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Why do many women have mobile phones in Africa and yet a few use the internet?

The telecommunication companies in Ghana for instance are making huge sums of money, yet many people complain about access to the internet. Yes having access to the internet is expensive in Africa and call cards for mobile phones are not cheap either. However it is also a fact that half of the population in Ghana have mobile phones.

I believe awareness should be created about the benefits of internet to an individual and people will start setting their priorities right especially women. For instance people could decide to spend part of their call credits on calls and part on the internet. Though some women have the money to access the internet, they do not have the technical knowledge.

The civil societies and governments should take it upon themselves to organize training programs to teach how to use the internet. Teaching people how to use the computer is not enough if there not much emphasis on the benefits of internet. As a woman my knowledge of the internet has connected me to many people.For instance I joined an organization(Ghana Bead Society) as a volunteer in November 2013 , I helped them create a YouTube channel and other technical things on the internet.Today because of my knowledge in internet I manage their Facebook page and I've also been the spokesperson for the organization on many platforms.

I believe creating awareness of the benefits of the internet and training people to acquire the techniques is one of the solutions.Many women will be eager to access the internet in Africa like they use mobile phones.

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Tam's picture

Important Ideas

Hello Rebecca,

It has been exciting to read through your profile and other posts, about how you have created this business, moshelbeads, and about how you have been helped, and now help others to use the internet. Here you outline very important facts and ideas. I am sure that as more women in your country and everywhere understand what the internet has to offer, we will all continue to expand the ways in which we use phones and computers. You are so right that there is much to be gained by organizations and governments organizing training programs. It is a celebration that you have found out ways to be connected, and that you are helping other women to do the same, not only for the international connections but also for business success. You are truly a leader in your country, and it is wonderful and encouraging to know that you are there, doing all that you do.

With Love in Sisterhood,


Hi Tam,
Thanks for your comment! Yes I agree that more women must understand what the internet has to offer and eventually there will be a positive result regarding this issue.

Best regards,

busayo's picture

Very Important Question?

This is a very important question and I believe like you have said we need to create the awareness. My organization is embarking on these type of campaign for 13 weeks on the Radio in Nigeria. Women need to know how internet can benefit them immensely.
Thank you for this wonderful post, it is an eye opener.


Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

moshelbeads's picture

Hi Busayo

I just checked what your organization is doing for women.The Cybercafe for Women and Girls Only initiative by your organization is laudable. I was introduced to the internet at 9 years old(in my school in Ghana) and my big sister always encouraged me to use the internet. However as a teenager I wasn't comfortable going to cybercafes because of privacy issues , once a guy sitting by me suppose to be using his computer sent me a chat message that "he wants to be my friend" and that he is the one sitting by me. I got scared and left, since then when going to a cybercafe I look out for the ones with table dividers. Thanks for what your organization is doing .

Best regards,

between women's use of mobile phones and the internet. I really enjoyed reading your post and I completely agree with you that if women can use their mobile phones that already puts them ahead of the game in terms of understanding (and being able to use) the internet. I also really agree with you that more needs to be done to promote awareness of the internet and to teach people what kinds of opportunities await if one becomes internet literate.
I am super impressed with you! I think it's so cool you got involved with Ghana Bead Society and now manage their Facebook page and are their spokesperson :)

Thanks for sharing! I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Best wishes,

moshelbeads's picture

Thanks Julia!


Carolina Torres's picture

From South to South

Hola Rebbeca,
Thank you for sharing your story, which is very similar to the Latin America's context from where I'm from.
I think is important to facilitate lessons learned between the two continents on the challenges and opportunities women face accessing internet.


moshelbeads's picture

Hola Carolina!

Gracias! Individuals, organizations and governments should do more to address challenges women face accessing internet in third world countries.

PohChing's picture

All around the world

I have been reading up on the posts actively in world pulse. It is really amazing and wonderful on how people around the world have been using the internet, even to gain experiences by volunteering or to gain knowledge, and also to make friends. Internet has really broken up the boundaries of distances.

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