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Wise Women Will Save the World. This is Their Manifesto.

When you read the attached manifesto for 'Wise Women Will Save the World', you will see that, like World Pulse, we believe that the digital empowerment of girls and women is a critical factor for accelerating change. You will also see that our prime focus is on effective techniques of influence and highly creative forms of persuasive communication.

Once a girl or woman has the capability to generate and disseminate material via digital technology and the internet, I feel her message will have maximum impact if she can express herself in a highly engaging manner, as opposed to the bland and boring style used in many business, bureaucratic and government communications.

I hope this doesn't sound ridiculous, but I want people to view the idea of 'saving the world' as an exciting adventure, where colour, music, energy and laughter reign. This positive buzz is desperately needed to snap many millions of people (both men and women) out of their apathy, and get them to genuinely engage. Let's put it this way: do we seriously think the world is going to be saved by a bunch of grumpy old men in grey suits?

I welcome feedback on the content of the manifesto, and encourage you to bring it to the attention of others with whom it would resonate. Apart from being attached here as a pdf file, the manifesto can also be accessed via this link:



Jennifer Faith's picture

I like what I read!

Hello Graeme,

I read the manifesto and I wholeheartedly believe in everything it stands for. Thank you for pouring your energies into this excellent idea. I think you are on to something and I just want to encourage you to "Keep on Keeping on" as we say in America. In only takes a spark to get a whole fire going. My expertise is domestic violence and religion, and how these two things together - in the current "status quo" are being used to bind women in fear, shame and violence. I know about this because of my own personal story. The good news is that I have been set free and now I am using the wisdom that I have gained to speak hope and life into other women who are being abused in the name of God. I have produced a short video - using only words and music - to convey my message and I wanted to share it with you. I hope it will speak to you.


Graeme Bowman's picture

Powerful Video

Hi Jennifer,

Just saw your video. Great message expressed very clearly and directly. An effective blend of empathy, compassion, assertiveness and strength. And the choice of music is uplifting, with a real sense of energy and possibility.

One of the four main themes of the website I am currently building for our Wise Women Will Save the World community is 'Get Stronger', and beneath that sits the sub-themes of:
Women's Rights
Healing, Wellness, Balance
Abuse, Manipulation
Women’s Empowerment

It's often assumed that topics such as healing and wellness are handled within the broad areas of rights and empowerment, but I wanted to make them explicit. From the research I've done, it would seem that, with vast numbers of girls and women, there is no more urgent and important task than the healing of past wounds and the restoration of hope, self-worth, etc. I suspect that society as a whole hasn't the slightest clue as to just how much despair and damage is held deep within a large section of the female population. Would you agree there's also a simplistic view (probably held more so by men) that once the abuse stops and a woman again has her 'rights', that she should soon feel 'empowered', as if the hurt she experienced is akin to an easily fixed ailment like a sprained ankle?

The more people who rise up, re-build their lives and provide the authentic level of support that you are giving, the better off our planet will be.



Jennifer Faith's picture

Thank You!

Hello Graeme,

Thank you for taking the time to watch the video. I am thankful that you could see value in the message. I do agree that there is a very simplistic view regarding the depth of damage that occurs with abuse and the pain that remains even when one finally escapes abuse. I am really blessed to know that there are others - especially men - who realize this. We need to be united as a people - men and women - if we are ever going to make headway. I plan to keep writing in my blog, publishing books and doing whatever I can to help as many women as I can. I know you are doing the same thing and I wish you all the best. I will keep reading your posts and am excited to see where your Wise Women Will Change he World community goes.

With Gratitude,

hanasazi's picture

I'm so glad you and Jennifer

I'm so glad you and Jennifer have connected! I had a feeling something good was going to happen after reading your manifesto, Graeme. Thank you for taking the time to watch Jen's video and to give her such a thoughtful and helpful response, and for your kind encouragement. We are looking forward to seeing how Wise Women Will Save the World develops - the consideration you have put into it is so welcome and appreciated. It's wonderful to know we have allies like you in the world!

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