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VOK WEEK 3 (Tearing illiteracy barriers)


Many people sum up writing as just an art of forming words to creat creative piece and so blogging, but there is more to this.This I realized, when I landed a magazine which explicated A-Z on setting up a blog.I followed every step and in a minute I had created a blog-spots for change.I was thrilled.This gave me a chance to comfortably be myself and connect with a global community.I posted enough informative content on all areas.I inspired and empowered women,I wrote my head out on running stuff, pain causes and remedies.In a whole month of writing loads and loads of non-stop content ,I had zero comment a zero vote .No one commented ,no one voted.My heart and my hands got crushed!
With determination to proceed, I `solutioned’ to interest my blogging.I had to tap audience to connect with .I had to build traffic.I networked in face book, I emailed my friends every time I posted a piece. I posted value-packed articles, but still no comment came through.
Blogging only get interesting when you know you are reaching out to your targeted audience, and the only way to evaluate this is through comments and votes.This what I lacked .I knew I was fooling someone-myself!
In discontent, I posted question like article -a research.I knew I had failed.But where and how? I yearned for an answer.
“Your articles on running are not beneficial to me, I hate running!” one blogger retorted, I would be impressed if you write more on hiking or biking.That is where my heart is”
“Most of your articles are targeted to reach women in need of inspiration, while that is a great idea, why not general public? Another blogger asked.
Mmmhhh here I was busy writing and posting insignificant content.I knew then that, not all interesting articles interest every audience.
All this taught me balance of blogging, but as much as some of my audience get displeased with women inspiration content, it is a line Iam not ready to disconnect.Women take the lion’s share when it comes to society discrimination,how then can we say we are women community if we do not support our own? But how then do I inflate my audience if I do not please already have audience? I felt lost.
I know, Grass root women need all the stuff I write. Someone has to teach them how to use computers and interact with the global women.Someone has to inspire them through words and actions.But who and how while computers are gold in villages? That has to be me! I have to mobilize women from developed countries to collect dumped computers and ship them to our soon to be womanshope computer lab.I have to literate and connect them to you!
I have learned that, the most precious gift you can award a blogger is a comment and a vote that’s why I connect and support other pulse wire bloggers with my frequent comments on their journals.


enDhruva's picture

Running in a great direction!

I don't remember much Kiswahili from when I was in Kenya for 3 months but I can say hello and count to 10. ha ha ha Your experience with blogging sounds like it was frustrating at first but you really got into the research aspect of it and learned a lot! I completely agree with you that the women who probably don't have easy access to computers are the ones that need Web 2.0 the most and I applaud your efforts in getting the computer shop started to make a difference in their lives. I hope we all get to see them on World Pulse in the near future!

As a Voices of our Future listener I was happy to have learned about your personal journey in blogging while also learning about what I will need to do when I get my blog up and "running". Thank you for your candid descriptions!

Best regards,

Mckenzie's picture

Great Outlook to Mobilize!

Dear Shiku,

Your writing shows great determination and motivation! It can be difficult to gain followers while blogging. Sometimes I think, maybe people are reading my postings, but are not compelled to leave a comment that day. I think any personal blog post is significant, even if it reaches only one person! I know that I have read and learned really amazing things from random postings I stumbled upon online, and didn't leave a comment, maybe because the information was still resonating or I had to hurry along at that time.

So keep up the great work, and remember you may be heard more than you realize :)

Mckenzie xo

shiku steve's picture

Thank you Mckenzie

Great inspiring piece.Yeah,blogging require alot passion and patience.It thrills and inspires ones to write more when you receive one ,two three comments.Just like you did.Thanks!

Love Shiku

shiku steve's picture

habari Erin

please say hei next time you visit Kenya.I will take you through lovely running trails.We hav eto bring village women on board our pulse wire bus--we are there to make this happen and soon we will be voicing out one voice in one space-the pulse wire

Love Shiku

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