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In this highly anticipated modernised world , woman around the world still lacks the knowledge of being a well accepted human being,WHY?.
This difference is not because of technology not reaching every corner of the world it is because of the ongoing lack of laziness that has entered the human body ,be it a high society where sendentary lifestyle is breaking world records being facilitated and named diseases as “high society disease”,or the absolutely grassroot level people thinking advanced technology is a waste of time.
If techno people could have introduced the wave in a proper manner or the other group had not misutilised or exploited today we would see everyone being a happier person with a winning confidence in whichever level we are., The next level of generation are very much upcoming, and the techno savy,they understand the real need, so wat do we do now ,we have a mission to enter into every corner of the world and try to change at least a small part and make them understand the advantages of being technical ,online facilities of being educated without being exploited and being able to communicate share idea, raise voices and help all others in need.
Lets not forget at the end of time when we are asked about our achievements we would be happy to give one single true commitment of helping other’s.
I fully accept that digitilisation has helped me as a professional in so many ways to start my dreams ,to conquer them and today i am living with them, but not goin so far woman in my profession still lack the knowledge of digilisation ,every now and then they come to me for the slightest task ,its not that they know being a technical person is very easy but though being educated they feel its a little need only at certain times, it is this thought today they are dependent on or are waiting for their work to be done,also relying totally on their counterpart to finish their work.
Its the above motivation, and also for the social betterment i having an NGO of my own has added up an agenda also to make woman understand the importance of being digital.
I sincerely thank WORLD PULSE COMMUNITY for giving an opportunity to share my ideas, i will definitely take the movement to the next level.
Regards Dr Anupama Biswas

This story was written for World Pulse’s Women Weave the Web Digital Action Campaign. Learn more »


Hideko N.'s picture

I am so glad that you signed

I am so glad that you signed up the World Pulse on-line community where you are not only connected with like-minded women around the world but also to develop yourself mentally, intellectually and spiritually. As for the value of women, as you stated, are devalued almost anywhere in the world. I agree. Though I think it is also possible that women can offer something valuable, and if you find it, no one can take away your dignity. It took me a long time, but now I am happy to say I have something very valuable in Japan where no one else can offer the same thing I do. It is my NGO. NGO does not produce results right away, but I continued because I love every moment of the work. I should say though one may have to be strong enough not to be defeated by any sort of disappointment, disagreement or depression. Something truely important can be surrounded by all these negativities--so I would say, BELIEVE IN WHAT IS TRUELY IMPORTANT. And stick with it. As you continue you will start seeing the light.

Welcome aboard!

Hideko N.
NGO Website:
Radio Show:


Thanks Hideko

Congratulation's for being so strong to face the odd, you have made it to the top,very proud to be associated with such a personality.
I promise to work with your visions in future.
Regards Dr Anupama Biswas

Dr Anupama Biswas

Greengirl's picture

Hello Dr Anupama Biswas

I am so glad to have had an opportunity to read your very illuminating piece, which shed new understanding about the existing gender technology divide. More often than not, people hardly spare a second thought or cast a second look at something they consider not worth their time. I would say I have been there too, but it always helps to have people around who will go an extra mile to change mindsets. For example, at some point I felt Facebook was not worth my time. I once thought all that Facebook had to offer it's users was an opportunity to keep tab on their friends. How wrong I was. My mentality changed after several of my professional contacts began asking me about why I was not on Facebook. I succumbed to their requests and the rest is history; as I have become an ardent user of the social networking site in highly beneficial ways.

It is nice to know that you are working committed towards helping other women understand the invaluable benefits of them acquiring digital knowledge and skills. I wish you the very best in your exploits!!!



Thanks Greengirl

I am glad too you appreciated my view , and you admit the fact of being digital helps you in many ways.

Regads Dr Anupama Biswas

Dr Anupama Biswas

SaritaMat's picture

Mindblowing thought

I just felt so true to have a piece of your writing and expression about the digital empowerment.Its indeed a practical view of yours and a very impressive thought.We being computer literate can certainly help and motivate other women too.
Sarita Salian

busayo's picture

Thank you for sharing your ideas

We really appreciate your sharing your ideas with us in this community. Digital empowerment is something every women and girls must access to be able to raise our voices and also help other women. You are doing well by your campaign to other women how internet can be of benefit to them
Thank you!

Busayo Obisakin

Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

sabapetit's picture

Digitally empowered women

Hello Dr. Anupama Biswas

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the necessity of empowerment on women in the digital world. More than never, the digital era has rooted strongly in our society that it is important for women to know how to take advantage of the opportunities that technology gives us! From connecting with people, finding relatives, looking for study and job opportunities, taking educative online courses, sharing stories, until the entertainment and so much more! Internet is a very important tool to squeeze!

So, keep working to the empowerment for women in the digital world!



travelpoet's picture

Thank you!

Thank you, Dr. Biswas, for your commitment to your own development and learning and for inspiring and motivating others with your leadership.

I'm intruiged by your comments about how there are flaws on different sides of the digital divide: folks who are tech savvy do sometimes have an over-reliance on technology, an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle, or use digital access for exploitation purposes. Grassroots folks, as you call them, perhaps don't see the usefulness or value of entering into the digital world.

I love the idea that the world would be better off if there could be some balance and equilibrium between these two stances, particularly if our motivation is to help others.

Thank you for keeping that intention as a guiding principle of your NGO. Wishing you much success as you continue to illuminate the path for others!

All best wishes from an American sister,

binapatel33's picture

Thank you

Dr. Biswas, thank you for sharing your story with us. With your background, do you think that we could use technology to help prevent the issues such as rape with small girls in India? This is a huge issue I know but something must be done to stop it.

Kind Regards,
Bina Patel
hc Mediate, LLC

SaritaMat's picture

gr8 topic..

The topic is question in itself whether the digital empowerment is a curse or a boon.That is indeed a mystery to be solved but more than a curse,its a boon.It can change lives,make one independent in every way.Its a medium to reach people,take help if you need any.Every good thing has two sides and so the internet access but we need to take the good and ignore the bad..I appreciate your ideas too.


sabapetit's picture

Making a diference

Dr. Biswas

Thank you for your thoughts about the digital era. It is up to us to discover and use the power of internet for our academic, professional and social welfare. Meanwhile keep working for the empowerment of women through the teaching of this important tool!


Sara B.


sabapetit's picture

Dr. Biswas

I would like to know more about your efforts of empowering woman by teaching them how to use a computer and the internet. How many woman do you directly serve? What are the benefits they are experiencing? I am pretty sure you are doing a great job! Congrats!




être numérique

nos sincères félicitations d'avoir publier vos expériences. le fait d'entendre que les rêves ont finis par être les réalités, ce n'est pas la moindre des choses. courage dans vos recherches a fin que toutes les femmes de votre communauté sachent surtout, l'outil internet.


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