thank you for sharing!


I greatly enjoyed being your Listener this week! I love how you described the shift from your intimate, personal diary to the global realm of blogging - which, as you so aptly put it, is both what is so exciting about blogging, but also what makes it so challenging as the writer. Sharing our thoughts and connecting with like minds can be thrilling but also very vulnerable at the same time...

All my best,

Khushbu's picture

Thank you Amelia

Hi Amelia

I am so glad that you liked my writing..i have tried my best to put forward my thoughts and is such a satisfying feeling to know that you enjoyed being my listener..what else do we need?



Khushbu Agrawal

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