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VOF Week 3: (Blogging; Don't I Just Love it!)

Blogging is delightfully new to me. I had heard about blogging but until I signed up for PulseWire, I had never really blogged before. But I am loving it. At the risk of sounding conceited, I will say that personally, I have not encountered any challenges yet. Maybe in the future I will, but right now, I don’t think so.

The only barrier I have is cost. I buy internet time at a cyber café. Now, while the rates are not exorbitant for a one time use, if you have to be on the internet every day, the cost rises dramatically. But I have found ways to help myself. I have a computer at home that is not connected to the internet. This computer was given to me by a very good friend. It is a Pentium II, very slow, but it serves me quite well. So what I do is I type all my contributions at home, put it in a portable hard drive and take it to a cyber café. That means all I do is copy and paste. That reduces the amount of time I would spend on the internet. However, it is not possible to use this technique when replying to comments or checking out the journal pages of others. Most at times, I just read what others have posted and try to make a few comments but my participation is certainly not as I would have loved it. And I squeeze the time I spend on PulseWire to visit other sites like IJNET and Reuterslink

In future, I hope to be connected to the internet at home. I am saving up some money to buy a phone that will allow me connect to the internet at home. That way, I could always do all the typing and reading offline and just copy and paste when I’m online.


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Obviously the IJNET link didn't work as I hoped. Would have to revise that

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Ohh myy gaawdd!!
you have no IDEA how much I have been looking for you!!!!!
I hope you remember me for maroua...if not this is/will not even be funny!!!
this is Loretta Mambi Ashu
please tell me you remember me....
anyways HOW ARE YOU?
You are doing a wonderful thing with this blog...
so we can talk and catch up.
wow am still shock.
hope to here from you soon

Nelly2.0's picture


This is crazy! What? I cannot believe this. Is it really you? I have wanted to contact you too. I heard from your mom about six or seven years ago! I can still remember. She said you were angry with me coz I had not replied any of the mails you sent, not knowing I had left Saker. Goodness! I am in shock too.I am sending you an email right now.This is crazy!

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Hey there Nelly! Its nice to

Hey there Nelly!
Its nice to know you are having such a good time blogging on Pulsewire. Like the say practice makes perfect and i trust you shall get better as you go along. Internet air time definitely cost money but what you do with the copy and paste thing is very smart.

Good luck with the 3g network phone.


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Thanks a lot. I certainly do hope that I get the phone soon. Would help me a lot.


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Keep on blogging!

Hi Nelly,

It is obvious from reading your engaging and well written journals that you are a natural blogger! I always enjoying reading what you have to say. And now that we know what a struggle it is for you to access the Internet, your journals have even more meaning - knowing that you are that committed to raising your voice in the name of women empowerment. I hope that you can get a phone soon and wish you all the best of luck. In the meantime, just know that you are reaching us and we are listening. You are a valued member of this community!

Warm regards,

Nelly2.0's picture


Hi Jade,
thanks. This means a lot to me. Even if I am not chosen as a correspondent, I know that the journey continues on WorldPulse. I love this community!


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