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The Impact of environment to Illetracy.

Safisha is a local Swahili word meaning "clean".The society women live in socializes them as they grow up on who to be or become.In a woman;s mind there can be ignorance to get to know things,to get to learn in school but to get to look forward to be a good housewife despite of the challenges.To make clean is to wash people of all that they cherish and valued that does not add any value.The environment is where one lives or goes to school and can tell what.Some environments that have both indicators of urban slum and rural population have a high number of women who are illiterate and it is not a shock.The society we live in and the environment contributes a lot on who women are to the internet.The socialization as a girl grows up in any negative form is what needs to be cleaned so that she can be an effective and a great person.As some Pastors men or professional ones whether their wives have any knowledge of the internet,the answer will be a surprise to the ears.Yet the great people who serve the nation with dedication are women.A mother can work get home,get into the kitchen cook,wash utensil,mob,clean the house,go shopping and many others yet she is not complaining but working with all her heart.
So what hinders women from accessing the internet and speaking it out?The environment might be one cause,as a picture shows in some areas the distance and what it takes to move where the internet is is a problem.The other reason is some areas have not received rural electrification.The third reason is some women have been disadvantaged not to go to school and been forced by the environment they live in to give in for marriage without any knowledge of reading and writing.Illiteracy and campaign is what Iam working on to make women and girls better person despite of where they live and originate.Cleaning is making and effort for a place to be better.If one sits down and does not rise up to take a mob ,water and soap no cleaning can be done.Iam determined and focused to have it done for I grew up in poverty and I understand what poverty can do to one.We used to go and work in the farms of our neighbors to get some money to buy a book and a pencil.Personally I went to school without shoes and even a sweater.I worked hard in school and even now Iam working hard not to experience poverty and a yearned for a time when my children will never experience what I experienced.I woke up in the morning going to school without any breakfast and not knowing what I will eat lunch and supper.My best supporter was my mother and so I want to support all women who pass through what I passed to excel and know what the outside world can give even if part of the world is cruel to them as they experience harsh conditions.My mother did not go beyond high school in her studies and she used to encourage me to go further.The fruits I reap now are part of a woman's encouragement so that Iam not illiterate .As I work with children and women I campaign for them to be enlightened persons when we normally have meetings of parents.First time I asked how many know how to open the laptop it was a shock to all of them.The laptop was something so new that they cannot handle.It's not only where I work but the environment I work in which is in town but interior tells the problems women are in and they have no knowledge of the internet.The female teachers ,subordinate staff are alliterate to the internet and most of their work they take to the cyber to be worked on .Surprisingly the female administrative officer in the area where Iam also happens to be illiterate in digital matters and my task is heavy.See the attached letter written by hard because she has no computer and knowledge in the area of working on the computer yet she has to serve several people in the community.
I did access the problems and the illiteracy that surrounds a number of women but and still with one laptop want to assist many women in groups including the administrative officer to navigate the internet.The photos show a group of women I called for meeting and non of them could access the internet.I did put the group of women and separated those who can read and those who cant.Those who cant are using sounds to learn more on the laptop keys.It motivates them a lot to learn together.The same applies to women at the church where I still go they are learning something about the internet.The good wife wakes up early works for her husband and prepares all things she has no time even to learn about the internet..A lot of women teachers,nurses,administrative offices,community based workers real need the internet .The roads too and infrastructure tells,transport to access the cyber cafes, and distance is the hindrance.The myth ,culture and ignorance adds to the illiteracy but knowledge and campaign can change everything.Attached are photos of the roads,distance to cyber cafe and letters of a female administrative chief .

This story was written for World Pulse’s Women Weave the Web Digital Action Campaign. Learn more »



Cali gal Michelle's picture

Safisha- Thank you for

Thank you for sharing this story with us. There are so many issues involved with accessing and using technology, as you have mentioned here; education, literacy, access, location, abuse, hinderances..... so many little things that converge into one big challenge. But, little by little women are achieving their goals in becoming educated and trained themselves and helping others to do the same. Let us not lose hope as we are being renewed day by day. Let us not lose hope as we strive to address each challenge. Let us not lose hope as we attempt to better our lives and those of our children.

Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


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