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What works to prevent violence against Women and Girls

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Greengirl's picture

Beautiful Success Story

I wholeheartedly commend the very important work that VIDEFI is doing. The approach adopted by your organization to prevent violence against women and girls makes a lot of sense; and is obviously making the desired impact. I love the idea of you scanning and sharing such an insightful research paper. It certainly reveals how your organization is creatively deploying digital tools in furthering your work. Well done!

Please kindly permit me to draw your attention to my observation- I noticed that you repeated the 1st page as the 3rd. I guess there's actually a third page, and I would certainly love to follow through with the reading.

Thanks for the creative share!


videfi's picture

Thank you

Thank you very much for following us on this story and new approach undertaken to over come the challenges through equipping Women and Girls with skills that can help them to be expose to option when they are faced with challenges. Of cause we will try our best and see if we can post the last page, so that our innovative approach can make more sense to the viewers. God bless you

videfi's picture


At the mean time you can get the full story by looking at the place where they write download scrod down, click on the link where by all title is stated '' what works to prevent violence against Women and Girls '', do not go more down you will find repeated scanned sessions. Hoping that you will get it, it exactly bellow the green posted article. Any way we will still going to post the last page .Thank you. All the best

Greengirl's picture

Thank you!

Thank you so much for sharing the last page of the post. I just read it and wish VIDEFI the very best in future endeavors.


Thank you, Greengirl, for the kind suggestions, and to Videfi for sharing this article! Looking forward to reading the complete article, and hope all goes well with the upload. If it is possible, perhaps you could try cutting and pasting the article into your journal post? I know technology is wonderful, but it does have it's challenges for sure. But there is always a way, so don't give up!

All the best-

Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


Aha Michelle, we are here to support one another! It's always an exciting learning, sharing and connecting experience on World Pulse. Together we are better and stronger.

Hearty cheers,

videfi's picture

Thank you

Once again thank you very much for advising us how to go about. We had manged to Up load our Article, we are looking forward to load more articles so that we can share our daily experiences with the rest of the World. God bless you

videfi's picture


Thank you very much for the comment we really appreciated the comment and that drives us to do more because we feel that there are people interested in whatever work we do. God bless you. Truly speaking we are more interested on what can be done to decrease violence against Women and Girls in our communities and in the global as large.

Women and Girls freedom is our preoccupation, let collectively share our daily experiences perhaps what works in your community might work in some else community. Wish you all the best. Aluta continua

Tam's picture

The Economics of Freedom

Dear Women of VIDEFI,

Amid all that is needed still to be done, here is your news that you have secured some funding and created a programme that empowers women in a most essential way: economic independence. Your organization is offering such a critical service. You are so right: to be free, women must have the option to be financially secure by our own hands. That you have full classes and a waiting list shows how successful your program is, and at the same time how much more is needed to continue to meet the demand. You are showing the way. Thank you for sharing these papers which are inspirational to others. Every story such as yours is additional proof that it is possible to create freedom. May your project thrive. I look forward to following news of your ongoing success.

With love in sisterhood,


videfi's picture


Thank you very Tam, for the compliment, it is our duty to work toward Women and Girls Economic Development ''WGEE '', as well we need to break down the yoke that still holding Women and Girls controlling resources. On the other hand the still a gap to be covered in terms of having resources and have control over resources. But at the mean time we need to have resources then we will stand on how we can have control of the resources.

As we stated in the above that waiting list is long and we need Funding to up scaling the center so that we can at least train 25 Women and Girls over the period of 6 Months, that mean we are aiming to providing 100 Women and Girls per year.

Truly speaking we are working very hard to be where we are, and we had applied Government funding, but South Africa government does not respond positively in supporting our initiative and we feel that this is resulted by the fact that the organization is led by Refugee Women and Girls from other countries of Africa.

On the Local level there is a Women Trust Fund named WHEAT TRUST which remain our major donor , but their grant does no longer respond to the need of the project, since we need huge grant to up scaling the center and bringing more Women and Girls into the project as employees. For more information get us on our blog
'' www. '' you will be able to see some of our works and what we stand for.

Women and Girls Economic Empowerment '' WGEE '' is the driving force behind our ideology. Once again let stand firm and committed we will win the battle

Mary S's picture

Thank you for telling us

Thank you for telling us about your work. I also found the scanned pages a little difficult to see, but was able to download the Word document and found that much easier to read. What you say about economic empowerment of women makes a lot of sense to me - every woman should have the right to be indpendent and have more control over their lives. Good luck with expanding your training centre!


videfi's picture

Thank you very much

Thank you very much for the response, we need to work and ensure that Women and Girls have been given opportunity to access resources that can bring an income. God bless you

Bheki's picture

Wonderful intervention

Dear Women of VIDEFI,

Thank you for letting us know about the beautiful work you are doing with women in Africa. I just returned to the U.S. after working in rural South Africa for 5 years. I have found everything you spoke of to be true. Particularly, the distinction you make between women having access to economic resources and having control of them is pertinent. It can actually exacerbate the risk for women in their homes if they start coming home with money and the men want it for their own purposes. We also noticed that there was often a link between alcohol consumption and violence. I'm sure you have seen this too.

