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VOF Week 3: (The Born Again Blogger)

My main challenge to blogging has been my perception of it; namely, that it is a vast community in which to amplify one’s own naval-gazing. This view was formed by my first, and only, experience of it. Having stumbled across someone’s blog that seemed to be published for their conceited benefit, their sole purpose seemed to be wanting a larger audience to complain to about how hard their life was in a Western, well-fed, privileged environment. It simply turned me off to the whole idea. I’m not one for broadcasting the “it’s all about me,” self-aggrandizing, self-important litany of one’s daily life because frankly, I don’t find it interesting or worthy of my time. There are more important concerns to address in the world (insert Amnesty International list of human rights issues), in my humble opinion.

That was a couple of years ago. My curiosity crippled and my patience provoked, I avoided further engagement with blogs and stuck to trusted sources of news-worthiness. For better or worse it wasn’t until I read about World Pulse that my interest was resuscitated and resolutely limped into another trial of “what is a blog?”

Like anyone who has judged too quickly and repented, I am humbled by all that I didn’t realize blogs could be, and are. Blogging, I have discovered, can embody – my occasionally fierce – passion about the global women’s empowerment movement and provide a forum in which to amplify my experiences, stories, and ideas and engage in an active, interesting, worthwhile exchange with others.

Now that I’ve seen the light and am a born again blogger, my current challenge is to find enough time to devote to reading and writing in the blog forum. Like anyone newly converted and newly impassioned, anxious to jump head first into an experience, I wrestle with the sparse commodity of time. To solve the problem of only grabbing bits and pieces of interaction online, I’m choosing to stay later at work to partake in the blog community. I’m also dedicating more hours on the weekends.

Apart from time constraints, I worry about the bigger picture for the future. How can I know what I read on a blog is true? How can I be sure that particular event happened? I’m all for the wonders of blogging, but I also can’t help but wonder about diluting the impact of professional journalism when everyone, including Joe the Plumber, can claim a story as factual. But that is the larger philosophical discussion. Right now I’m too enamored in blogging with substance. By conversing and growing closer to blogging communities from which I draw strength and solidarity, I am equipped to add my voice to the more important concerns around the world, saying, "bring ‘em on!"


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Hi! I love your honesty about

Hi! I love your honesty about your apprehension on blogging and the corresponding responsibility of truthfulness I congratulate you for taking the time to engage in blogging and airing your voice to the world. thank you for sharing your piece of mind , giving me the opportunity to read your post . Looking forward for more of your write-ups.

best regards,

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Listening to you


Welcome to the blogging world. I keep a blog as a communication tool for work ( MJCC Day Camp ) but not a personal one. I appreciate your honesty and I'm gad you are giving it another try. I wonder if that first blogger you mentioned just needed someone to offer her/him a little perspective.


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