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VOF Week 3: (“My experience of blogging”)

The concept of blogging was introduced to me by a movie named “The perfect man” and after that I went on researching what it really is about. After knowing about blogging I got so excited that I could publish my article online and even read other’s article and give my inputs as well. But as time passed by I got busy and could not post my article on my blog regularly. Blogging has always been so exciting and we can raise different issues and get wide range of ideas, comments and suggestions.

There are wide ranges of opportunity that comes to our way through blogging like: we can get introduced to people having similar thoughts, can create a loose network for advocacy purposes through blogging and moreover we can put our thoughts, feelings into words. Blogging can be done with your own identity and anonymously as well. This can be taken as both the challenge and opportunity. As in country where women do not have right to express themselves or talk openly about some issues they can blog anonymously and put their thoughts, feelings and experience and share them with the people from other part of the world. Similarly blogging anonymously can also create confusion among the readers as people might think that their blog articles are false assumptions.

Besides having the opportunity, blogging also has some challenges such as digital divide because people do not have access to computer. Along with that in country like Nepal, despite having internet connections due to electricity cut for longer hours blogging has been quite impossible lately. Along with that blogging reaches those who have access to computers and new technologies and many women are illiterate and do not have any knowledge about computers and among those who blog they do not update their blogs regularly. As a result people who could create waves and voices in the world are staying silent just because they cannot access computers or are busy with their daily lives.

For overcome these challenges, it is essential to encourage people who blog, by providing inputs to their writings. Those women who have access to computers can talk to people who do not have access and put their thoughts into blog and share them with the world. In such situation we can be informed about the people whom we could have thought not to exist because being oriented to one’s society sometimes it is difficult to imaging the people living on the other part of the world. Blogging sometimes can be quite lethargic because of time unavailability but sometimes it becomes a way for mental healing as putting our thoughts into words helps release our tension, frustration. So it is essential to blog because in one hand or the other it helps us to be empowered and raise voice against wrong doers.


Fatima Waziri's picture

Hey there Lanjana! I love the

Hey there Lanjana!
I love the way you described your world of blogging and how you progressively realized its usefulness. Especially in developing countries, power supply is a huge challenge. Blogging helps us raise our voices.

Well done.


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so much to say, so littler time!


i have to say, reading your entry really made me realize jsut how connected blogging can make us all. for instance, i found myself nodding and agreeing with EVERYTHING you were saying: lack of time, lack of availability of resources, the absence of voices of those who may not have the same kind of access, etc. i was SO SHOCKED when i went onto your profile and saw how different our backgrounds are: i am american, a housewife right now, and have never left my country. i have never experienced the kind of things you are seeing everyday, at least not firsthand. yet, we seem to be so in sync and so similar in our concerns and barriers and opinions, even if they present themselves in different ways. thank you so much for making me see how much blogging can truly bridge the gap and how very important it is to break down the barriers and allow EVERYONE to have an equal voice!


Don't let your worries get the best of you. Remember, even Moses started out as a basket case.

lanjana's picture

Thank you Fatima and Molli

Dear Friends,

It gives me immense pleasure to read your comments, Fatima in developing or LDCs like ours access to basic needs is more important because we can see people dying of hunger, getting into forced sex , and access to computers becomes the luxury needs. But in such case as well when we have access we have learnt so much and still learning and are using them in our daily lives and are sharing them with those who do no have access and are putting their experiences and helping them raise their voices, so blogging has really helped us to be heard in one way or the other

Molli, thank you for comments, as from your comments I came to know that women around the globe behave in similar manner and are touched by the same issues. You staying in USA can relate to the problem faced by the women in LDCs and are encouraging us to move ahead is an example how Pulsewire has connected us and made us friend in the journey towards women empowerment and helped us discuss the issues related to us in one or the other as we share the part of this earth.

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