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Diving into Social Media

Hello everyone!
Currently, Shannon and I have been emailing people in an effort to request interviews in hopes of making a documentary. Unfortunately, we have not had any replies, but rather than giving up and feeling discouraged, we feel more encouraged to make a splash in the media. Through brainstorming, we have drawn the conclusion that the best way to receive the most attention, and hopefully help the most people, is by continuing to request interviews and starting our own Youtube channel. Since we are so encouraged by the lovely comments that have been posted, we wanted to keep all of you up to date on our plans and hear any comments and suggestions you have for us. We are planning to make educational videos about specific topics in an effort to educate people around the world and impact the mentality regarding gender discrimination in our society. But, before we post any videos, we would like to hear any comments about our plan of action or any ideas about how we could effectively present ourselves via social media. Any feedback would be appreciated and considered and we will let you all know when we are up and running! We hope to continue our journey and would love it if you would join us in our fight for equality and a better world for ourselves and future generations!

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amymorros's picture

Keep it up!

Thank you being honest about some of the obstacles you have been facing. I know a lot of people use the Internet in very creative ways to spread their message.
I wish you the best of luck and please update the World Pulse community on your progress and how members can get involved.


FOR's picture

Re: Keep it up!

Thank you very much for your support!
With the internet Kendall and I are both taking a summer school course so we can focus on FOR during the school year. In our final year of high school next year, we are allowed to get spares, which we agreed can be used for our meetings and brainstorming.
Thank you again, you will be hearing from us soon!

Happy Summer!
Shannon O'Connor

kkrompas's picture

This is a great idea! What

This is a great idea! What specifically are you looking for in your interviews? This sounds like an amazing venture, which can help so many people. I'm thinking if you are posting ads online for interviews, people may be hesitant to respond since they don't know you or if you are legitimate. Have you tried going to homeless shelters, walking around town and city centers and seeking out leaders of various nonprofits? It might be a good way of collecting contacts and meeting face-to-face.

Just a thought.

Keep up the amazing work!

Nabiye Tal's picture


Dear For,

This is the Spirit! I am with you 100% on this. I really encourage you to continue to use the media online and you will definately get the desired results. Big hugs to you and the team!!!


Nabiye Tal,
Founder/CEO- IEVAWC.
@nabiye, @ievawc

busayo's picture

Move on!

Move on, the sky is the beginning. gender equality must be achieved.
Thank you!


Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

FOR's picture

Thank You Everyone!

Wow! Thank you all! We are really feeling the love!
What we have the intention of doing in terms of interviews is getting a public general consensus and relating their opinion in the ideology that we see in the media today. Thank you for the suggestions! We are in the process of contacting non profits.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments :)

Our next update will probably be in the next few weeks, once I have completed my course. At the moment we do not have a YouTube channel, but we do have a twitter and a skeleton of a website/ blog.

You can check us out at:

Thank you once again so much!

Shannon O'Connor

Mary S's picture

Hi Definitely don't give up!


Definitely don't give up! It may be slow at the beginning but you will get there.

Are you looking for local people who you can interview face to face, or do you also want to interview people around the world e.g. via email or Skype? You could post a request in the 'need' section of the Resource Exchange with more details of what you are doing and the kinds of people you would like to talk to and about what subjects. You may find some World Pulse members who would like to be interviewed.

Good luck!


FOR's picture

Thank You!

Thank you for your suggestion. Kendall and I have been looking for some ideas as to how to get more people's opinions and this is an idea that we honestly should have thought about sooner!

Such a great idea, we will most likely be doing such

Happy Summer

Shannon O'Connor

Dani26's picture

Good luck!

Hi there

What a great idea! I love the name you've chosen as well - For Our Rights - love it! I think the suggestions through the comments so far have been really great. It sounds like you're both super passionate about your work, so I think this combined with interviews with other passionate people will be a dynamite combination for youtube videos. I particularly like quite conversational style interviews (though others may be different). Although they're not youtube videos, listening to some feminist podcasts may give you some more ideas of approaches and topics to cover. Some I listen to are Everyday Feminism and Stuff your Mom Never Told You.

Hope this is helpful, and good luck!

Warm wishes

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