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VOF Week Three (Unveiling Hidden Treasures)

An avid reader of blogs that is what I would consider myself to be until recently a friend invited me to his social network Going through the website I was wondering what is there for me to share and/or learn. But just as I have said elsewhere here on I take every opportunity given me to be a mouth piece of the women and girls in rural Africa.

And so my curiosity brought me to another challenge, What do I blog about on safari talk and relate it to the empowerment of women and girls in rural Africa. Now, this was a big challenge, but I have been in this place before I thought, The place where I know that I must say something about issues affecting women in Africa. But in what context?

Soon I had an idea. Very quickly I came up with the title of my new blog, "Treasures of Africa". Perfect I thought it just fits the tune and touch of Safari. And by the end of the last stop of my last sentence this in brief was the description of my blog. That the Treasures of Africa will unveil the hidden contributions of women of substance who add value to the growth and profitability of the tourism industry by making handicrafts, keeping poultry and supplying tourist hotels, the list was growing as I continued to demystify the role of women in tourism seen only as "escorts" to tourists.

And so today my blog is up. I have jumped the huddle what do I blog about? My next huddles include
How often should I drop entries in my blog? I know the subject being in my line of service is captivating but may be my hands are full of activities with The Rafiki Club and Project Africa, family, studies and events here and there to be taken care of. I hope I find sometime at least once a month.

My next huddle will be how do i generate traffic to my newly created blog? If I am a mouth piece of the voices of women in Africa, then they must be heard. I hope that those who visit the blog will learn something out of it. And I also Intend to encourage the girls in Project Africa to help me blog. Already we are mentoring girls in ICT and soon they will be joining us on sites like and making their opinion known loud and clear.

Are there more huddles to jump? I will face them when that time comes. Please visit my new blog on


Nzasu's picture

Dada Mkenya

Once a month for the web is way too long you will be outdated by someone who is doing this on a regular like everyday,but I understand your time challenge.Perhaps why are challenged with time as women is because we are trying to do it all alone.Has it ever occurred to women that if we were meant to do it alone God or nature, whoever you believe in would have created a world just for women and or a world just for men.He created the both of us to share a space so as women we should start obeying the forces of nature and get help when and where needed!

mamaAfrica's picture

Ehh dada Hujambo

Pole Jamani, i have been so busy since we are organising for sistar camp for the girls in Project Africa. naomba uniwie radhi. I could not write immediately. Anyway I am grateful for your comment. I intend to make it educational and not jus informative that means carrying material that can withstand the test of time. But of course my time like you can see with thsi delay is very limited. I should ask the Good Lord to extend time to 24 X 24 hours a day may someof us can catch up with life. Wasemaje lakini?

alikatz's picture

Assignment 3 has been read

Hi Mama Africa,
Great job!! you did the assignment, just as it was assigned! You stated your challenges and barriers. I also liked how you,
answered your own questions. Your writing is detailed and easy to enjoy.
Keep up the blogging,

nikki's picture

Treasures of Africa

Mama Africa!

Thank you for overcoming your hurdles and finding your voice on the web - it can be challenging to find time, and then, once you find the time, what do you write about? It seems you have definitely found your voice, and know what you want to share with the rest of the world, I look forward to reading your blog, I know I will be more informed about the plight of women in Rural Africa after I do.

I so appreciate people who take the time to educate others. As an American, I am desperately uneducated as to the goings on in the rest of the world, and particularly in Africa. One of the reasons this project at World Pulse is so exciting, is that I am finding women speaking to me from all over the world, and teaching me about their lives. This is so valuable, and will absolutely close the gap that occurs when people are spread out all over the globe.

I am excited to read your blog, please keep writing!


Nikki Jardin

mamaAfrica's picture

Beautiful Africa

Dear Nikki, Africa is indeed beautiful and though she may be marginalised with avalache of problems, underneath that lining is riches that is graces with the hardwork of women and the determination of Girls. I hope that i can get my blog on the treasures of Africa up and running as I intend. I hope that through this the world will learn more about Africa that the mainstream media hardly reports on

thank you for encouraging me to forge ahead

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