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"VOF Week 3: (Lerning from challenges)."


I do not have much knowledge about blogging, but I wanted to use it to express my words to the world. Though, I did not have a wide range of experiences, I uttered my voice threw the walls which were around me.
Society had covered me with a strong wall which limited my dedication of raising my voice to the world. This limit told me to be careful what you are saying, because the society will ask many questions from you. I was scared when I write something to blogging, because my mind had covered with the rules from the society. It doesn’t allow coming freely to my ideas. Then, how can I give my real thoughts and feelings to the society? This makes lack of motivation about the social issues in my society. Moreover, when I see an issue in my view, when I want to argue it in my way according to my perception, the society argues in an another way which is in totally different way to my view. This sends me in a different way than I expected, which focuses on others opinions and views than my view. Therefore, it doesn’t mean that I express the same ideas as same as in my mind, which comes from my mind. Sometimes the people who know about the field very well than me, they try to go over me with their wide and intelligent knowledge. They do not care that I am new and still I am learning. They don’t try to help and take us to the world by giving advices. This stops entering new people to the field and learning new things.
I feel these things are giving strength for us to move forward. Therefore as women nation, we need to take this as a challenge and we have fight with this instead of scaring and leaving the target. Therefore, even the society and people refuse and cheat us we should not bend our heads for their voices and go away. I think the best thing is taking everything as a challenge. Everything which comes to us we should take as something which we have to learn many things. Therefore, I think as a possible solution we can fight against the cheatings and the refusing, through our words which are more powerful to raise our voice. When we raise our voice the society will get to know about the empowerment and they will start to respect the women nation. The society will start to think the women also a group of human which they should listen and care. Therefore, in my view I think the only solution which we need is moving forward without any negative perceptions to get the place which we have in the society. We should not stop even the sound which is coming from the background in too noisy. We should think everything as a challenge which we can get strength to our lives.
One day they will get to know about the possibilities which we can do and then they will stop discriminations which they are doing against us. They will gather around us to raise our voice and they will listen to our words too.
Here I am:



Victoria Vorosciuc's picture

roots of denial

"even the society and people refuse and cheat us we should not bend our heads for their voices and go away..."
I love your quote! But it makes me think over and over. How many people are pretending not to hear us...
How many do get to bring us in a bad mood and break our dreams...

Let's go away from this ones... But you know, sometimes you just can't, because they stick to u as a parasite!

What is the right and appropriate way to be accepted by society?
Who is the society around you?

My boss one day told me: we must face the problem, stop running away! You can be a child and run away - that would be an excuse, but to be a grown up - face it!

Best wishes and I love the picture! Is it your own drawing?
would love to use it as a logo, in my ngo :)

Victoria Vorosciuc
Project Coordinator
"Empowering women to participate
in community life"
WorldPulse Media Corresspondent

champika's picture

Thanks a lot my friend,

Thanks a lot my friend, Really you can use it. I just wanna say that, it's true that I can't tis sometimes. But, do we need to run away by this? Is that the correct way to face the challeges?
No, No, No...
WE should face our challenges, then only we could find a solution. If we are silent and if we act as puppets will we find any solution to our problems? No my dears, never..
Therefore, can't we gather as a community and raise our voice together for the sake of women nation.
World Pulse has given a great chance to raise our chance.
so, lovely friend, thaks again for ur kind words and let's raise our voice together against the people who stick us as parasites!
With a hope..

ishara's picture

It's true

It's true champi,but we do not have to stop..go on..we are on the right trak..we can make a differece in the world..

Brige's picture

VOF posting- Week 3

Thanks champika. You are totally right, we must face the challenges and continue, not lose faith and move forward. Make the technologies at the service of our voices! Brigitte

champika's picture

Thanks ..

Thanks my friends for your comments..
I invite you all to visit my bog:

Joan Bartos's picture


Yes Champika! That is the spirit! Remember, too, that there is no perfection. We all make mistakes along the way. We can learn from our mistakes and help others learn from our mistakes.
You are a very good voice for women, young lady! Thank-you for taking a stand. Your courage will help so many others in the world. Never give up!
Peace always,
-Joan Bartos

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