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At United Nations Headquarters (UNEP) attended a Workshop on UN - Habitat.N.B.I later attended IGF thro' World Pulse the Directors they sent me an email informing me of the IGF Workshop so I printed the email and when i went to IGF Forum they allowed me i

I have been a Volunteer in Community Social Work for 15yrs in serving Disabled, Older Persons, Abused Children, Youth, Peace Ambassador and a Chiefs Elder whereby I help the Area Chief to solve Gender Based Violence(GBV). Am also the Voice of the Voiceless in my Community.

Before then, I worked with the Government of Kenya as a Computer Operator in those days Computers were rare in the Government Officers. In our Department, when the Director offered an opportunity to those who were interested in learning Computer Basic Packages. It was sponsored by SIDA PROJECT I got interested. Only two of us were trained from our Department others were reluctant.

So, when a Netherlands Project (WRAP) Water Resources Assessment Project joined our Ministry, I was the only one who qualified.I worked for the Project Coordinator's from the Netherlands Embassy, a very busy Office, whereby I typed Project Proposals, Office Work etc. I benefited so much. My children had a chance of being driven to School by the Project Vehicles. I was also dropped home and work place. I typed the Ministers Speech with the desired Fonts, through our Director who recommended my Computer typing skills.I enjoyed computer typing so much.

In 1996, the World bank sponsored a WATER MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP for East African Countries whereby all Department Heads from all those Countries were invited. It was held in one of the most Prestigious Hotels in Kenya MT. KENYA SAFARI CLUB in Nanyuki, Kenya next to Mt.Kenya. people refer it as (Millionaires Place). While in that Workshop I edited Project Proposals for all those Department Heads from different Countries so I enjoyed so much. Later, I attended many other Workshops in different Prestigious Hotels/cities.I was paid well. I enjoyed all these because I was DIGITAL LITERATE.

Later, I went on early retirement when the PROJECT CONTRACT ended.

So, I joined my poor Community in the Slums. I started serving/visiting the sick. I found that Women and Girls suffer most in the families. Most of them are School drop-out, Primary Level Education, very few got Secondary School Education. They need/require the following;

THE TOOLS; Computers, Printers, Scanners, Tables & Chairs,Office Stationery.

Trainer of Trainees- TOTs
LIBRARY whereby it will be the Venue/Office Business Premises of the WOMEN and GIRLS also a Public CyberCafe for the Community to be Browsing from there and be paying for the benefit of Women and Girls.

RESOURCES: Donors, World Pulse, Government and WELL-Wishers be requested to assist by buying the Computers and Internet Connection and other requirements.Later on the Women and Girls to be Independent after acquiring the knowledge.

TRAINING:Women and Girls to learn Basic Computer Packages and later Advanced in order to make their work easier in browsing information easily i.e Emails, Advertise in Commercial Adverts.

BENEFITS: Typesetting, Proposals, Networking with other Women and Girls Globally, Weaving Baskets and Market them on Internet. Learn how to print, Web-design, Print T-Shirts in one's name according to their desires, either on Burial Ceremonies Deceased's name, T/Birthdays/Cakes Decoration (Prints), T-Shirts- Self Help Groups, NGO's names during Occasions to differentiate them. Also Table Clothes,Utensils i.e Cups, Plates Trays. Business Cards, Wedding Cards. Install Games for Commercial use.All these will benefit Women and Girls in their day to day basic needs and their families.

CHALLENGES: Lack of Funds.

I have trained many Girls and Women on Peace and Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Slums i.e CITY CARTON SLUM, KIAMBIA SLUM, NCC and a few in KCC and Dandora Nairobi, KENYA. Due to lack of my own acquired Computer i have only taken a few to a private/Public CYBER CAFE and shown them how to log in/out have their own email, how to browse.
N.B. Today the Area Chief had asked me to Target the sick, disabled, older Persons, Orphans and Vulnerable to give them Relief Food from the Government (Administration). So we have distributed, not much just for cooking once that an estimate of 1kg. rice and beans.

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phoang's picture

The Internet is a powerful tool

Hi Teresa -- Sounds like you have a lot experience working on international development projects at the local and top levels. I hope with your vast experience, you'll be able to bring more women aboard on your initiatives. It's important to not only teach digital literacy, but also use these tools to create positive social change. Keep up the good work. Thanks for all you do!


TERESA's picture


Thanks for your response. GOD bless you.

TERESA KAGECHA i would like to use the new password and email to participate in the WORLDPULSE VIEWS - COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION MOBILISING

Nabiye Tal's picture


Dear Teresa,
wow! I enjoyed reading your story, I kept smiling while reading, you really know how to narrate such that I felt I was beside you all these years. I am so proud of you and you have inspired me with your story. Thanks a million.

Nabiye Tal,
Founder/CEO- IEVAWC.
@nabiye, @ievawc

Mary S's picture

Hi Teresa Thanks for sharing

Hi Teresa

Thanks for sharing your story. Your computer skills have given you many opportunities over the years!

Good luck with starting your centre. It is great that you have so many business ideas for sustaining it once it is up and running, as this means that you shouldn't have to keep looking for ongoing funding and will also give the women independence to make money to look after their families..

There are quite a lot of organisations around the world that donate used computers (or supply them for a small fee) to non-profit organisations in developing countries, although some of them do charge for shipping. That may be an option worth checking out if it is too expensive to buy new computers.


Kristina M's picture

Compelling Story

Hello Teresa,

It sounds like you have had many adventures since you knew how to use a computer. I hope that things come together and a internet training center can be started in your area. I think it would benefit the community greatly.

Thank you for sharing your story.


TERESA's picture


Hi Kristina,

Thanks. I appreciate so much your comment. I also hope that Internet Training Centre can be started in my area.
GOD bless you. Amen. See you online


TERESA KAGECHA i would like to use the new password and email to participate in the WORLDPULSE VIEWS - COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION MOBILISING

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