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Internet service communication.

The internet came into my life in a natural way. Courses did not only used the computer and I learned.

Today I know how to be in touch with technology has approached me people inside and outside my country.

I use this tool in poetry sharing network and pocisionamento against social issues that emerge in virtual space. Today I have friends in various slums.

I was able to participate with a dissertation on the poetry of a Brazilian in Japan, she researched the NGO Viva Favela. I wrote a poem at the time of the Rio + 20. Participated on behalf of World Pulse.

I found it interesting and an open umbrella stuck in a tree, the umbrella had a photograph of the face of a Japanese girl. And I made a poem. She saw and liked in Japan.

A poetry made ​​in Brazil ended in Japan I have a partner in Austria I met through my poetry, it sends the melody of songs by email and I make the letters.
I have friends in India, France, the USA having never left Brazil.

I could attend a filming of another Brazilian student doctoral student in England, about the film City of God.

June stayed an American doctoral student in the USA, before we talked a lot on Skype, I directed it. She is doing research on the Pacification Police Units have brought benefit to the community of the City of God.

Got funding for 25 women to learn digital start-up from November.

Use the network to work, and leisure as a space of exchange, as now with you. All very natural, all very simple. Any woman can communicate with the world. To this she needs to have a computer and internet has arrived in the slums Lan's house.

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PohChing's picture


The internet is really user friendly and can reach a wide range of users worldwide. Maybe even reaching out to the lazy readers who prefer to stay at home and read. :P

Truth. In addition to achieving the preguiços readers, she can conquer curious people and develop creativity in the transfer of records, interviews, materials, poetry.
Be constant for its permanence people can do their time, and even if they have a atribuluado day, when connecting vitual enters the action and communicates with the world. It is a definite time and space that we could keep in touch.
Grateful for your comment


Ridingthecamel's picture


:) Thank you for your post Valéria!
i like your approach; the internet is simple... learning it may come quite natural... and it may be beneficial for both your professional and your private life.
I hope we can support more projects such as yours to connect women to our digital community! :)

All the best,


binapatel33's picture

Thank you

Valeria, great job on your story. Thank you for sharing how well technology benefits us and makes our life simple. Great job.

Kind Regards,
Bina Patel
hc Mediate, LLC

binapatel33's picture

thank you!

thank you!

Kind Regards,
Bina Patel
hc Mediate, LLC

Dear hugs and success in communication, it is powerful and can contribute to world development.The key to unite and develop actions are connected in communication.


Valéria Barbosa

Dear hugs and success in communication, it is powerful and can contribute to world development.The key to unite and develop actions are connected in communication.


Valéria Barbosa

Tam's picture


Dear Valeria,

Your description of how the internet has made it possible for you as a poet and an artist, to link up with other poets, artists, film makers and activists is exciting and inspiring. I loved the woman in the tree. Spirit of the tree showing. I enjoyed too, knowing that City of God was important to you. It is such an important film.

Now I can enjoy knowing that you are there, linking up both locally and internationally. World Pulse gives us all such an opportunity to be strong and inspired together. Thank you for reminding us to enjoy it all naturally an playfully.

With Love in Sisterhood,


Valéria Barbosa da Silva's picture

Happy night

Dear Sisterhood, I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Writing poetry is releasing thoughts and with the help of internete they can fly around the world.



Nabiye Tal's picture

You are right!

Dear Valeria,

Wow, it is really amazing what the internet can do, we can´t get over talking about it. The internet is simply amazing!!! I love your photos. keep it up!!!


Nabiye Tal,
Founder/CEO- IEVAWC.
@nabiye, @ievawc

Julia O'Byrne's picture

Very true!

Oi Valéria!
I really enjoyed reading your post. It's inspiring to read about how the internet can make a positive difference in people's lives. I think it's so cool the way you have connected with other women in countries all over the world through the internet. That's great! I hope the 25 women who will be learning from the digital start up in November really enjoy their experience. I also like how you are a poet and liked all the poems you included, especially Foot of Girl.

Muito obrigada for sharing and best wishes,

Jumi's picture

Great job, Valeria

Dear Valeria, you're a global citizen. Yes, with the Internet you don't need to leave your home or home country to connect with people in different parts of the world. How useful, exciting and transformative is that. Great job taking advantage of technology.

Juni dear, you're right to be connected with the world in addition to promoting communication, enables the desire to know besides the internet this world with all the culture and diversity of nations. Hugs.

Valéria Barbosa

gracest's picture

Valéria, I really enjoyed


I really enjoyed reading your poetry. You have a wonderful way with words and a beautiful talent; it is very fortunate that, through the Internet, you are able to share that with the world.

thank you,


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