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"VOF Week 3: (Direct REVOLUTION on net!)."


30 000 young people on street of Chisinau now fighting for their rights!

Writing without concentration... since it is a big revolution in the Country today - Protests of youth against Communism!!!

I do not keep a blog but love reading and following out other blogs, where people share their own opinion. In our country it is hard to follow what is going on TV, since the politics plays bad on it, putting the news they want people to hear.

Youth is on Strike today!Not only in the streets and in front of the parliament... Everyone is keeping updates and makes big revolution on facebook, Twitter, etc.

Since government closed inner flow, and makes TV stop online emissions, people blog every second blog and twit:
"a grenade thrown by the police has torn apart one of the protester's leg" 2 seconds away!

following the protests developing through the bloggers - while the state tv showing music show!

Now you dear people understand where the free media is?
We can all see the reality from simple people.... The more people confirm same statement - the more real situation gets!

Moldova was part of Romania until 1940, then was occupied by the Soviet Union until it declared independence in 1991. Independence ushered in instability and catastrophic economic conditions, and in 2001 angry citizens voted the Communist Party back into power, making it the first post-Soviet state to do so.

Protests were convened on Monday night after the election results were announced, the demonstrators had confronted the police and tried to overturn vehicles. On Tuesday the crowds gathered again, picketing the Election Commission headquarters, the president’s residence, and other government buildings.

Blog and twitter patriots revolutionists :))

What if one day you were me, you were here ...

What would you write about??

All we want is Victory now and truth spoken!
It is sad though that people get to violence...

But what else is left if there are big FRAUDS against Democracy!

At least today the presidency turned into a free entrance museum!

Bring the chance we need - people of Moldova!

Today I can speak again!!!
The bloggers create the change!
Time to wake up!

Everyone thinks the revolution today was created by political opposition and NGOs, but the reality is
Twitters and Bloggers decided it!

Was it me, or it is Mr President 's Voice Trembling?



meg.peterson's picture

Hi Victoria, The writing

Hi Victoria,

The writing style and intensity of this piece mirrors the events taking place, making this very powerful and vivid. To be able to read your story here, a personal perspective of current events is amazing. Thank you for sharing about the struggles and the story behind them. The power of the youth of your country is inspiring and its great that twitter and facebook can be used for such monumental purposes. Here in the United States there use is generally very superficial, to see these resources being utilized for a real cause creates a whole new realm for me to understand Web 2.0 and blogging. Your last thought is especially thought provoking. Your writing style is unique and engaging and I really enjoyed and learned a lot from such a short article. Thank you for sharing and I wish you all luck and peace.

Cheers, Megan

Dear Megan,

Thank you for the comment,
I thought for a while that it is the end of world coming, every day after we just saw and see fear in people's eyes because some innocent children are being tortured and die in the security cellars, just because they wouldn't sign up a paper for they organized something???

It is also sad that almost one week passed and there is no reaction from international organizations.

And yes who else but youth will fight for the future of this country. Now even more people try to leave the country and we are left with nothing.

The new technology at least helped spread the word. But again, after the 7th of April, when news wrote about online revolution in Moldova, the access to internet was cut, especially face book was not accessible, while twitter attracted security agents and people to confuse others.

Now everyone is striking but in a peaceful way - unfortunately 7th of April strike had some instigators payed by anti-democracy regime. They confused the masses.

That is why later people decided to choose Peaceful Protest. Everyone got a flower and went on main plaza.

Yesterday, Sunday, the whole world celebrated Easter, while we here cellebrate it one week late on the 19th of April.
But yesterday we have a traditional Holiday called "Flori" or Flower day. People go to church and bring a flower and later they take it home, a meaning of peace, health and faith.

Let's believe with this Peace and faith will come back into Moldova!

With deep respect to those who are concerned with the situation here,

Victoria Vorosciuc
Project Coordinator
"Empowering women to participate
in community life"
WorldPulse Media Corresspondent

molliv's picture

a webolution!

wow, victoria, your writing just oozes enthusiasm and power. you are certainly embracing everything that blogging has to offer. how do you feel now, having a blog for teh first time, knowing that people are listening? i had no idea about your country, and the internal revolution of the youth, and now i will be following this, and posting about it on my own blogs, so just by posting this, you have contributed to the revolution. simply by spending a few minutes and putting forth your own voice, you have been heard! how empowering! what a wonderful alternative for those of you who are committed to nonviolent protest, to be able to get the word out there. it does, sadly, seem that often there are no alternatives to violence, yet at the same time those that do not understand will criticize the same violence that is necessitated by the lack of democracy that other lands would advocate. you have definitely combined your own voice with the power of html.

thank you so much, i look forward to hearing more about it in the future.


Don't let your worries get the best of you. Remember, even Moses started out as a basket case.

Victoria Vorosciuc's picture

basket case

Dear Molli,
Thank you for your message.
To the question How I feel, having a blog? I would answer - I feel watched by ... , unsecured, and probably a little bit desperate, since many people's blogs were monitored in order to find out who started online Revolution.
Still I believe I can have an input by making it known to the World.

We are desperate, but our friends from another countries keep us believing and I am sure one day we can make it work!

Unfortunately one of the journalists I respect is arrested for 10 days.
What to say... here is a good link

And thank u so much!
From Moldova
with faith,

Victoria Vorosciuc
Project Coordinator
"Empowering women to participate
in community life"
WorldPulse Media Corresspondent

Victoria Vorosciuc's picture


Many Moldovans took to the streets 10 days ago over allegations that the ruling Communists stole elections held two Sundays ago. Protests turned violent as the parliament and presidency buildings were stormed by demonstrators.

Over the following days, hundreds of people involved in the protests were arrested and taken to police holding cells, where, according to reports by the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe and the United Nations, many were beaten by police and sentenced collectively to short prison terms.

Today newspapers write that there were printed over 100 000 false ID's. The false reports were found in Cahul region where by now the vote fraud is 2036, representing 10.6% of the total number of voters, in Chisinau - the capital, 5166 people were registered at several polling sections and other 3280 different people were listed with the same no. the voucher ID.

The results of an election recount, begun on Wednesday, are expected on Friday (today). Opposition parties are boycotting the process, saying it will do nothing to address concerns about ballot stuffing in the elections.

one more death after Chisinau protests...Eugen Tapu's parents were called to Chisinau after they have been informed that their son is dead, without any other explanation regarding the cause of death. Eugen was 26 years old and he died nine days ago. His father declared that his son is unrecognizable....

every day people get more evidence about the fact that the Revolution has been provoked by several agents

It was a conspiracy !

Worse scenario - Moldovan prosecutors instrumented a penal file against woman journalist Natalia Morar, accused of usurping state power, mass disorder and active disobedience. Morar is currently in house arrest for ten days.

She was accused of organizing the protests of April 6/7 that lead to the violent attacks of the Parliament and the Presidency headquarters. In fact she only asked people on Twitter and Facebook to come out for a Peaceful Protest the following day - April 6 to a Peaceful Protest.

No freedom of press in our Democratical Country run and tortured by Communist Government.

Victoria Vorosciuc
Project Coordinator
"Empowering women to participate
in community life"
WorldPulse Media Corresspondent

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