Truth be told, the issue is quite complex and layered with gender power imbalances, patriarchal cultural patterns, and generations of poverty.

I honor and am grateful for your efforts to free women and girls of these patterns of violence. Thank you for all you are doing. May you have the resources flow in to support the expansion of your work.


videfi's picture


Hi, Bheki, Thank you very much for the intervention and we hope that your 5 years in dept research you have done will provide us with a framework and strategies to respond effectively with Gender based violence. Real something need to be done. In additional to that, We need to construct a bridge that will connect Women up there and Women down here.

Women have potentiality and we need to utilized them, as well we need to move from power point to action, we need to work closely with disadvantage group, as you have seen them in South Africa how disadvantage they are. We need capacity building training, more scholarships should made available to disadvantage Women and Girls. Hoping that, you will do more debate around your 5 years experience in South Africa. We are looking forward to hear more from your 5 years experience. God bless you.

judyannet's picture

Keep it up


First, good job on the good work you are doing. We know often the society tends not to open up about issues that surround Gender Violence terming it as a 'domestic' affair that should be addressed within the confines of the home. This however is never such an effective method so seeing such an organization as Videfi take up this initiative actively is such a great inspiration. It also great to see women rising up again after undergoing this violence. It is important especially for the women to be given an alternative that they will reduce their over reliance on their partners. By equipping them with entrepreneurship skills you also empower their present and their future and also a whole generation.


videfi's picture


Hi, judyannet. It is ok to understand that, the Road to free Gender begin by Women no one else. If Women around the global cannot stand against Gender Inequality no one else can do that on our behalf.

Let stop social prejudice attached to Women and girls that, they cannot do anything without Men. We need to stand against complexity that the world had put systems in place to manipulate Women and Girls, whereby other Women have been used by the patriarchy system to oppress fellow Women. There is so many things need to be taken into consideration and special social structures have been so far manipulated to favor Men than Women and Girls.

Many social practices still have to be redefined in the since that, Women dignity need to be re-in forced day by day in order to over come the challenges affecting Women and Girls in our society and in the global as larger. Legislation need to be challenged and special these which support some of traditional practices. Hoping that we still have many issues to address , we need many literature wrote by Women to address global complexity that oppress Women and Girls.
God bless you.

Rachel J's picture

Thank you for your insight


Thank you for your work in bringing an end to violence against women. I commend you for everything you've done in giving women and girls the tools they need to overcome the challenges that they are faced with. I wish you very bit of success with your program, and I hope that other organizations follow your lead in helping to give women the resources they need to feel empowered and achieve economic independence.



videfi's picture

Hi Rachel, thank you very

Hi Rachel, thank you very much for your thought , we hope that with the network we will stand against GBV. As Women and Girls we need to write and break down silence if one Women or Girl have been Violated in any form. Report the violence, look a way to free Women and Girls from handing hand for support rather than giving support.

As VIDEFI team we strongly believe once we have access on resources and controlling them, then the battle are easy to win, but no way we can win if the economic strength still under the hands of perpetrators.

As well we need to put pressure on Women Up there in the high Leadership to not forget if they are still Women therefore, they have duty to stand against GBV and the innovative approach is Economic empowerment first the rest will follow thereafter.

I call up president's wives, Ministers' wives around the World to stand and use their power and Money to do something on GBV, and special to build up a broken bridge that connect Women up there and Women Down here. Let Move from Power point to Action. We need Hand of support to straitening the work we do on the community level. We are uneducated but we do more than expected, so if the world founders will Judge us from the Education perspective, then they miss the point and forgot that over decade Women and Girls have been alienated from Education. On the other hand, we grow up knowing that Education was made for Men rather than Women, indeed we have been disadvantaged from Generation to other.

We urge international Grant makers to look at what we do on daily basics and let them see if we qualify for funding, but if they are looking international standard business Proposal from us, that will be difficult to get from 98 % gress root organization led by Women dealing with daily challenges, and that is resulted to the fact that we were and we still under cultural norms that alienated Women and Girls from Education. We stand for Women and Girls Economic Empowerment to day and forever. Viva Women and Girls Viva.

PohChing's picture

Good Project

Good project joint work. Movement to change a society for women causes need group efforts. Unity means strength.

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