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"VOF Week 3: (Who is reading?)."

I am not sure when I started blogging since I didn’t know that I was blogging! I just found myself very keen on sharing information on the web and had not considered myself a blogger for long!

Many times I am very passionate with my blogs when I have an issue that has caught my attention and emotion. I will write hoping that the person I am targeting gets to read my views. I love the feeling of knowing that I have shared information with relevant persons and that the issues that matter to me also matter to some other people. But does this always happen? It is hard to tell unless people leave comments. Some times this happens and it is very encouraging but some other times there are no comments and I wonder, has anyone been reading this? Many people seem to find leaving comments a bother and hence read blogs and move on, without leaving a trace that they were there. However, worse still is when people leave negative comments! It is disheartening despite the appreciation I have that people have different opinion.

Some other challenge in blogging is time. Being a full time worker it means that I have to do blogging at my own time. Regardless of how important the blogs could be to the community work, this is not viewed as such and hence one always gets the feeling of doing personal work. This therefore means that I don’t get to respond to the comments as I would wish and also don’t get to write as much as I would wish to.

I have recently made arrangements to have internet in the house to give me more time to blog. I am also selective on the sites that I blog and even deregister if it proves not worthwhile or abusive. I especially register where I feel that the site is in congruent to my beliefs and passion and this has helped but it doesn’t mean that it is foolproof. With time I have learnt to accept dissenting and even arrogant views and know when to defend my views and when to keep quiet. Many bloggers are out to criticise and hence I am very keen in noting such and therefore ignoring. Other times people are just misinformed and hence I take the opportunity to elaborate my views by giving more information. All in all this ends up being a learning process.

However this can be threatening to women who lack confidence in themselves or are new to blogging hence there is a need to have blogs like pulse wire which provides safe space for women more publicised. This way there are higher chances that the blogs will also be read by the people targeted. Helping women in grassroots to access email in the localities with the growth of IT and introducing them to blogging will also increase chances of the blogs being read by the relevant persons, then I will be glad someone is reading!


LauraB's picture

Interesting Angle


I hear many people say, there's more blogs than people reading blogs. What do you think of that? I feel too the PulseWire provides a safe forum. I have felt the same way about no comments when I blog. But I don't comment all the time. I only have so much time and energy to be in front of the screen. A balance?

What will the internet in your house be like? A laptop, desktop? Good bandwidth? Do most people you know have computers at home?

I liked how you told about your personal experience and your writing is very clear.

I'll be reading- and try to comment too!

Warm wishes,


Sophie's picture

blogs and more blogs

Hi Laura,
Thanks for your comments.
I agree many times it seems there are more blogs and more blogs but human beings are also as diverse as the blogs. I guess finding some blogs that really speak to someone is one way of not feeling overwhelmed and when the blogs are for certain target like pulse wire then those who discover this will be glued to this. A balance is great sometime there is really no time but even one word makes the person who wrote feel, "hey someone is reading". I make it a point to visit the blogs that have issues that are close to my hear and even a simple ' like this' will do. not easy though.

In Kenya for example there is more and more IT developement but this is more in Urban than rural, more and more people are accessing internet either form cyber cafes, or home or even on their mobile phones with its limitations. The babdwith may not always be the best hence low speed, or higher costs!!!


Sophie Ngugi
Child of the Universe

mrbeckbeck's picture

Busy busy blogger

Hi Sophie,

It sounds like you've learned quite a bit about blogging! Or, at least you know how to deal with the range of audiences out there. I really enjoyed your post here. I felt that I could understand where you were coming from very clearly.

I especially can relate to the challenge of having enough time! It seems like there's a hundred things in any day to do, and most of them are in the flesh rather than online. But, I think PulseWire is a good reminder that there is important work to be done online that has an impact in reality. What do you think? How do you explain to people that PulseWire isn't just another website!?

I wish you all the best, and hope you continue to share your voice loudly and clearly. We're reading!


Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer

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